RD Week 18 of pregnancy

What's happening with you and your baby at week 18 of pregnancy?


Some mums-to-be may be offered another scan around now. You’ll be amazed at how much detail you can see this time around. Remember to let your sonographer know if you’re keeping the sex a surprise.


Feeling down? Depression during pregnancy is not uncommon. Visit our chatboards to talk to other mums-to-be.

Your baby
She can punch, kick, turn and wriggle. Air sacs in her lungs and fingerprints are developing. Her eyes may open and she’ll be aware of light. She’s 18cm long.

Check out our Amazing guide to your growing baby.

Babies tend to move when you’re resting, but don’t worry if you can’t feel anything yet. You’re likely to feel movement earlier if this isn’t your first pregnancy.

Staying active will help you with labour, boost your energy levels and make it easier to slim down after the baby’s born. But careful now, your joints may be vulnerable. Find out all about exercise in your second trimester.


This week:
Investigate local antenatal classes. As well as helping you with information and advice about pregnancy and birth, they’re a great opportunity to meet other parents-to-be going through the same stages as you. Massaging your bump with wheatgerm or vitamin E oil or cream will help to keep your skin supple and may even keep stretchmarks at bay. Visit our beauty section for ideas.

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