Pregnancy statistics show how mums really feel

These pregnancy percentages reveal how mums-to-be felt during their nine months

  • 51% of people worry they may have left it too late for a trouble free conception
  • 92% of people feel that 30 and under is the perfect age to have children
  • 24% of people feel that 25 is the ideal age to start a family
  • 33% of women do not know at what point in their menstrual cycle they are most likely to get pregnant
  • 33% of women say that conception took longer than they expected
  • 41% of pregnant women develop weakness of the bladder
  • 34% of mums-to-be suffer from constipation
  • 32% of mums-to-be have pregnancy related flatulence
  • 25% of pregnant women have random breast leakage
  • 21% of pregnant women report an increase in body hair
  • 14% of pregnant women develop excessive sweating
  • 13% of mums-to-be develop acne during pregnancy
  • 75% of pregnant women report experiencing cravings
  • 31% of pregnant women crave unusual, non-food items – including ice, toothpaste, sponges and mud
  • 17% of women with unusual cravings report craving coal
  • 21% of women who employ a birth doula have a home birth
  • 80% of women are offered a choice of where to give birth at the start of their pregnancy
  • 50% of women who are offered a choice feel they aren’t given enough information

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