One minute they’re babies and the next they’re beginning to toddle around on their own and seem to be outgrowing almost everything in sight. Kids moving into their first big bed is a huge milestone, so it’s important to make sure you’ve got the right bed for them.


There are plenty of options to choose from for your child’s first bed. For smaller spaces you might be looking for space saving kids’ beds or ones with included storage. If they’re Frozen or Disney mad, you might be looking for themed beds instead or perhaps one which doubles as their very own den.

Below, we’ve found a selection of the best children’s beds of various styles, sizes and designs to help you choose the ideal one for your child.

Plus, we’ve also found the best kids' duvet covers and bedding sets to dress their new bed in, as well as some kids' blow up bed for sleepovers for when older children want their friends to stay over. If your little one isn’t quite ready for their first toddler bed yet, we’ve got a handy list of some of the best cots and cot beds for babies too.

Best first beds for toddlers

1. Chelsey Toddler Bed, £279.99

Best for all-around railings

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Size: L148cm x W76cm x H166.3cm

Chelsey Toddler Bed

This solid wood child’s first bed is designed for toddlers looking to take the next step. The railings should help your little one stay secure and,being low to the floor makes it easier and safer for them to climb in. The tent shape makes the bed feel like a den and the top bar is ideal for hanging lights or bunting from.

This bed requires assembly and some reviewers did mention it was tricky to put together, although overall previous buyers were pleased. One parent described it as a “beautiful toddler bed,” adding that it, "took a while to build but overall very happy with the product.”

Another agreed and was also impressed with the railings around the bed saying, “our daughter still moves a lot in her sleep…so this is brilliant because the sides are high.”

Available from: Wayfair

2. Kinder Valley Toddler Bed Bundle, £99.95

Best all in one package

Size: L144 x W76 x H60cm

Kinder Valley Toddler Bed Bundle

This handy all in one child’s first bed set includes the bed frame, mattress, fitted sheet and full duvet and pillow case set. The solid pine bed is painted white and the mattress contains padded support for extra comfort and posture support. It’s also breathable and water resistant in case of any accidents.

Previous buyers were impressed with the value for money on this bed set, especially for the quality.

“Mattress and all bedding much better quality than expected,” said one parent who bought the bed for their son. Another mum added that it was, “such a great little bed and the value for money is unbelievable…the bed is sturdy and the mattress etc are decent quality.”

Other reviewers were impressed with the convenience of the all in one package, with one saying it was a “really lovely bed and covers [were] really helpful to a one parented family. As a single mum this deal was a life saver.”

Available from: Amazon

3. Busunge Extendable bed, £129

Best for growing with them

Size: L (adjustable) x W80 x H200

Busunge Extendable bed

Another first bed for toddlers, this Ikea model is designed to suit your child at different ages, as it is extendable and can be adjusted with them as they grow. This should help save money and be less wasteful in the long run as you won’t need to keep replacing it.

The rounded edges are designed to be safer for little ones and Ikea insist it is durable enough to be passed onto younger brothers and sisters too. Previous buyers seemed to agree, as the bed scored an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 overall.

Available from: Ikea

Best novelty themed beds for kids

4. Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed with Drawers, £100

Best for Disney fans

Size: L142 x W77 x H59cm

Minnie Mouse Toddler Bed with Drawers

If you’re looking for themed beds around Disney, this Minnie Mouse toddler bed is ideal. Great value for the price, the bed also includes drawers for extra storage as well as protective guards to help keep little ones safely in bed while they sleep. This one is suitable for children from 18 months so it’s ideal for a Minnie obsessed child’s first bed. There’s also a 1 year guarantee included.

The bed scored highly with previous reviewers, with 4.8 out of 5 stars overall. The bed was praised for being easily to assemble and for being a big hit with kids.

“Easy to build and super comfy, granddaughter loves her new bed,” said one reviewer. Another added that their 2 and half year old was “absolutely delighted” with the bed which was “so cosy and perfect size and height for a toddler.”

Available from: Argos

5. Julian Bowen London Bus Kids Bunk Bed, £399

Best novelty bunk bed

Size: L200cm x W109cm x H136cm

Julian Bowen London Bus Kids Bunk Bed

As far as novelty children's beds go, this London bus design is pretty unique. The little bunk bed looks just like a real traditional bus from the capital and could even get little ones excited about getting into bed. Made from sturdy hardwood, the bed comes ready to be assembled and comes with some lovely touches like the option to have it personalised with your child's name for an extra £20.

Keep in mind that it is s recommended that two people put it together. Some customers found assembly was tricky like one parent who said "it took about 5 hours to assemble" on their own but added, "looks fab. My 3 and 5 year olds love it".

Available from: Cuckooland

6. Children's Loft Bed Frame with Slide, £307

Best for active imaginations

Size: L208 x H147.5 x W185cm

Children's Loft Bed Frame with Slide

Perfect for little pirates, this unique kids bed features a slide, tower and tunnel, transforming their bed into a fantasy play space. The rail prevents kids from falling down, while the space beneath the bed becomes a secret den with windows, just like below deck on a real ship.

This unique kids’ bed went down well with parents whose little ones were impressed with their fun new bed. “It looks solid. The little one loves it," said one reviewer while another added that they were, "delighted with the purchase. Quality price, fabrics and structure with good finishes,”

Available from: Amazon

Best bunk beds for kids

7. Shepard High Sleeper Bed, £224.62

Best for creating floor space

Size: L147cm x W77cm x H160cm

Shepard High Sleeper Bed

This classic bunk bed for kids has a protective guard rail to stop them from falling out. The bed leaves plenty of floor space beneath for playing or for adding an art table or even desk as they grow. Ideal for smaller rooms, the bed is made from pine wood and comes in a choice of sizes between “cot bed / toddler” to “European single”.

Parents who bought this bunk bed in the past were impressed with the quality of the bed and particularly how easy it was to assemble.

One buyer said it was, “simple to build with two people. Solid after I screwed it into the wall - most importantly my daughter loves it,” and another mum of a 6 year old said it was, “amazing quality, easy to assemble and looks beautiful.”

Available from: Wayfair

8. Stompa Uno S Plus Mid-Sleeper Bed with Tent, £399

Best for den-lovers

Size: L208.3 x W125.5 x H112.9cm

Stompa Uno S Plus Mid-Sleeper Bed with Tent

This fun bed for kids includes a star-print tent which transforms the space beneath the bed into a secret den. The tent is available in a choice of colours and the head and foot boards are also available in either white, pink or blue depending on the colours scheme of your child’s space. The ladder can also be positioned on either side so it should be able to slot more easily into where you need it.

One parent who bought it said it was, “very easy to assemble” and “great quality.” Plus, there’s a 5 year guarantee included. It's ideal if you want a separate play space for your kids, as they can full use of climbing in and out their secret den.

Available from: John Lewis

9. Charlotte Kids' Treehouse, £645

Best premium choice

Size: L209 x W138.2 x H185.2cm

Charlotte Kids Treehouse

If you’re after really cool bunk beds for kids, this premium option ticks all the boxes. While it is more expensive than other children’s beds, this one is made from solid pine and MDF and is designed to look just like a real treehouse. There are windows around the bed frame, including in the roof so kids can have a look-out post.

The bed was a success with previous buyers, with one parent describing it as “gorgeous, my little one absolutely loves his 'clubhouse'.” Others remarked on the quality of the bed and how easy it was to put together; "beautifully made. Easy to construct with all parts labelled and clear instructions given." It is available in either white or grey and beige (pictured).

Available from: Cuckooland

Best space-saving beds for kids

10. Argos Home Ellis Toddler Bed Frame with Drawer, £120

Best for multi-functionality

Size: L144 x W75 x H57cm

Argos Home Ellis Toddler Bed Frame with Drawer

If you want to get extra functionality from your child’s bed, there are plenty of space saving kids beds like this toddler bed from Argos Home. The under-bed drawer makes used of otherwise dead space so you have extra storage for sheets or toys. The extra long guard rails are also detachable so you can unscrew them when they’ve grown up a little bit more.

The bed is made from solid wood, painted in soft grey and children as young as 18 months can sleep in it. There’s also a 2 year guarantee included.

Reviewers described it was “very sturdy” and one mum was able to assemble it herself, adding that it was “very easy to follow and build” although it “took some time.” Another said it was “my son sleeps in it brilliantly. I’ve recommended it to 3 of my friends for when there little ones get a bit bigger.”

Available from: Argos

11. Paw Patrol Cube Toddler Bed Frame, £150

Best for organising toys

Size: L167 x W77 x H64cm

Paw Patrol Cube Toddler Bed Frame

This toddler bed is great for any mini Paw Patrol fans and should be a hit with parents thanks to all the extra storage. The cubes at the foot of the bed are great for keeping different toys organised while larger underbed storage drawers leave space for bigger items. Being low to the ground and having protective guards down the sides mean it is a safe as well as practical choice for little ones.

Ideal for children as young as 18 months, the bed also has a 1 year gurantee included. Parents were impressed with the storage options, with one buyer saying, “it is the perfect toddler bed. The drawers are spacious for clothes and toys.”

Available from: Argos

12. Tinsley Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Storage & Drawers, £499

Best for maximum storage

Size: L198 x W190 x H110cm

Tinsley Mid Sleeper Bed Frame with Storage & Drawers

Great for bigger kids, this children’s bed has oodles of storage including a chest of drawers for clothes and books and even a pull out desk, giving them space to do colouring or practice their writing.

Parents were impressed with the value and practicality of the bed, as well with how versatile it can be.

“We got the version with the drawers, but will store those away for a few years as she wants the space underneath to make a den,” said one reviewer, while another said it was the, “second one of these we have bought, very impressed by the value.”

Available from: Dreams

Best budget kids' beds

13. Frozen Toddler Bed Frame, £76.99

Best value themed bed

Size: L143cm x W77cm x H59cm

Frozen Toddler Bed Frame

There’s no use denying the universal popularity of Frozen and this themed kids’ bed should tick all the boxes for little fans. Despite the theme, the bed is a reasonable price and includes guard rails for safety plus simple instructions to fit it together.

Parents were pleased, with one mum saying she, “love[s] it! And so does my 2 year old,” while another her little one had the same reaction and that they were “happy” with their Frozen-themed purchase.

Available from: Wayfair

14. Argos Home Jesse Toddler Bed Frame, £75

Best for families on a budget

Size: L145 x W75 x H57cm

Argos Home Jesse Toddler Bed Frame

For a more straight-forward style bed, this toddler bed frame by Argos Home is a classic choice. The bed does require self-assembly and it is recommended for 2 people to tackle together.

We'd say it's ideal for pre-school children ranging from 18 months to 4 years. On the Argos website, 95% of the 187 reviewers said that they would recommend the bed, which was described as “easy enough to assemble and feels stable,” and that it “looks great for the price. Took about 15 minutes to put together.”

Available from: Argos

15. Wirra Toddler Car Bed, £86.99

Best for little racers

Size: L160cm x W73cm x H55cm

Wirra Toddler Car Bed

This car themed toddler bed is perfect for mini racing drivers in the making. Great inspiration if you’re looking for fun beds for kids, this model is also a reasonable price and includes the slats as well as the frame.

Previous buyers said their little ones were big fans of the bed, although reviewers varied on how easy they found to put it together.

“It's a great bed but the instructions are not very clear,” said one reviewer while others described it as, “easy to assemble, good quality and reasonable price” and praised it for its high sides. One parent also added the fun design helped her son with the transition into his new bed, "My lil boy is over joyed with his new bed absolutely loves it and slept a full night in his own room."

Available from: Wayfair


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