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10 of the best toddler bed guards

The best bed rails to help make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep

Best toddler bed guards

Moving your little one from cot to cotbed – or full-blown adult bed – can be daunting. Most toddlers are wriggly little sleepers, doing 360-degree turns every half hour, so you can’t quite imagine them staying put without tumbling out onto the hard floor.


Luckily there are a number of products on the market to help you stop night-time falls. Whether a bed rail or a bumper – portable or semi-permanent – these products can help your little ones (and you) stay comfortably put, giving you peace of mind and ultimately a better night’s rest.

Below, we answer some of the key queries you may have around bed guards and share a round up of some of our favourites.

When do you need a child bed guard?

Bed guards and rails are aimed at toddlers, with the recommended age usually being from 18 months to 5 years. The guards offer a barrier to help prevent little ones from rolling onto the floor when they’re asleep.

These products are intended to offer some of the extra security that cot rails would have provided, as children move into bigger beds. They are not designed for younger babies or co-sleeping (if this is what you are looking for, we have a list of the best co-sleeping cots and bedside cribs instead).

For a little more advice, you may find it helpful to read our guide about when to move your toddler from cot to a bed.

If you don’t think your child is quite at this stage yet, take a look at our best cots round up or our list of the best baby nests and baby pods instead.

What are the different types of toddler bed guards?

There are various styles of child bed guards. Some are more rigid, for instance those made of wood which provide a straight-forward barrier, similar to a bunk bed rail, to stop children from falling over the side.

Other toddler bed guards are made from fabric such as mesh, so they are softer and less rigid if children like to sleep up against the side.

You can also find inflatable bed guards which protect your little one and can be particularly handy for travelling, as they can be deflated and transported away with you.

What to consider when choosing the best bed guard for your child?

The first thing you’ll need to check is the size of the bed you’re buying a rail for. Below, we have clearly listed the dimensions of each product so you can make sure it won’t be too long or short for your child’s new bed.

The height is also important as if you have a thick mattress and a smaller rail it will offer less protection for your child than was potentially intended.

You also need to consider the position of the bed. If it is placed alongside a wall then you have a natural barrier on one side and only need to guard the other. However if the bed is in the centre of the room you’ll need to look at a pair so you can secure both sides.

It’s important to note that some child bed guards are not compatible with certain types of beds. While one model might be great for slatted beds, another may not be suitable for a divan, so make sure you check before you buy.

Here’s our pick of the 10 best bed guards for toddlers and children…

1. Hippychick Dream Tubes bed guards, £34.99

Dimensions: H90xL200cm (Dream Tubes single sheet), H71xL146cm (Dream Tubes cot bed sheet)

The Dream Tubes are ingenious. You blow them up and then pop them in the pockets of a special sheet – either cot bed or single bed size – to make a cosy barrier to help kids stay put. We love the fact that this product includes the custom sheet, which effectively keeps the bumpers (two per pack) in place – no more awkward stuffing pillows or pool noodles under normal sheets.

The bumpers are lightweight and fold up to a handily small size, making transport a doddle. So you can take them with you everywhere – no more rearranging the hotel furniture to prevent kids from rolling out of bed.

Parents who bought the tubes in the past were impressed with the sizing and portability of the product.

One parent who purchased them for her son said, “they’re just enough to stop him rolling out but still low down enough for him to climb out in the morning by himself.” Another added, “this is a great idea for Grandmas house or traveling. It goes in a draw with the sheet and would easily fit in a suitcase.

Available from: Hippychick, Amazon

2. Ikea Vikare Guard Rail, £10

Dimensions: H4xW8xL90cm

Trust Ikea to come up with one of the most affordable bed guards out there. The Vikare is easy to fit, and can be attached to cot beds and normal beds, without leaving any mark when removed. Admittedly, the Vikare is quite a hard, rigid addition to the bed, but it doesn’t look too overpowering in its neutral white and is a stylish addition.

Previous buyers mentioned that the rail isn’t as high as other options, so it may not be suitable for thicker mattresses. One parent described the rail as “strong and sturdy” and another said it was “perfect and very subtle with our white frame.”

Available from: Ikea

3. BabyDan Wooden Bed Guard Rail, £48

Dimensions: H42xL90cm

The stylish wooden bed guard rail from BabyDan comes in a few neutral tones, including white and natural. It is made from furniture grade wood, so has a nice quality to it, compared to more flimsy options out there. But most importantly, it attaches and detaches easily, with no tools required.

Previous buyers were impressed with how simple it was to fix to the bed, describing it as “easy to click on to place” and “very easy to put together” as well as being a “sturdy product”.

Available from: John Lewis and Amazon

4. Summer Infant Grow With Me Single Bedrail, £29.99

Dimensions: H70xL90cm (Folded: 27.3x47x9.9cm)

The Grow With Me Single Bedrail follows the classic cloth and mesh design and fits standard divan beds or beds with slatted bases. It accommodates cot beds as well as single mattresses, so you can use it as your toddler grows for added security and peace of mind.

It folds down for easy access and is available in white, blue or pink – some staple nursery colours, but maybe a bit boring for some. The only downside is that it’s a tad fiddly to install, according to some parents on reviews, who recommended following the instructions carefully.

Overall, the product received an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 800 reviews. Once they’d put it together, buyers liked the sturdiness and accessibility of the product describing it as “completely sturdy and safe” while another said they liked, “that the side can fold down for easy access to the bed.”

Available from: Amazon, Kiddies’ Kingdom

5. Safety 1st Portable Bed Rail, £25

Dimensions: H42.5x106cm (assembled), H42xL63cm (folded)

This bed guard has a standard mesh design with great functionality. It can fold down to allow easy access to bed, and it can also be slid together to make it more compact and portable – great for taking along to family visits or on holiday. It comes in classic grey, pink or blue versions.

This product was a top pick for parents on Amazon, scoring 4.7 out of 5 stars overall with over 4,500 reviews although a couple of reviewers noted this wasn’t suitable for divan style beds.

Praise for the toddler bed guard included that it, “fitted very well, easy to open and close” and one parent added, “it was ideal for us to use when we travel, as squash’s down to almost half the length.”

Available from: Amazon

6. The Little Bed Bumpers by Acosy Bumpers, £24.99

Dimensions: H13xW13xL100cm

Made from nursery grade foam, the Little Bed Bumpers are available to suit many ages and bed types. You can buy the bumpers from cotbed/toddler bed sizes to those that suit single beds or bigger.

The bumpers, which have a grippy bottom, simply sit on top of the mattress, secured in place by your own fitted sheet. The bumpers are hypo-allergenic, and don’t need any screws, bars or fixtures to use. Many also like that they are soft and cosier than fixed bars. They are also ideal for traveling due to their light weight nature, making them portable. The pack also includes a free storage bag with clip.

Previous buyers of the bumpers described them as “very soft to lean against, like memory foam,” and added that it “stayed in place like it was glued to the mattress.”

Available from: Acosy Bumpers, Amazon

7. Venture QFix Bed Guard, £19.99

Dimensions: H42xL99cm

This foldable and portable bed guard is 42x99cm and fits a variety of bed sizes. It is sturdy and durable and easy to install, according to the brand. It features strong safety straps to eliminate any gap between mattress and bed rail. It also has a handy push button fold-down features to allow easy climbing into bed by your little one.

Scoring an impressive average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, this child bed guard was popular with reviewers on Amazon. Buyers liked the design and security of this guard, saying they, “attached it using the straps…which are super secure,” and that “it folds at the right size, it even bends at a joint so it doesn’t snap when your kid decides to play push-pull with it.”

Available from: Venture Distribution, Amazon

8. Safetots Extra Wide Bed Rail, £32.90

Dimensions: H40xL140cm

Available in natural, white and blue, the Safetots Extra Wide Bed Rail, provides a little bit more coverage, if you want to make extra sure that there’s no room to tumble out of bed. It also has the handy fold-down feature and comes with a travel bag to make taking it along that bit easier.

This guard is suitable for cot beds, single beds and double beds with minimum mattress length of 90cm and maximum mattress thickness of 20cm.

Recommended by Amazon, previous buyers were pleased with the value and performance of the child bed guard. One parent described it as “very sturdy” with “robust” mesh fabric. Another said it was a “very good sized and secure bed guard.”

Available from: Amazon

9. Lindam Easy Fit Bed Guard, £28.99

Dimensions: H45xL107cm

The Lindam Easy Fit Bed Guard is very simple and suitable for beds with 150-200cm length and mattresses of 75-90cm width. It has a standard fold-down mechanism to allow you to access your child and change sheets more easily. As many of its competitors, it is available in pink, blue and grey and can fold down.

There’s a secure locking mechanism and it can be put together without needing an tools, although a couple of reviewers noted it could tricky to assemble.

Other buyers praised the toddler bed guard as it “folds down well” and “feels secure.”

Available from: Amazon

10. The Shrunks Sleep Security Inflatable Bed Rails, £33.17

Dimensions: H10xW17.8xL122cm

These toddler bed guards inflate and include a compact pump and storage bag, making it portable and an ideal choice for use while travelling. The material it is constructed from is also free from the chemical BPA and a patch kit comes with the rails, just in case of any mishaps.

Reviewers who had purchased these rails in the past were impressed with their performance, with one parent describing it as a “wonderful product for small children sleeping in single beds,” and saying adding that they were “easy to inflate [and] fit with clear instructions.”

Available from: Amazon


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