Pregnancy health panics sorted

Prctical and reassuring advice for minor pregnancy ailments


Tummy pains

Watch your diet as tummy pain can signal constipation. If you are constipated increase your fibre intake – a high fibre cereal with prunes should help – and drinks lots of water. A warm bath might also ease the pain. If you’re bleeding, or have other symptoms, such as a high temperature, see your midwife or GP straight away. 


Feeling sick every day

Nausea is one of the most miserable side effects of pregnancy. But even if you’re not managing to keep much down, try not to worry as your baby will take the nutrients she needs from you. Also, make sure you’re not becoming dehydrated by drinking lots of water. 


Can cleaning out cat litter be risky?

Cat poo can harbour a parasite called toxoplasmosis and there’s a risk it could cause abnormalities in your baby, so it’s probably best to give this chore to your partner. Try not to worry though; it’s rare and cat owners are often immune anyway.  


I’m so itchy!

As your skin stretches on your bump it can itch. Soothing creams or calamine lotion should help. However, itching can be a sign of a rare but serious liver disease, obstetric cholestasis (OC). A simple blood test can tell whether you’ve got OC, so report any serious itching to your midwife or GP. 


My friend’s child has chickenpox

Chickenpox can harm an unborn baby, causing eye problems and brain damage, especially in the early or last weeks of pregnancy. However, most people are immune, either because they’ve had it as a child, or they’ve picked it up as an adult without realising, and the risk in tiny (1%).

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