Why healthy eating in pregnancy can have positive effect on weaners

Babies exposed to savoury foods in the womb are less likely to be fussy eaters


Want to know the secret to getting your children to more fruit and vegetables? Eat lots of it while you’re pregnant!


Researchers, from the Monell Centre in Philadelphia, have discovered that expectant mothers who eat a healthy diet are less likely to give birth to fussy eaters.

Babies are biologically hardwired to be attracted to foods containing sugar and salt, but not so much to those that are bitter and savoury.

In order for babies to take to these tastes in the future, experts are advising women to expose their unborn child to these flavours while still in the womb.

And the advice seems to be working.

In one of the studies, conducted by Dr Julie Mennella, children whose mothers often drunk carrot juice while pregnant ate twice as much carrot-flavoured cereal as those who didn’t.

“The message is, eat the healthy food you enjoy and when the baby is old enough to start weaning, he’ll be familiar with those flavours,” said Dr Mennella, reports the Daily Mail.

“It shows we are primed by our earliest exposures.”

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How did you get your baby to love the good stuff? Tell us your story below…

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