RD Week 10 of pregnancy

What's happening with you and your baby at week 10 of pregnancy?


It’s week 10 of your pregnancy now, and extraordinary things are going on inside your bump right now.


Your baby
As his tail shrinks, he is starting to look more like a human. His limbs are growing, his arms can bend and he’s got distinct toes and fingers, as they’re not webbed any more. His heart is also fully formed and he measures about 4cm long!

Life before birth: take a glimpse inside the womb to see how your baby is developing.

You are hungry all the time and when you need to eat, it’s got to be NOW! Avoid resorting to junk food by carrying a supply of healthy snacks in your handbag. Fresh fruit, dried fruit and cereal bars are a good idea.

Avoid junk food while pregnant.It’s not just to keep you and baby healthy – it will make weight loss easier after the birth, too.

Your uterus has expanded and is pushing against your bladder – yep, that means even more trips to the loo. And it might feel as though your breasts are growing by the day. Get yourself a maternity bra. See our maternity fashion section for ideas.

You may still feel super-tired most of the time. Keep getting an early night, and don’t worry – the exhaustion phase is almost over!

How to cope with pregnancy fatigue.

21 amazing facts about your pregnant body.


If you work, you probably haven’t told your employer yet about your pregnancy. Even so, it’s a good idea to check your contract or staff handbook to see what rights and benefits your employers offer – many go beyond the legal minimum.

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