Podcast: Packing your hospital bag

Don’t expect a rundown of the regular stuff to pack in your hospital bag here: instead, you’ll hear about some of the more (very) unusual things our mums put in theirs – and why one mum packed 3…


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Getting your hospital bag packed and ready is a sure-fire sign your baby’s on its way ?

And if you want a rundown of some must-have items for it – be sure to check our dedicated piece on what to put in it – which includes a downloadable tick sheet so you know you haven’t forgotten anything vital.

But what about some of the more unusual things mums have put in their bags? We asked our mums and got some seriously interesting insights.

Packing your hospital bag – unusual items

When we asked our mums on Facebook if they’d put anything a bit different in their hospital bags, we got some really interesting answers.

One mum, Anita, told us: “Straws! I didn’t pack them but I will next time – I found it so difficult to breastfeed and drink water at the same time – both hands were busy! And even with my husband holding the cup it was a struggle.

“I guess it’s particularly difficult with your first baby since you don’t know what you’re doing – but I’m definitely brining some next time anyway.”

And Abi said: “A plastic jug! Because peeing after labour is only bearable by pouring warm water over your wotsit.”


Hospital bags – how many should you pack?

And you might find you actually pack more than 1 bag – because, of course, there’s baby to think about too.

Baby grows, nappies, etc are all required.

In fact, one of mums, Louise H – remembered to pack for her husband too (mainly snacks)!

Hospital bags – the luxuries

The truth about giving birth is that you can never be quite sure how long you’ll be in hospital for. So, while a few of our mums opted for minimalist bags, others went for some special extras just in case they had a lengthier stay than expected.

Laura C took some essential oils to keep her calm and relaxed, for example – and asked for a pair of cordless headphone as her work leaving gift – so she could play some of her favourite tunes while away from home.

Though not all mums were quite so sorted with their packing: having not quite got organised, Kelly tells us: ‘At this rate I’ll be shoving it all in a plastic carrier bag”?

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