Your other pregnancy to-do list

The next nine months aren’t all about antenatal checks – make sure you pencil in some treats, too.


As well as baby development milestones and countdown to labour calendars, remember to add some feelgood pregnancy treats to your to-do list, too.


Go to the movies

Once you’re a mum, those spur-of-the-moment cinema trips will become a distant memory, so see every film going while you’re pregnant.
Also consider joining a DVD club so you’re all set for after the birth when you’ll be stuck at home a lot more than you’re used to.
(Odeon Newbies is a way you can watch films at the cinema even with a new baby.

Spend time with the girls

Your relationship with your child-free friends will change once you’re in the new mums’ club. Make the most of being footloose and fancy-free by organising a proper girlie night in – stock up on magazines, chips ‘n’ dips and favourite DVDs.

Get your hair cut

Do you spend half an hour every morning blow-drying and straightening your crowning glory? Well, make the most of it, because in a few months’ time you’re more likely to be hiding your split ends under a baseball cap. Now’s the time to flick through all the hair mags to come up with a funky yet low-maintenance wash-and-go style.

Get pampered

Finding time to relax is important. Having a pedicure is always fun, and when you get to the stage where you can’t see your feet, it’s essential if you want to keep your feet in good shape. Less fun but (arguably) equally necessary for many is a waxing appointment
Your skin is especially sensitive during pregnancy, so waxing may be more painful than usual.

Plan to make life easier

So you’re shopping for the baby. But what about your house? Work out what will make life easier – whether it’s a new dishwasher, a new washing machine and drier, a family-friendly car or perhaps a comfy new mattress to make the most of those precious few hours’ sleep you’ll be getting.

Shop ahead

Don’t forget to buy all those post-birth essentials too. It’s hardly a glamorous, but after the baby is born you’ll be grateful for stocking up on supersize sanitary towels, nipple cream and throw-away pants (paper or cheapo cotton). Splash out on something indulgent like your favourite body cream or perfume, too. You deserve it.

Road test all your equipment

You’ve got around to buying the baby gear, but don’t relax just yet – unpack it, set it up and make sure you and your partner know how to use it! Once the baby arrives you won’t want to be fumbling around trying to work out how to assemble the pram…

Buy yourself a new mum outfit

You’ve had months of maternity wear, so why not buy yourself a little something for life as a new mum? You don’t know what size you’re going to be after the birth, so it’s best to stick to something comfy yet versatile like stylish drawstring pants – that’s a step up from trackie bottoms and should cheer you up while you’re stuck withthat post-baby tum!

Cook up a storm

Cooking up extra helpings of soup and lasagne doesn’t take much time. So whenever you make dinner, think big – make as much as you can and feeze it into smaller portions. You’ll be grateful when you can enjoy tasty yet nutritious meals just days after giving birth.
If you don’t already do your supermarket shopping on the internet, now is definitely the time to start.


Choose new baby cards

Sending birth announcements and thank you cards to friends and family is yet another thing that comes after the birth. Buyinmg them and getting the envelopes stamped and addressed while you’re pregnant is  something you can do while lounging on the settee and you’ll be so pleased you haven’t got to worry about sorting out cards when you have a baby to look after.

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