Where’s best to give birth?

Try our quick quiz to help you decide


Where to give birth

Deciding where to have your baby is important. And whether you opt for hospital, a birth centre or home, you’ve got a greater say in where you give birth than ever before.


‘Consider where you live, how close you are to a hospital and what sort of pain relief you might want. And keep an open mind – the safety of you and your baby is the most important factor,’ says Nikki Khan, Prima Baby’s expert midwife.

Try the following quiz to help you make up your mind…


Question 1.

Have you had a straightforward pregnancy?

a) Yes
b) Yes, but I don’t want a home birth
c) No, I’ve had complications


Question 2.

If you’re had a baby before, what was your delivery like?

a) Straightforward, no complications
b) No complications, but I was induced
c) Complicated – a theatre delivery


Question 3.

What kind of pain relief would you like?

a) I’d like the birth to be as natural as possible
b) Gas and air, possibly pethidine
c) The full range, including an epidural if I want one


Question 4.

Where would you feel most comfortable giving birth?


a) Somewhere familiar where I can move around freely
b) Somewhere comfortable but more medical than home
c) In hospital, in case there’s an emergency

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