Have sex 104 times to get pregnant

Couples need over 100 sex sessions to make a baby, finds study


If you’re trying to conceive, take heart! A new study has found that couples need to have sex an average of 104 times to fall pregnant.


The research by family planning company First Response, discovered that it takes women an average of six months to get pregnant and that most couples have sex around four times a week while trying for a baby.

The survey of 3,000 mums also discovered that a third make an effort to look sexy while trying for a baby, despite nearly a quarter finding baby-making-sex boring and repetitive!

Although a 10th of women admitted calling their partners home from work when they were ovulating, the majority, 70%, wanted to conceive their child during spontaneous and loving sex.


Find out how to boost your fertility (and his) to help make it 104th time lucky!

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