Kids love a sleepover. When it gets to the stage where they might want a couple of friends round for the night, it’s worth investing in some suitable bedding that can comfortably sleep some extra little people. We’ve shopped around to find the most comfortable, practical and downright luxurious temporary sleeping options for kids.


To add an element of cosiness to your kid's sleepovers, take a look at the best Oodie alternatives. Or, if you're after a new a mattress for home, we have tried and tester the best mattresses for kids.

Here are 10 of the best kids inflatable beds...

1. Bundle Bed, £199.99 – best for comfort and convenience

Sleeping dimensions: 190cm x 60cm x 5cm

The Bundle Bed founders created this handy product as they were frustrated with temporary sleeping set-ups for camping and sleepovers. Everything was either too bulky, too fiddly or too uncomfortable, so the award-winning Bundle Bed was born. It’s a fantastic, lightweight 6.5kg package that includes a comfortable 5cm self-inflating mattress, as well as a 15-tog duvet, pillow, covers and sheets.

We loved the jersey-cotton softness, and the quality details, such as the buttons that keep bedding in place. Best of all, it’s super-easy to use and store in its waterproof integrated cover, and equally comfortable for kids and adults – so one Bundle Bed should last a lifetime.

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Our tester loved the snuggly feeling of this sleepover bed, insisting on swapping it for her normal bed.

Available from: Bundle Beds

2. ReadyBed Junior Inflatable Camping Air Bed and Sleeping Bag, £29.99 – best for quick assembly

Sleeping dimensions: 155cm x 65cm x 20 cm

ReadyBed is well known for its My First ReadyBed air beds that often feature popular kids’ TV characters. This Junior version is more understated and has larger sleeping dimensions and a maximum user weight of 50kg, so it’s ideal for school-age kids, when sleepovers kick off properly.

The ReadyBed comes with an integrated sleeping bag and pillow, and inflates very quickly. Thanks to its removable and machine-washable covers, it’s an all-round easy option, and very affordable, too.

Available from: Argos, Amazon and ReadyBed

3. Milestone Camping Flocked Airbed, £9.99 – best for a budget option

Sleeping dimensions: 191cm x 73cm x 22cm

If you’re after a no-fuss inflatable mattress, this single airbed is perfect. It’s not as fancy as some of the others on our list, but let’s face it, most kids will sleep on anything.

It does have a flocked top surface to prevent sliding about, and at this price, you can’t go wrong. To use it, you will of course need extra sheets and bedding.

Available from: Amazon

4. Futon Company Cube Bed, £129 – best for versatility

Sleeping dimensions: 190cm x 64cm x 13cm

We love the versatility of this cube bed – it is either a handy footrest, with pockets for magazines or toys, or a generous mattress for sleepovers at night. As a mattress, it is slightly thicker than the similar Ikea Släkt, making it suitable for adults, too.

We also think the daytime transformation is really useful, so it’s worth the money, especially if you’re tight on space.

Our tester was really impressed with the generous size and cushioning of this sleepover option and gave it the thumbs-up.

Available from: The Futon Company

5. Great Little Trading Company Bed in a Bag, £80 – best for an instant bed

Sleeping dimensions: 180cm x 60cm

The Bed in a Bag is a roll-up mattress with enough firmness to provide a comfy, squishy night’s sleep for little ones. It’s basically a series of cushions sewn together that roll up satisfyingly into a zip-up bag for easy storage. The bright, starry designs are fun, and you can buy a matching sleeping bag for an easy-peasy sleepover solution.

Available from: Great Little Trading Co

6. Ikea Släkt Pouffe foldable mattress, £75 – best for a bed and seat in one

Sleeping dimensions: 193cm x 62cm x 9cm

Ikea’s Släkt series was designed with the pre-teen and their desire for chill time in mind.

The stylish pouffe-mattress from the range is perfect for daytime downtime and impromptu sleepovers. The cover is also machine washable.

Available from: Ikea

7. Aldi Kids’ Deluxe Airbed with Pump, £19.99 – best for younger kids

Sleeping dimensions: 132cm x 71cm x 10cm (inner mattress); 168cm x 107cm x 25cm (outer frame)

This is a great first inflatable mattress for kids, as its raised sides means they are less likely to roll off during the night. It also has a flocked finish, so there’s less sliding about than on normal inflatables. Storage bag and hand-pump are also included, making it an easy-to-use package.

You will need to add a sheet and duvet, or sleeping bag for a comfortable night, and with a maximum user weight of just over 22kg, this mattress is aimed at kids of 3-6 years old, but it’s great value and quality.

Available from: Aldi

8. Ready Steady Bed Chair Bed, £34.97 – best for choice of designs

Sleeping dimensions: 165cm x 58cm x 14cm

The Ready Steady Chair Bed is a classic Z bed that converts from a cube chair into a mattress.

The company has lots of lovely fabrics to choose from so there should be one that blends with your child’s bedroom decor.

Designed and made in the UK, the Chair Bed is filled with UK-sourced fibres and put together with double stitching to make sure it lasts.

Available from: Ready Steady Bed and Amazon

9. Numero 74 Kid Sleepover Bag, £85 – best for last-minute sleepovers

Sleeping dimensions: 135cm x 65cm

This padded sleeping bag is perfect for an impromptu sleepover. It only has a thin polyester lining, but layered on a thick carpet and with a couple of blankets, this should be great for a young guest.

Handmade in Thailand, it has a soft and natural cotton cover, and is snuggly enough for everyday comfort, too.

Available from: Bobo Kids

10. CleverBed, £49.99 – best for easy storage

Sleeping dimensions: 152cm x 65cm

The CleverBed is similar to the ReadyBed, but instead of an inflatable, it has a self-inflating mattress that is ready to use within 30 seconds once you’ve opened the valve. It also includes a 6.6-tog duvet, a built-in pillow and a fleece lining to make it extra snug for kids.

Best of all, it’s easy to store, as it’s only 18cm in diameter when rolled up. It comes in some great designs – from neutral star designs to popular children’s characters.

The cover zips on and off for easy washing, and is easily exchangeable if your child gets bored with a design.

Available from: Go Outdoors and TTS