There's been a lot of talk in the press lately about fidget spinners and other fidget toys that are designed to help kids (or adults) with concentration.


And they've been dividing opinion – especially the fidget spinners – as more and more children bring toys like these into school.

Some say they're a useful tool for kids who tend to fidget – and can be super helpful for children with special educational needs. Others say so many children are now bringing them into school, they're disrupting lessons. Whatever side of the fence you're on, it looks like they're here to stay – for a while at least.

And here's our pick of the best...

1. Fidget spinner, from £2.99


Most of the recent press stories have focused on these fidget spinners, as they're very much the new playground craze. A quick Google search will reveal there are many, many different versions but we think these Zuru ones are cool, colourful and good value for money.

2. Fidget cube, from £9.99


Each side of these little cubes does something different: one side, for example, has a slider; another, a clicker. Ace finger action for dedicated fiddlers. Choose from 8 different colours.

3. Tangle, £5.50


A series of curves that connect and bend with no end. Perfect stress-busters.

4. Fuzzy Face Giant Ball, £4.95


Squishy stress relievers that can also be cuddled at night. Great for younger kids.

5. Fidget fingers, from £1.99


These fidget fingers are super dinky, with little coloured rings to flip and fiddle with.

5. Wooden Flexi Worm, £2.50


This jointed worm is linked together by an elastic cord so you can twist and turn the little segments to your heart's content. Comes in pink or blue.

6. Squishy Mesh Fidget Toy, £2.49


Kind of weird looking - like multi-coloured grapes. But fab to squeeze. And, apparently, kids love 'em.

7. Squeeze Frog, £2.99


We love the fact this froggy just looks like a regular toy. Great for younger kids (as long as they like frogs, obvs).

8. Fiddle Monkey, £1.69


Nicely priced monkeys with super-bendy limbs and friendly faces. Colours come as random.

9. Gyrobi, £3.99


This 9cm tactile toy has 4 brightly coloured rings that twist, spin and rotate.

10. Tangle Juniors Hairy, £5.76


Great fun: they pull apart and go back together in all sorts of ways but perhaps aren't the most robust of the fidget toys out there. (And don't get them in your hair!)

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