Week 3 pregnancy symptoms

It may be early days but you may still feel some pregnancy symptoms


Your pregnant body

As you approach the time around when your next period is due to arrive, you may be feeling apprehensive about whether or not you really are pregnant. Try to stay positive as the process of trying to conceive can be exciting, as well as emotionally exhausting.


Even though you won’t feel many symptoms at this early stage, you may begin experiencing extreme tiredness, even if you are unsure you are pregnant.

Now find out what you should be doing this week…


What should you be doing this week?

The earliest weeks of pregnancy are the ones at greatest risk from miscarriage and implantation failure is one of the main reasons for this. Many women who miscarry do so before they even realise they are pregnant, and it is impossible to live your life in a protective bubble, but around this time each month when you are trying to conceive, go easy and just make sure you’re looking after yourself.

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