Week by week pregnancy

How does being pregnant change your body, what symptoms might you expect and how does your baby develop? Find our with our guide, week by week pregnancy


Two weeks pregnant

This is when conception happens. It’s still early days, so you’ll have to wait before doing a pregnancy test and probably won’t experience any early signs of pregnancy. If you smoke or drink alcohol, now is the time to cut out these habits. Read more on 2 weeks pregnant in pictures.

3rd week of pregnancy

Three weeks pregnant

At this stage you may be experiencing some of the early signs of pregnancy, such as feeling emotional and tired, even if you don’t know whether you’re pregnant. It’s too early for your belly to have grown in size and you’ll not be booked for an ultrasound scan for another few weeks. If you do have any spotting or unusual discharge, go to your GP immediately. Read more on 3 weeks pregnant in pictures.

4th week of pregnancy

Four weeks pregnant

Some mums-to-be at four weeks pregnant have a strong feeling they’re pregnant before they even do a test or have any signs. Fatigue and sore breasts could be some symptoms that you’re experiencing. If you are pregnant (your HCG levels will tell you this in a test) now is the time to stop smoking. In early pregnancy there is a risk of stomach cramps and spotting, which could be harmless, but needs to be checked by your doctor. Read more on 4 weeks pregnant in pictures.

5th week of pregnancy

Five weeks pregnant

You may be feeling some symptoms of early pregnancy at five weeks. Cravings, light-headedness and a metallic taste in your mouth are some of the symptoms you can expect. In early pregnancy, your cervix will start to form a barrier made from mucus, which helps protect your baby. Read more on 5 weeks pregnant in pictures.

6th week of pregnancy

Six weeks pregnant

This is when morning sickness often begins, with many pregnant women feeling sick without actually doing so. You  may not have told anyone of your pregnancy, waiting for your ultrasound scan – so keeping your symptoms hidden may be difficult, although you still have a bit of time before your belly starts to show. If you’ve had any previous pregnancy problems, you may be given an early internal ultrasound scan. Read more on 6 weeks pregnant in pictures.

7th week of pregnancy

Seven weeks pregnant

You’re seven weeks pregnant! Even though your baby belly still won’t be showing much, you’re body will be needing the loo quite a lot, as your uterus will already be squishing your bladder. Morning sickness may also be in full swing by now, and there’s evidence that ginger can help reduce nausea. Read more on 7 weeks pregnant in pictures.

8th week of pregnancy

Eight weeks pregnant

Your baby’s development is underway by this stage. A very slight baby bump may be starting to show and the signs of pregnancy are more prominent with ligament pain and excessive saliva to match your possible sickness. Many pregnant women have the risk of spotting during the first trimester, which is usually nothing to worry about, but visit your GP if this is the case with you. Read more on 8 weeks pregnant in pictures.

9th week of pregnancy

Nine weeks pregnant

At 9 weeks, your baby is growing in size and the embryo is beginning to look more like a little person. You may start to notice your belly slightly swelling, although many women don’t show until second trimester. You also may still have PMS symptoms, such as cramping or suffering with indigestion. Check with your GP for reassurance that this is normal. Read more on 9 weeks pregnant in pictures.

10th week of pregnancy

Ten weeks pregnant

By now your ultrasound scan would have been booked and you’ll be looking forward to seeing your baby’s image and hearing his heartbeat at 12 or 13 weeks. At this stage you may still expect to be suffering with symptoms such as mood swings, headaches and even evening sickness. Read more on 10 weeks pregnant in pictures.

11th week of pregnancy

Eleven weeks pregnant

Lots of changes are happening inside your body, as your baby is growing fast. You may not be feeling very hungry due to sickness but it’s important that you try to eat healthily. On the other hand, you may have started to develop cravings – which can range from ice cream to pickles to chocolate! Read more on 11 weeks pregnant in pictures.

12th week of pregnancy

Twelve weeks pregnant

This week you will have an ultrasound scan to see and hear your baby. This is the point where you may also discover that you’re expecting twins! You may also have a Nuchal Fold scan, which determines the likelihood of your baby having Down’s syndrome. Your baby’s measurements are getting bigger but it’s still a few weeks before he gives you a fluttering sensation when he moves. Watch this space! Read more on 12 weeks pregnant in pictures.

13th week of pregnancy

Thirteen weeks pregnant

You’re now going into your second trimester – 4 months pregnant. For most mums-to-be, some discomforts of early pregnancy, such as nausea, will be fading. As your baby belly is starting to gain weight, this is the time to think about comfortable maternity clothes you can wear. Also check out what food you should and shouldn’t be eating. Read more on 13 weeks pregnant in pictures.

14th week of pregnancy

Fourteen weeks pregnant

You may be wondering what to expect in this new stage of pregnancy. Many mums-to-be like to take pictures of their growing belly, so starting a bump book is a nice idea. It’s also a great time to be keeping healthy with light exercises as your body settles into pregnancy and tiredness may start to wane. Read more on 14 weeks pregnant in pictures.

15th week of pregnancy

Fifteen weeks pregnant

Your baby is growing in size and with fully formed limbs her movement will be getting stronger. You may start feeling your libido returning and this may be a great chance to have some of the best sex in your life as some mums-to-be find their experiences are heightened during pregnancy. Read more on 15 weeks pregnant in pictures.

16th week of pregnancy

Sixteen weeks pregnant

It’s time for a rapid growth spurt for your baby. This means that your bump may well be on its way and you might be feeling the weight gain, so expanding your maternity wardrobe could be a big help this week. Gentle exercise can help fatigue and getting your heart rate up will keep you fit for you baby and the birth. It’s also a great time to fully understand the antenatal notes that your midwife has been writing. Read more on 16 weeks pregnant in pictures.

17th week of pregnancy

Seventeen weeks pregnant

At this stage, you still may have a small bump or may not be showing much at all – everyone’s different. As your baby puts on weight, you may start feeling uncomfortable and suffering with backache, so invest in some flat shoes when walking around. Read more on 17 weeks pregnant in pictures.

18th week of pregnancy

Eighteen weeks pregnant

You’re now likely to be looking pregnant, however small your bump. Your food cravings may also be in full swing and you should definitely have given up any bad habits, such as smoking. You may also have a tight feeling in your belly, which is your baby moving around while he still has room! Read more on 18 weeks pregnant in pictures.

19th week of pregnancy

Nineteen weeks pregnant

As you approach week 20, stay aware of light tummy fluttering. This may be the first time you feel your baby move. The foetal development of your baby slows down growth-wise but your baby will be able to start hearing sounds and noises from outside your tummy. You might also be thirsty but keep eating healthily, swapping fizzy drinks for sparkling water. Read more on 19 weeks pregnant in pictures.

20th week of pregnancy

Twenty weeks pregnant

Your baby is now at the halfway point in her development. You’ll probably be booked in for a 20 week ultrasound scan, maybe even in 3D, if you wish. Some hospitals will reveal the sex of your baby should you want to know, so decide with your partner whether you want to know your baby’s gender. Make sure you take some change along to your scan to pay for a picture of your baby in the womb. Read more on 20 weeks pregnant in pictures.

21st week of pregnancy

Twenty One weeks pregnant

This week, your baby’s weight gain has gone up to approx 300g, or the size of a large banana. His foetal development continues and family features may now be recognisable on his face. You might be suffering with varicose veins on your legs at this point, but drinking water and even mild exercise will help with blood circulation. Read more on 21 weeks pregnant in pictures.

22nd week of pregnancy

Twenty Two weeks pregnant

By now, you’ll be aware of your baby’s movement in your belly. As your bump grows in size you might be finding it harder to stand or sit in one position for long periods of time, which could lead to swollen ankles. Stress and worry in pregnancy is quite common, so why not try a relaxation video or CD and give yourself some ‘me’ time. Read more on 22 weeks pregnant in pictures.

23rd week of pregnancy

Twenty Three weeks pregnant

If you could see inside your tummy, your baby is beginning to look more full-term this week. The weight of your baby inside your belly can begin to put pressure on your back at this stage and if you are noticing the discomfort of back or stomach ache then yoga may be a good idea for you. Read more on 23 weeks pregnant in pictures.

24th week of pregnancy

Twenty Four weeks pregnant

This is a very easy time for you to gain weight, so doing gentle exercise and eating healthily will be an important way to keep this under control. You also may want to sleep more than usual due to your body needing more iron. Read more on 24 weeks pregnant in pictures.

25th week of pregnancy

Twenty Five weeks pregnant

Unbelievably, this week, your uterus is now the size of a football and this new weight, along with your bump, can place pressure on your back. Symptoms of lower backache and leg pain can be expected due to this. There is also the option to pay for a special 4D video of your baby, so you can see him or her in the womb. Remember, too, that you have to be at least 25 weeks pregnant to apply for a special maternity grant, should you be eligible. Read more on 25 weeks pregnant in pictures.

26th week of pregnancy

Twenty Six weeks pregnant

Ultrasound pictures of your baby could possibly show her sucking her thumb, practising for when she’s born. Pregnancy weight gain and your skin stretching can cause it to itch, so lots of moisturiser can help this. You may also start to suffer with Braxton Hicks, which are your body’s practice contractions, and perfectly normal. If you are worried about how strong or frequent they are then go to your GP for more information. Read more on 26 weeks pregnant in pictures.

27th week of pregnancy

Twenty Seven weeks pregnant

By 27 weeks your bump should definitely be showing. Your baby’s development means his movement will be stronger. He can now blink his eyes and respond to different sounds, light and touch. His weight is 1kg, and he’s about the size of a two pint carton of milk. A symptom at this point is the effect pregnancy can have on your eyes, meaning you may experience a change in your vision, which is completely normal. Read more on 27 weeks pregnant in pictures.

28th week of pregnancy

Twenty Eight weeks pregnant

From here, you and your bump could start getting big, meaning you could begin to feel lots more pregnancy discomforts. Your midwife will do a Fundal Height measurement to find out how your baby and bump are growing. Remember you can also have a private 4D video scan to see pictures of your baby close-up, although of course, there will be a fee. Read more on 28 weeks pregnant in pictures. 

29th week of pregnancy

Twenty Nine weeks pregnant

You may be feeling new symptoms at this point, such as heartburn and slight fatigue due to the extra weight gain. Your bump may also be making sleep difficult. Room in your belly is becoming smaller as your baby grows and if you are pregnant with twins or triplets a check up at the midwife may tell you whether to expect an early birth. You can still travel at this point as long as there have been no complications in your pregnancy, but always check with your GP first. Read more on 29 weeks pregnant in pictures.

30th week of pregnancy

Thirty weeks pregnant

The foetal development of your baby means she is looking more like a newborn by the day and if born at this stage she’d have an excellent chance of survival. You may be getting strong Braxton Hicks contractions, which although uncomfortable, should not cause you any pain. Some mums-to-be also start to experience swollen ankles and restless leg at this stage, because of fluid in your body tissue. Read more on 30 weeks pregnant in pictures.

31st week of pregnancy

Thirty One weeks pregnant

You may have noticed that you’ve occasionally had a hard belly over the last few weeks. This is completely normal and due to Braxton Hicks (practice cramps) as long as there are no severe pains. Some mums-to-be also suffer with migraines and are concerned about taking medication, such a Vicodin. Before taking anything, check with the NHS, your midwife or your GP. Read more on 31 weeks pregnant in pictures.

32nd week of pregnancy

Thirty Two weeks pregnant

You’re now very much into your last trimester, so you might be feeling anxious about your waters breaking – and it happening in public. This doesn’t usually happen, as the amniotic fluid is normally released after a contraction, once labour has started. Another concern is having a breech baby, which an ultrasound scan can show. Rest assured that most babies turn of their own accord. Another symptom you may be having at this point is constipation or rectal pressure. Both are completely normal. Read more on 32 weeks pregnant in pictures.

33rd week of pregnancy

Thirty Three weeks pregnant

Your baby’s going through a rapid growth spurt this week and she’s starting to store iron and calcium which are important for bone development. You could have cervix pain and backache, causing you to suffer insomnia. If you’re feeling exhausted, try to relax and not do too many heavy tasks. Read more on 33 weeks pregnant in pictures. 

34th week of pregnancy

Thirty Four weeks pregnant

Your baby belly should be blooming by now, although its size can cause some discomfort. So keep resting up, as some pregnant women have dizzy spells, which could be a sign you’re doing too much. As your due date draws closer, you might be feeling anxious about your baby being breech or preterm. These are usual worries, so talk about them with your partner or midwife. Read more on 34 weeks pregnant in pictures.

35th week of pregnancy

Thirty Five weeks pregnant

Just six weeks left until your baby’s due date, and his head may already have moved towards your pelvis ready to be engaged for birth. You might still be experiencing Braxton Hicks or start to lose your mucus plug, meaning your body is preparing for labour and getting your cervix thinned and dilated. Your baby also may start having hiccups in the womb, which is perfectly normal. Read more on 35 weeks pregnant in pictures.

36th week of pregnancy

Thirty Six weeks pregnant

Your baby is clever enough by this point to recognise your voice from other sounds! If it hasn’t already, her head may engage ready for birth. Some common symptoms in late pregnancy can include feeling sick, having discharge and sharp pains in the groin area. You may also start feeling nervous as labour draws nearer – remember to always talk to friends, family or your midwife about any anxieties. Read more on 36 weeks pregnant in pictures.

37th week of pregnancy

Thirty Seven weeks pregnant

Nearly full term, your baby’s foetus size is about 47cm! You may still be suffering with blurred vision and many mums-to-be report having vivid (and sometimes erotic!) dreams towards to end of pregnancy. Your breasts might have begun to leak a watery substance, which is normal and all part of readiness for breastfeeding. If this hasn’t happened yet, don’t worry that you’ll have no milk, some mums-to-be don’t experience this until after birth. If you have any concerns, speak to you midwife. Read more on 37 weeks pregnant in pictures.

38th week of pregnancy

Thirty Eight weeks pregnant

You may find out some new things at your check up this week. Your midwife may talk to you about signs of labour, prepare you for a membrane sweep and give you advice if your baby’s head is not yet engaged. It’s nearly the end of your pregnancy, so feeling fed up, having cramps and even a dull backache is to be expected. Trying out some pregnancy yoga may help you to feel better. Read more on 38 weeks pregnant in pictures.

39th week of pregnancy

Thirty Nine weeks pregnant

You’re nearly there – the cramps and discharge of the last couple of weeks may still be present, and you might also be experiencing rectal pressure pains, tender breasts and Braxton Hicks. Many pregnant women suffer with UTI (a urinary tract infection), if you think you could be suffering with this, then visit your GP as soon as possible. Prenatal depression or worries about being depressed after your baby is born can be another mum-to-be anxiety, so please talk things through with your partner and GP if this is the case with you. Read more on 39 weeks pregnant in pictures.

40th week of pregnancy

Forty weeks pregnant

Are you ready for giving birth if there’s still no show of your baby? Your midwife will do a membrane sweep, which will help if your baby’s head isn’t yet engaged. Your baby could be born any day now, but also be prepared to go beyond your due date. You may even want to look into remedies about how to bring on labour. Evening Primrose Oil is a favourite for women who want to induce birth. Read more on 40 weeks pregnant in pictures.

41st week of pregnancy

Forty One weeks pregnant

Your baby is now officially overdue! If you haven’t had one already, a membrane sweep done by your midwife can help move things along. Look out for any fluids leaking, as this may be a sign your waters have broken and baby is on his way. If you are not dilated by the end of this week then you’ll be advised to have an induction. Some people believe that castor oil can help induce labour, if you want to try your own remedies at home. Also, even if you have planned a natural birth, be prepared for the chance of a c-section. Read more on 41 weeks pregnant in pictures.

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