Pregnancy discomforts

Tips and tricks in dealing with common pregnancy discomforts


Your body goes through amazing physical changes when pregnant, not least of which are the flood of pregnancy hormones prompting these physical changes and the growth of your womb to accommodate your growing baby. It’s not surprising then that physical discomforts during pregnancy are common, and while some women may sail through pregnancy with little more discomfort than occasional wind, others may find that they have to deal with a whole gamut of annoyances.


Here we deal with the more common pregnancy complaints and look at how discomforts may be eased.

Common complaints

Skin changes
Haemorrhoids / piles 
Heartburn / acid indigestion 
‘Morning’ sickness
Sleeping problems
Wind & bloating
Stuffy and blocked nose

Medicines and treatments

  • Medicines: what’s safe for dealing with common discomforts?

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