Pregnant women feel most frisky during second trimester!

Mums-to-be admit to wanting more sex as they hit 13 weeks mark


Just when you thought sex would be the last thing on your mind when you’re pregnant, a recent survey has revealed that mums-to-be feel their most frisky during their second trimester!


On average it takes around 104 sex sessions to conceive, so many women will have had a fair share of action between the sheets before getting pregnant when a bump can make sex more challenging! However a survey by HiPP Organic Baby Club found that 63% of pregnant woman admitted that they wanted more sex after they hit 13-28 weeks of their pregnancy. Perhaps that’s why the second trimester is also the favourite stage of 65% of the 11,000 pregnant women polled!

It is totally safe to have sex whilst you are pregnant, and whereas some women may experience changes to their sex drive, there are also lots of ways to stay intimate without having sex. If you’re pregnant and want to feel sexy (like the mums-to-be polled!) check out our guide on how to overcome the pregnancy passion killers!

Talking of sex, but in a different way, the survey found that 60% of the mums-to-be found out the sex of their unborn baby before birth. Others confessed to trying old wives methods to determine to sex of their baby, like dangling a wedding ring above the bump to see which way it swings!


Did your sex drive increase during pregnancy? We’d love to know!

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