Pregnancy body – mums offer advice on your changing body

Your body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. Mums suggest their best advice to help you deal with your new shape…

Pilates can ease backache

For dry pregnancy skin

“I suffered with dry skin in the last trimester of my pregnancy, but I found that after I cut down on hot baths it calmed down as I think the hot water was quite drying. I also used a non-perfumed moisturiser to keep my skin supple and wore loose, cotton clothes to stop the irritation.”


Lucy March, 28, from London, mum to Kayleigh, 1 month

For a weak bladder

“Since the start of my pregnancy I’ve been up countless times to the loo every night, which is very annoying! To help I try not to drink anything half an hour before bed and I go to the loo every five minutes for about 30 minutes before bed too. This means my bladder is empty before I go to sleep.”

Ruth Gronneberg, 21, from Scotland, 24 weeks pregnant

For glowing pregnancy skin

“A good spot cream is essential, as I came out in spots. Once they’d settled down I used a tinted moisturiser, which was lightweight but still moisturising. A lick of lip gloss with a dash of mascara and I was ready to face the world.”

Nicolette Galliers, 36, from London, mum to Bon, 4, and Catalina, 1

Dealing with expanding breast size

“I’ve found it expensive trying to keep up with the right bra size for my expanding boobs – until I discovered Marks & Spencer’s three-pack of bra extenders for £5. It means I can breathe again.”

Maggie McGonnell, 34, from Plymouth, 34 weeks pregnant.

For remembering your pelvic floor

“I do my pelvic floor exercises while I’m washing up after breakfast, lunch and dinner. It works for me as I hate dirty dishes mounting up, so this is a great way to keep the kitchen tidy while also reminding me to do my exercises!”

Hayley Downes, 33, from Berkshire, 33 weeks pregnant

For treating stretch marks

“After having three babies I couldn’t recommend Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks , highly enough. It smells delicious and keeps my skin supple with minimal stretch marks.”

Heidi Thompson, 35, from Essex, mum to Jamie, 6, Sam, 3, and Emma, 6 months

For swollen ankles

“I’ve really suffered from puffed-up feet with my pregnancy, especially in the warm weather wearing sandals with straps. To help I’ve had my feet measured for a wide-fit pair of shoes to see me through to the birth.

I also do 10 circular foot movements when I wake up and at various times throughout the day to keep my blood circulation going – it’s made a real difference.”

Simone Smith, 29, from Plymouth, 30 weeks pregnant

For sore boobs

“I was pretty busty before my pregnancy and as I went into my third trimester my boobs were big and uncomfortable. I got myself properly measured for another maternity bra so it’s a comfy fit, and I popped breast pads into the cups so the fabric doesn’t rub against my nipples. It’s working a treat.”

Jennifer Kelly, 24, from Kent, 37 weeks pregnant

“As soon as my boobs started feeling sore I invested in some new bras. I stopped using my usual underwired ones during the day and went for a padded cotton maternity one, as it cushioned them better. For night time I got a pregnancy sleep bra, which was heaps more comfy.”

Jessica Hurbert, 33, from London, mum to Jake, 3, and 27 weeks pregnant

For itchy skin

“I’m really suffering with an itchy bump in my last trimester, so to help I slather on pregnancy bump butter several times a day. It’s the only thing that gets me through without ripping my skin to shreds. Put a tub on your desk and get into the habit of taking it with you whenever you go to the loo and re-applying it.”

Danielle Jones, 39, from Kent, mum to Penny, 6, Ashley, 4, and 33 weeks pregnant

For pregnancy backache

“Pilates classes once a week have been brilliant for keeping my back strong. The exercises have improved my posture as I’ve got bigger and I’ve had virtually no backache since doing it.If I do get the odd twinge, a few gentle exercises at home soon loosen things up. I’d recommend Pilates to everyone!”


Rachel Malcolm, 31, from London, 18 weeks pregnant

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