What will you be like during labour?

How you deal with the ups and downs of everyday life may just give you an insight into how you’ll cope when those contractions hit…take our quiz to find out


1) You feel the beginnings of a cold coming on. What do you do?

A: Start taking Echinacea.


B: Go to bed early with a hot lemon drink.

C: Ignore it – you rarely go down with colds and if you do there’s always paracetamol.

Setting up the nursery and purchasing a cot for your baby’s arrival doesn’t have to break the bank if you buy wisely and look at pre-loved options

2) While decorating the nursery, you bang your finger with a hammer. What’s your reaction?

A: You take arnica and apply a cold compress.

B:  You hold it under the cold tap for a few minutes.

C: You grit your teeth and carry on: there’s the cot and changing unit to put together yet.

Breathing techniques and relaxing during labour are practiced at independent classes.

3) What’s your favourite part of your antenatal class?

A: The visualisation techniques.

B: The breathing exercises.

C:  Demonstrating how much you’ve been reading up on labour and birth by being hands-up-first to all the midwife’s questions.

Go for Zen-like calm in pregnancy and a lovely labour could be yours.

4) What kinds of things are you doing to get ready for labour?

A: Antenatal yoga and meditation

B: Regular aquaerobics and Pilates

C: Practising your breathing while simultaneously bouncing on your birthing ball and replying to emails on your laptop

Davina McCall reveals that she nearly adopted a Malawian orphan

5) Who’s your celebrity role model?

A: Davina McCall – all those home births make her the original Big Mutha

B: Jools Oliver – she’s so relaxed in her role as a mother

C: Fiona Bruce – back on the set of Crimewatch UK only 3 weeks after giving birth.

Yoga in pregnancy has many benefits for your health and for your labour.


Mostly A’s – Earth Mother

You’re in touch with your instincts and the needs of your baby, and have a holistic approach to labour. Your preparations give you a good chance of a natural, fulfilling birth. But try and keep an open mind – the best preparations in the world can’t guarantee a textbook delivery, and there are times when mums and babies need a bit of outside help. How your labour progresses is not a mark of the kind of mother you’ll be, and you won’t have ‘failed’ if you ask for pain relief.


Mostly B’s – Pragmatist

You’re in touch with the needs of your body and make sure you look after yourself, but you don’t go overboard by wrapping yourself up in cotton wool. You probably have an open mind about how you labour will develop and the pain relief options available to you. Your realistic outlook will protect you from disappointment in labour. But don’t forget that pregnancy and labour is all about you and your baby, so it’s ok to indulge yourself with some antenatal treats. Take time out to get in tune with your baby to make your labour even more special.


Mostly C’s – Superwoman

You set yourself high goals and push yourself to the limit. You have little time for wimps and have developed a high pain threshold. As a result, you’ll probably cope well with the demands of labour.


However, this isn’t a test of strength or character. Don’t be afraid to listen to what you body is telling you and be guided by it. Try taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule each day to focus on yourself, your pregnancy, and your baby to give your natural mothering instincts a chance to help you through labour.

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