“I’m a huge Elvis fan – I even named my dog after him – so when I found out I was having a little boy I immediately wanted to name him Presley. My husband was dead against it. He said if I took the two of them to the park I would constantly be shouting “Elvis Presley” out loud! I never realised how funny it would sound, but he banned the name. We settled on Preston instead, which I cheekily love shortening to Pres.”


Kelly Cornwell, 33, from Hertfordshire


“Our son has the mighty name Edgar Maximus and we love it. It’s a family name on my husband’s side but the history behind it is why I really liked it. There was Edgar the Peaceful and the decent Edgar in King Lear, while Maximus is, of course, homage to the movie Gladiator. We hope our little boy will take after their traits and be strong, peaceful and good.”

Galina Varese, 43, from Witney


“My husband and I found it really hard to choose a name for our new daughter, so we let our son, Max, pick one. He decided to call her Penelope, after the blue koala that appears during the CBeebies television series Show Me Show Me. It was a beautiful choice and, coincidentally, Penelope the koala has a soft toy rabbit called Max!”

More like this

Lynne Cook, 36, from Warrington


“When I was little I loved to dance. It was just magical to pretend I was a ballerina. So when I gave birth to my baby girl, I knew instantly that she was going to be called Darcie – after Darcy Bussell, the ballerina. Now my two very favourite things are combined into one.”

Donna Pinnell, 32, from Warwickshire


“When I was a child I had a teddy called Christmas Bear that I never let out of my sight. Over the years the bear’s name got shortened to Chrissy B, and when I found out I was pregnant I knew instantly I wanted to name my baby after it. The name Chrissy gives me so many good memories, and I love the fact that she can lengthen or shorten it.”

Sally Smith, 31, from Shepperton


“I saw my baby’s name on a TV advert and loved it immediately. Diya is short, sweet and stylish, and means ‘light’ in Sanskrit. I didn’t know the sex of the baby until the last minute of my pregnancy, but I was praying for a girl so I could name her this. It’s just so meaningful.”

Bhuvana Naveen, 26, from Hayes


“We wanted something to do with Christmas. Holly and Carol were a no-go as they’re my partner’s mum and sister’s names. We were truly stumped. So when I was induced on Christmas Eve and heard that Natalie means ‘Jesus’s birth’ we settled on that. It was perfect.”

Michelle Yale, 23, from Keighley

Beatrix and Dexter

“My favourite book growing up was Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. So when I knew I was having a girl, I tossed over the idea of Beatrix. At first I wasn’t sure – I already had a boy called Dexter. But when she was born and I looked into her eyes, Beatrix just seemed right.”

Jenny Beattie, 34, from Beckenham

Celeb name choices

“In my youth I grew up near a willow tree. They are the most flexible of trees and nothing can break them – no wind, no elements. They can bend and withstand anything. I love that sentiment and I wanted that for my daughter. Sage, meanwhile, is sacred and cleansing and sounds great with Willow.”

Pink, 31, mum to Willow Sage, 2 months

“Faith, because we needed it through the pregnancy, and Margaret is my grandmother’s name. Sunday Rose because Sundays are our favourite day. If you’re happy and you’ve got your family and things around you, then Sunday’s a beautiful day.”


Nicole Kidman, 44, mum to Sunday Rose, 3, and Faith Margaret, 6 months