‘Too posh to push’ mums not to blame for high caesarean rates, says Kirstie Allsopp

Don't make c-section mums feel a failure TV presenter says


Location, Location, Location presenter and mum of two Kirstie Allsopp has emphatically defended women who have Caesarean births from the accusation they are ‘too posh to push’ and the reason the Caesarean rate is as high as one in three in some hospitals in middle class areas.


In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, who printed the original article (“Wealthy areas where mothers seem to be too posh to push” Mar 9), Allsopp says ‘Caesarean deliveries are more common when mothers are older, something that is more likely in affluent areas, and have had medicalised conceptions. An elective Caesarean is often on the advice of professionals.’

Allsopp, 41, mum to two boys, Oscar, 5, and Bay, 7, with property developer partner Ben Andersen, continued ‘My first son was born by emergency Caesarean, my second son, who was breach and back-to-back, by elective Caesarean; this was not “by choice”.’

She ends by championing the rights of mothers not to be made to feel guilty, ‘The phrase “too posh to push” does nothing to ease the distress of women who may have been through a very traumatic experience and major abdominal surgery. The current obsession with how a baby is born and fed can lead to huge distress on the part of women who feel that they have failed to give birth “naturally” or are unable to breastfeed.’

This is the second time in recent months that Allsopp has expressed strong views on the issues surrrounding childbirth. Last year she let off steam via her Twitter account about the pro-natural birth approach of some NCT practitioners, and criticised the BBCR4 programme ‘Woman’s Hour’ who were discussing the subject.

Did you have a Caesarean? Was it by choice, planned, elective or emergency? Do you agree with Kirstie Allsopp? Tell us more below…

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