Preparing for labour – mums tips and advice

If you feel like your due date is just around the corner, then have a look at these top hints and tips from mums on how to prepare for your labour


Learning to stay calm

“When I was expecting my second baby I went to pregnancy yoga classes and listened to a hypnotherapy CD. Both helped me to focus on my breathing and keep calm during labour. I also used the birthing pool at the hospital and could feel the panic and stress melt away. ”


Kirsty Dickson, 33, from Aberdeenshire, mum to Andrew, 4, James, 20 months and 30 weeks pregnant

Exercise makes labour easier

“When I was pregnant I hated being inactive so I decided to walk for 30 minutes a night. It stretched my legs and took my mind off giving birth. By the time I went into labour it was a breeze. I think keeping busy and my daily stretch helped my contractions seem less painful. So mums to be, get your walking shoes on.”

Stephanie Barber, 29, from Streatham, mum to Georgie, 1.

Preparing for a home birth

“I did my research with the book Home Birth: A Practical Guide, by Nicky Wesson. It gives facts and case studies, and helps you prepare practically. My home birth went without a hitch and was lovely. I’d recommend it to anyone, but be prepared for the mess!”

Claire Pomfret, 34, from Manchester, mum to Jamie, 21 months, and step-mum to Vicky, 15

For a comfy labour

“When I went into hospital to have Rory I packed my favourite soft cotton pillowcase to put over the pillow on the bed when I got there. It was far softer than the NHS bed linen, and it helped me feel so much more at home. It also looked a lot nicer in my bedside photos after he was born.”

Lisa Dixon, 27, from Glasgow, mum to Rory, 10 weeks

Your hospital bag

“Remember to pack a change of clothes in your hospital bag when you go in for b-day. I packed in a rush with my first birth and only took PJ’s which meant I had to wear the same clothes going home as I went in with. For my second baby I took a complete new set and felt so much better going home in clean, not sweaty, clothes. I looked nicer in the photos too!”


Amber Lott, 35, from Devon, mum to Lara, 3, and Lily, 4 months

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