Second trimester exercise

Sail through your second trimester with an enjoyable exercise plan.


Your second trimester can feel like a reprieve during pregnancy, make the most of it with some enjoyable activity.


What’s happening to my body?

By now, you should be over the worst of the tiredness and nausea so make the most of your new-found energy to strengthen and tone your muscles, and build your stamina ready for the birth. Remember, as your shape changes, you’ll need to keep an eye on your posture. ‘When you stand correctly, your upper back, ear, shoulder and hip are aligned, with your pelvis tucked under,’ says Melinda. Remember too that relaxin increases during this trimester, making you more at risk of overstretching or injury.

What you can do:

You may want to re-join a favourite fitness class, or find a class that combines cardio with light weight work. ‘It’s fine as long as you tell the instructor you’re pregnant and modify exercises accordingly,’ says Melinda. ‘Keep up your walking as well.’

Yoga will leave you feeling both energised and relaxed, and ‘active’ standing stretches and poses help to strengthen all those muscles you’ll be using during the birth. It’s great for your posture, and practising your breathing technique, too. ‘Make sure you find an antenatal class to ensure all the postures are safe,’ says Melinda.

‘Avoid lying on your back in the second trimester, as this puts the full weight of your growing baby on the vena cava, the vein that takes the blood to your heart,’ says Melinda.


Be sure to read our exercise safety tips. 

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