Classic games likes draughts and Jenga can become summer games if you supersize them!


Yep, there are so many giant outdoor games for the whole family - and they're not so giant you need a massive outdoor space - just enough to set them up and gather a few people round.

We've picked out some our favourite large garden games - most of which won't break the budget. Take a look.

10 of the best giant garden games

1. Giant Pick Up Sticks, £29.99


Age: 3 years plus

What it is: The classic pick up sticks game but bigger - you have to pick your colour sticks up without anyone else's budging!

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Why we love it: It's simple, and fun - plus we love the suspense as you quietly hope your opponent will move your stick!

Available from: Tesco Direct

2. Bex Giant Domino Garden Game, £37.99


Age: 5 years plus

What it is: A 28-piece bamboo classic 'dots' domino set.

Why we love it: We think it looks beautiful, for a start. And again, as dominoes is a pretty classic game, it won't be too hard to teach kids the basics = bonus.

Available from: Argos

3. Garden Games Giant Draughts With Mat, £124


Age: 2 years plus

What it is: A super-huge version of classic draughts - a much simpler version of chess, basically.

Why we love it: The size makes it a bit of a showstopper! The pieces are sturdy and the mat is waterproof so if you're happy to splash out initially we reckon this is one you'll get out and use over and over again.

Available from: Amazon

4. Giant Ludo, £35


Age: 3 years plus

What it is: A garden version of the 4-player game where the aim is to get your coloured counters to the middle first.

Why we love it: It's a really colourful looking game (we love the giant yellow inflatable dice!) that will brighten up the garden - and great that you can play with 2, 3 or 4 people too. Comes with ground pegs to keep it in place.

Available from: Argos

5. Giant Snakes And Ladders, £42.99


Age: 3 years plus

What it is: A giant version of one of our all-time favourite board games. Comes with inflatable dice and 8 pegs to keep it flat and in place.

Why we love it: It's another beautiful looking game measuring 3 metres square and could seriously liven up a family bbq or summer play date.

Available from: Tesco Direct

6. Jenga Giant Family Edition, £250


Age: 3 years plus

What it is: It's the oh-so-lovable Jenga - but each block is 6 times bigger than the original!

Why we love it: You can play it indoors at Christmas when the summer's over so it's great for all-year-round fun. The blocks are solid wood though so be careful with little ones when they tumble.

Available from: Big Game Hunters

7. Giant 4 In A Row, £11.99


Age: 3 years plus

What it is: A super-sized version of four-in-a-row with durable foam discs.

Why we love it: Four In A Row is a timeless classic! And this set is totally foldable (the legs come off) so you can even take it on a day out. Perfect!

Available from: Greenfingers

8. Giant Darts, £10.49


Age: 6 years plus

What it is: Designed for playing on grass, this set comes with 2 giant blue darts, 2 giant yellow darts, 2 giant red darts, target rings and a throwing ring.

Why we love it: It's a game of skill and once you've mastered the throw you'll be buzzing when you finally hit the bullseye.

Available from: Total Gardens

9. Pass The Pigs, £9.99


Age: 3 years plus

What it is: An inflatable version of the game where you throw the pigs and get points depending on how they land.

Why we love it: This comes with everything you need including notepad and pencils to tot the scores up - first to 100 wins!

Available from: I Want One Of Those

10. Noughts And Crosses, £15


Age: 3 years plus

What it is: A lovely wooden version of the classic game.

Why love it: The rope board means you can store this one really easily and pop it in a bag for some park fun if you want to as well.

Available from: Sainsbury's

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