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Pregnancy can bring with it a whole host of symptoms  – nausea, swollen ankles (and boobs) and changes to your skin, hair and so much more.

But there are some less well known – though still pretty common – symptoms too. And, believe or not, 28% of our mums on Facebook told us they had some unexpected pregnancy symptoms they had no idea would happen.

One mum on Facebook told us that throughout her pregnancy she kept getting electric shocks from her car doors ? (Don’t worry – we reckon that particular symptom is fairly unusual!) And another said she became obsessed with having baths and showers.

And there are some other – more common – but less well known, symptoms, we found quite a few mums had.

Pregnancy symptoms that are common but less well known

We’ve already mentioned the ‘classic’ pregnancy symptoms that most people know about, but we discovered several from our mums that seemed to happen to quite a number of them – that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Here are some examples…


Lucy W told us that when she was pregnant she’d get nosebleeds – at any time of day. And Rebecca G revealed she’d often get them in the mornings.

Mood swings 

There’s no doubt pregnancy can wreak have with your emotions, which can be really tough for some mums-to-be. Lauren E told us: “The mood swings are driving me crazy – I cried, and the next minute I was fine.”

And Lauren C has revealed that during her pregnancy she’s been putting things in the wrong places and forgetting dates – adding: “I’m sure it will go back to normal at some point.”

Strange dreams

If hormones can affect our brain/mood when we’re awake – maybe it’s no surprise they can play havoc with our heads at night, too. We’ve heard from plenty of mums who had some really odd dreams when they were pregnant.


Anne-Marie L,  for example, dreamed that her husband was bottle-feeding their baby behind her back.

Lauren C was dreaming about a particular high-end brand of buggy in her sleep. And Charlie F told us she was having lots of random dreams that had nothing at all to do with babies.

Positive pregnancy symptoms

Not all the symptoms you get when you’re pregnant  are negative though – pretty good news if you’ve only heard the bad stuff.

Gym bunny Kate T tells us that her energy for working out didn’t disappear at all when she got pregnant.  Laura D said she loved the ‘glow’ being pregnant gave her.

And Susie B developed an amazing sense of hearing, telling us: “I was sitting in the garden and could actually hear an insect munching on a leaf!” Now that is seriously cool ?

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