Safe pain relief for aches and pains

Pregnancy headaches and backpain are no fun, but you don't always want to rely on drugs for relief, so what are you options?

Suffering from headaches or backpain in pregnancy is no fun at all, especially if you are also experiencing tiredness or morning sickness. However, first off, try to address what might be causing the pain in order to more effectively treat it, especially now that regular pain killers are considered off limits. (See below)


Pain relief in pregnancy
Headache, aches and pains: If you usually reach for an Ibruprofen or Nurofen when you’re suffering aches and pains then you’ll need to make a switch in pregnancy. You also shouldn’t take aspirin unless it is specifically recommended by your doctor for your pregnancy. If you can get by without any painkillers then all the better – sometimes you can sleep off a headache or drown out aches with a long soak. If these aren’t available luxuries then the occasional paracetemol won’t do your baby any harm: Frequent usage, however, is not recommended.
Some women who suffer from migraines may find that these disappear during pregnancy, others may find that they are more common. If you know that you’re a migraine sufferer then talk to your doctor as soon as you can about medication that’s safe to take during pregnancy.
In extreme cases, a specilist at your hospital will be able to prescribe something which is safe in pregnancy and during the breastfeeding months.

Remember: Before you take any medication in pregnancy, always ask your GP or chemist if it is safe. Tell them you either are or think you might be pregnant.
If you can’t get to a doctor or chemist, call NHS Direct on 0845 4647.

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Is Paracetamol safe in pregnancy?

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