Your essential labour checklist

Here's what you'll need to take to hospital for the labour


A copy of your birth plan


– give this to the midwife as soon as you arrive

TENS machine – if using Massage oil

– for soothing your backache


– hospital floors can be cold when you’re pacing up and down. Flipflops can be useful to wear in the shower.

Warm socks

– to wear if your feet get chilly


– check your labour ward allows this and bring your favourite tracks


– bottled water and juice are best. You may find it easier to sip from a straw


– have light, energy-boosting nibbles like bananas and chocolate on hand

An old large T-shirt, shirt or nightdress to give birth in

– a front-buttoning one will enable you to breastfeed and have skin-to-skin contact more easily after the birth


– cleansing wipesor flannel, water spray mist, toothbrush, toothpaste and some waterproof mascara to avoid panda eyes in the post-birth pictures!

Books and games

– to keep you and your birth partner entertained

A watch

– to time contractions

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