Telling people you’re pregnant – who had the best reaction?

When you told the world you were pregnant, whose reaction made you smile the most? We asked seven mums-to-be to re-live the day that they broke that news…


“Barry and I have been together for 15 years and got married in 1996. Since we’ve together for so long, people had assumed that we weren’t going to bother with children, so it was wonderful telling them our news and seeing them react so positively. I’m a teacher, so work can be challenging at times, but people have been incredibly supportive, especially as I’ve been feeling tired. I had a great response from the headteacher – he’s tried to be flexible and is really keen to give me the chance to fit on my work around the baby.”


Louise, 22 weeks pregnant

“There’s going to be a small age gap between my first and second baby, so everyone was surprised to hear I was pregnant again. Some were even asking whether we’d planned it! My colleagues were great, but the best reaction has to be from my boss. I decided to tell him one morning, and after lunch, he told me he was promoting me!”

Jenny, 32 weeks pregnant and mum to Saskia, 2

“We’d recently moved to Devon and decided to leave getting pregnant to fate. Just one month later, I was so shocked when I found out I was actually pregnant that I burst into tears and felt really emotional about the whole thing. After telling our families, we decided to tell our rock climbing friends our wonderful news because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that in a while! Everyone was just so positive and excited for us – in fact we’re keeping an eye for funky hiking carriages so that the baby can come with us on the next expedition.”

Cara, 33 weeks pregnant

“I found out the day before New Year’s Eve that I was pregnant, and because I was desperate to tell my partner on New Year’s Eve itself, I actually told my best friend first – I was too excited to keep it to myself! She was over the moon for me. My partner and I decided that we wouldn’t tell anyone else until I’d had my 12 week scan. At 38, I’m a slightly older mum, so we just wanted to make sure that everything was ok. It was my daughter who reacted best to the news. Just after we’d put her to bed on the day after the scan, we told her we’d got her something she’d always wanted. When she asked us whether it was a motorbike, we told her it was something better than that! Just seeing her face light up hearing about her new brother or sister was the best sight in the world!”

Simone, 19 weeks pregnant and mum to Olivia, 4

“My partner and I had always enjoyed being ‘free agents’ so I think it came as quite a surprise to out friends when we announced our news. I don’t think they thought we’d ever be prepared to give up our holidays! My younger sister was thrilled – she can’t wait to be an auntie. She’s shown such an interest in the baby and I know she’ll give me all the support she can.”

Vickie, 35 weeks pregnant

“Finding out I was pregnant again came as a shock. I’d had several miscarriages between having my first and second daughter, and so wasn’t planning on having any more children. We decided to tell the rest of the family first about our news and they were really happy for us. They were also a bit cautious because of our past history. Luckily, I’m in the ‘safe’ period now, so we’re all much more relaxed about the whole experience. The best reaction I got to the news has to be from my husband – I was really nervous about telling him, because I knew he’d be worried in case I miscarried, but he was actually very excited about our surprise. We just can’t quite believe that after all the disappointments we had in the past, I’m now having a trouble-free pregnancy that wasn’t even planned!”

Karen, 16 weeks pregnant and mum to Millie, 7 and Ella, 3

“We’d been having IVF for a year and were warned that there was always a chance of having twins. I was delighted when I found out I was pregnant, but I’d never thought there’d be more than one baby. At my first scan, they said it was ‘double trouble’. It took me a while to warm to the idea because I knew life with two babies would be challenging. But remembering my partner’s joy at our news, and the amazing support he’s given me, has made it all worthwhile.”


Puk, mum to Anna and Sofia, 3 months

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