Quality time with your mates when you’re pregnant

If your man only has eyes for the footie this month, try these mums’ ideas for an afternoon with your mates


“I’m the first one in my group of friends to get pregnant. To be honest I felt a little left out in the early days, as I couldn’t go on big nights out or sit in smoky bars for hours on end. They realised I was feeling a bit low so they arranged a surprise outing for me. We went to an art exhibition, and then on for afternoon tea at a posh hotel. It was great to be out with my friends – they all fussed over me, and started choosing names for the baby while consuming vast quantities of cake, sandwiches and tea. It made me realise that being pregnant doesn’t mean the end of your social life – you just have to be a bit imaginative in what you do.”


Maria, 26 weeks pregnant with her first child

“My second pregnancy has been tough, what with bad morning sickness and a 3-year-old to look after. My husband could see I was in need of a break, so he arranged for my sister to take me to a health spa for the day while he looked after our daughter. I came back refreshed, and grateful to have such a thoughtful husband.”

Tanya, 13 weeks pregnant with her second child

“I got chatting to a woman called Kelly ay my local antenatal class and we soon discovered a shared love of films. We were both tired of persuading our husbands to come along to the cinema to see things that they deemed ‘chick flicks’ so we decided to make a regular date for an afternoon out together instead. A movie, drinks, popcorn – what more could a girl need? It’s great to have someone else to laugh or cry along with, although we avoid anything that’s too serious or stressful and stick to the comedies and romances!”

Louise, 29 weeks pregnant with her first child

“Towards the end of my pregnancy, my husband went away on a stag weekend. I was put out that he was drinking with his mates while I was stuck at home sipping herbal tea, so I called my best friend Carla to have a moan. She turned up a couple of hours later with a hamper full of treats from The Sanctuary! We spent the rest of the say laughing and indulging ourselves. It was great to spend time with Carla and I was in a fantastic mood when my husband arrived home with a raging hangover!”

Sarah, mum to Becky, 3 months

“I love getting together with friends, and we try to catch up at least once a month. There’s nothing better than a good old gossip over a cup of coffee and slice of utterly sinful cake, and it’s a real treat to meet up as we’re all so busy. The kids get some quality time at home with my partner and I get to catch up and unwind with my mates – so everybody’s happy.”

Lottie, 16 weeks pregnant with her third child

“When I first got my bump I was worried about what to wear; so my friend arranged a personal shopper for me. We had a chat about what I would and wouldn’t wear, then I relaxed in a private room while she brought me outfits to try on at my leisure. She was friendly, knew exactly what would suit me and gave me the confidence to show off my bump. No crowds, no queues – it’s the only way to shop!”

Christine, 32 weeks pregnant with her first child

“My friends surprised me one afternoon with a baby shower – they’d each brought along a present for my baby and explained why they had chosen a particular gift. They’d even persuaded my other children to make something for their new brother or sister, which I thought was really sweet. It was a very special occasion and now I have plenty of things ready for the arrival of my 4th baby.”


Laura, 17 weeks pregnant with her fourth child

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