The most unexpected pregnancy announcements – on video

How to do the big reveal with shock, humour and grown men crying (except for one - there's always one...)


 The one that’s a weepy


After 17 years of trying to have a baby and 4 miscarriages, Arkell Graves had given up on the idea that he would become a dad, so you can imagine the delight when his wife Dana broke the news with the old bun in the oven joke.

The baby scan photo was placed amongst the buns (in the oven) and when it finally sunk in, the dad-to-be broke into tears of joy. It will tug at your heartstrings so have a box of tissues at the ready.

The one that is seriously spooky 

With pregnancy videos typically being all sweetness and light, it’s interesting to see one that’s not. Judy and Gavin Holt took a rather different approach by announcing the good news to their family and friends with an um… ‘horror’ movie. 

Using an eerie soundtrack, Judy is seen alone in the house BUT she’s not alone. Even the cats are acting strange: “it’s like they don’t even know me,” she narrates. Yikes!  And they even manage to make a reference to a bun in the oven seem creepy.

The one in the photo booth

Jessica Devins and her husband had been taking photos of themselves in photo booths since their first date and have been filming their booth action for the past 6 months – so what better place to break the news?

“I actually started taping my iPhone to the front wall of photo booths to capture video of our silly faces a few months ago. That way he wouldn’t be suspicious when I was finally able to share the happy news,” says Jessica.

She posted the video to YouTube to inspire other mums-to-be to get inventive and it’s had 15 million views to date. 

The one with the underwhelmed dad-to-be

This dad-to-be will probably never live down his laidback attitude to pending fatherhood. 

His loving wife placed his favourite beer in the fridge labelled ‘daddy’s beer’  and when the ‘surprise’ dawned on him, all he could muster was, “Oh…for real?”

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Jordan Cocklin revealed that his reaction really was down to be stunned by the news.

 “(It was) pure shock at first but as soon as she turned that off we were just ecstatic,” he said.

Thankfully his wife found his cool reaction absolutely hysterical. Apparently.

The one with the screaming gran (it’s loud…)

Sean Kreps knew that his mum was desperate to be a grandma. So for her birthday, he and his wife sent her on a treasure hunt around the kitchen to find her present, which they’d hidden in the oven – all will become clear if it’s not already…

“The funny part was, she hollered when the oven door opened, but she didn’t even know what she was hollering at at first. She’s such a loving, wonderful, enthusiastic mother-in-law,” says daughter-in-law Lynn Kreps.

“She’s always enthusiastic about anything you do, so we knew she’d be excited.” Ear plugs in…

The one where your partner thinks he’s doing something else

After trying for a baby for 5 years with no joy, this couple made an video trying to win a trip back to the island of Aruba, off the coast of Venezula, where they had honeymooned. 

“We went to Aruba on our honeymoon and this year we’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary. I would love a romantic getaway with my Dougie for our babymoon,” announced Doug’s wife.

And then she adds the bombshell – just watch the news sink in (along with nearly 6 million Youtubers) and try not to well up… 

The one with the dad and the secret pregnancy test

Dad-of-2 Dan managed to turn the tables on his wife Nia and be the one to reveal the news that they were going to be parents for the third time.

OK, he did have an inkling she was pregnant as his wife had already told him her period was two weeks late, but it was the sneakiness of taking a sample from the loo when she hadn’t flushed – after a middle-of-the-night dash – that made this surprise announcement not just sweet but one of the most original ones we’ve seen.

Sadly the couple have since announced they had a miscarriage 

The one where the brothers announce their wives are expecting 

When Jon Murray confided in his brother that baby no 4 was on the way – and they were going to create a video announcement – Aaron shared his good news, that he too was going to be a father again AND that he wanted in on the act. So the idea of the double reveal was born.

With the words changed to Walk the Moon’s hit song “Shut Up and Dance”  to more fitting lyrics such as “We can’t turn back we’re having one more baby” and “this child has a destiny”, they’ve certainly  put a lot of thought into it,  and we also have a sneaky suspicion the soundtrack may well have recorded in a music studio… 


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