What questions do you get asked in pregnancy?

Six mums-to-be and mums share their fave FAQ’s – after all, there’s no better conversation starter than a growing baby bump


“’When are you due?’ – that’s my favourite one! I get it all the time. But I like it. It’s amazing how many more people come and talk to me now that I’m pregnant and that seems to be their opening line. It’s renewed my faith in mankind – everyone’s friendly and nice underneath but they don’t have the opportunity to show it. And then they tell me all about their births. If they had a bad labour I just pretend to be listening. I don’t want to be put off.”


Emma, 36 weeks pregnant

“I always got asked about pregnancy cravings, and the annoying thing is I didn’t have any at all when I was expecting. It made me feel very boring, and I’d long for the day when I could reply, ‘I’ve just been indulging my craving for soil out of the garden actually,’ but that day never came! Towards the end of my pregnancy I got asked ‘Are you excited?’ – a strange thing to ask when someone’s about to push an enormous creature out of their vagina. Excited? More like terrified!”

Kelly, mum to 17 month old Zac

“I didn’t look pregnant until about 7 months, so I didn’t get many questions. I wanted to talk about it but felt an idiot bringing it up myself. I would have preferred it if people commented first. The most common was ‘How many weeks are you?’ No one believed I could be so far along!”

Tanishka, mum to a month old girl

“I’m constantly asked the same questions and more I get, the more I’m tempted to make things up. The most common one is ‘Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl or do you want a surprise?’ I confess to having made up names a couple of times! And I always think it’s so funny when people ask me if I want the sex to be a surprise. I mean, how much of a surprise can it be? It’s either one or the other. The real surprise is your baby’s personality as he or she develops and you get to know them. And I also get asked ‘Where are you having your baby?’ – really difficult to answer as we are thinking of a home birth. This gets a mixed reaction. Some people are surprisingly anti-home births and let you know it in no uncertain terms.”

Becky, 35 weeks pregnant

“’How are you feeling?’ was a popular one. And I never knew how to answer because most of the time I was feeling pretty grotty – morning sickness, swollen ankles, enormous belly, exhaustion…it’s one of those questions that people ask to be well meaning, but if you actually told them exactly how you felt they’d think you were a real moaner. On the other hand, towards the end of my pregnancy, I felt much better and when people asked how I was, I couldn’t help but boast, ‘I feel fantastic! On top of the world!’ I think all they wanted was a ‘Fine, thank you!’”

Kristine, mum to 8 month old Camilla

“Well I’ve been suffering from the most dreadful morning sickness. Everyone’s always very sympathetic and nice but they invariably offer me the same advice: ‘Have you tried ginger?’ For reference, yes, I have tried ginger and it doesn’t work for me. But I don’t want to appear rude so I always answer, ‘What a good idea!’”


Sam, 18 weeks pregnant

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