Pregnancy skincare help

Hormones and the weather can cause big problems for pregnant skin. Here's how to minimise the damage.


Pregnancy skincare help

Kristy’s Tips

Kristy Goodger (right) is the founder of skincare company Elemental Herbology, whose products are free from mineral oils, synthetic fragrance and colours, sulphates, PABA sunscreens and paraben preservatives.


Instead, they combine premium grade herbs, flowers, mineral and marine actives with the aim of restoring equilibrium to your skin, harnessing the skin’s natural mechanisms to balance hormonal and seasonal assault.

Kristy Goodger is nine months pregnant (December 2009), and has taken the chance throughout her pregnancy to see how her own products helped her skin during this time.

She says, ‘During pregnancy, extreme hormone changes often result in adverse skin reactions, the most common being dryness and increased sensitivity. Elemental Herbology acknowledges the ebb and flow of changing seasons, the transitions of life and different aspects of our environment.’

Kristy shares her tips for skincare during pregnancy below. All products are available from


Pregnancy skincare help


Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser, £24.47

Kristy says, ‘Gently cleanse the skin every morning and evening with a foaming cleansing balm to ensure the skin is soothed, clear and fresh. This will help minimise hormonal break-outs.’


Pregnancy skincare help


Facial Detox Mask, £24.41

Kristy says, ‘Using a detoxifying mask at least twice a week helps remove excess heat from the skin and clear inflammation.’


Pregnancy skincare help


Biodynamic Facial Souffle, £38.17

Kristy says, ‘Use this luxurious cream morning and night to leave skin feeling dewy, fresh and soft.’


Pregnancy skincare help

Nourish & Protect

Wind & Cold Therapy, £16.15
Body Souffle, £21.53

Kristy says, ‘To reduce the appearance and risk of stretch marks, combine Wind & Cold Therapy – a cream rich in Rose Mosqueta, famed for its ability to hold off stretch marks – and Body Souffle – an intensive body hydrator rich in essential fatty acids.

‘Slather over belly, hips, thighs and breasts morning and night to help skin remain supple enough to accommodate an expanding abdomen.


‘I myself have found this extremely effective at warding off stretchmarks!’

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