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10 of the best highchairs for babies and toddlers

From highchairs that rock your baby, turn into a chair and table or simply offer a safe seat to eat in, we assess the most effective highchairs based on our reviews, testing and parent feedback

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Highchairs provide a safe place for babies and children to sit when eating, raising them to table height so they can be part of mealtimes, plus giving them a secure place to play when you’re prepping food or in the kitchen. Many highchairs now also offer additional uses – from a newborn rocker to a child’s table and chair.


We’ve tested over 90 highchairs, analysed the market and taken into account feedback from parents to create our top recommendations of the best highchairs available on Amazon.

What to look for when buying a highchair

Age suitability – Highchairs used to be suitable from around 6 months, or when your baby can sit up on their own and you begin weaning. However, we’re increasingly seeing a new generation that come with extra padded inserts and recline functions to make them suitable from birth –  useful if you have pets or rampaging toddlers around and want to keep your baby off the ground (although obviously you need to be closely monitoring your baby at all times).

Space – If your kitchen is on the smaller side, you’ll need to find a compact highchair that can also be folded up and stored away neatly. Some traditional highchairs have flared legs that can cover a large surface area. You definitely don’t want to be tripping over it all the time, so always check the measurements (we’ve included these for each product on our list).

Portability – There are plenty of highchair options that are compact and light when folded, so are easy to fit in the boot of your car. And there are some seats that you can attach directly to your existing kitchen chairs or table, which come without legs. Many of these even have their own carry case but they don’t provide the same comfort and support offered by the big padded chairs.

Multi-use – Many highchairs can now be converted into various formats – from traditional highchair to booster seat to child seat – as your child grows. Of course, these come with a higher price tag, so it’s worth considering whether you want one long-lasting, investment product to do all of these jobs or prefer to buy different, cheaper styles over the years.

Ease of cleaning – Mealtimes can get very messy, particularly during weaning, so how easy your highchair is to clean becomes a key question. Do you want a simple plastic or wood wipe-clean model or are you happy to machine wash fabric covers? Are there lots of nooks and crannies for food to get pushed into, Is the tray removeable and can you pop it in the dishwasher to clean?

Harness – Choose a highchair that has a 5-point safety harness, as a lap belt alone may not be secure enough – never underestimate a toddler’s ability to wriggle out of highchairs. You can buy an attachable 5-point harness if yours only has a lap belt. The harness should conform to safety standard BS 6684: 1989.

Weight – Are you planning on moving your highchair from rom room to room? If you’re looking at a fairly heavy highchair, does it have wheels? And do you want to be able to easily pull it up to the table so your baby or toddler eats with you?

When can you start to use a highchair?

With many highchairs your baby needs to be 6 months with good head and neck control in order to sit safely in the chair. At this young age it’s important to make sure the safety harness fits well, your baby can sit in a supported position and there is enough padding to keep your baby comfortable.

A growing number of highchairs now offer full recline and add-on newborn pods – snug, cocoon-like seats to use with babies from birth. If it’s important for you to have your baby off the ground and close to you when you’re in the kitchen, look out for this feature.

How to use a highchair safely

Safety is key when choosing a highchair. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) has clear safety guidelines for buying and using a highchair:

  • Look for the British Standard EN 14988:2006 safety standard mark
  • Choose a highchair with a 5-pont harness
  • Choose a highchair that has a crotch bar or strap, to prevent your baby slipping out
  • Look for a highchair that has a removable or adjustable tray, so it’s easy to get your baby in and out
  • When using your highchair, position it far enough away from any solid surfaces that your child could kick or push against it to destabilise the chair

And remember, it’s hugely important to make sure your baby is strapped in safely and securely at all times and to never leave your baby unattended in their highchair. Always have them in your sights.

Here’s our pick of the best highchairs tested by our reviewers and parents…

1. Peg Perego Tatamia, £275

– Best for newborn babies

Suitable from: Birth to 3 years (max 15kg) | Dimensions: H107xW59xD78cm | Dimensions folded: H94.5xW35xD59cm | Weight: 14kg | Height settings: 9 | Harness: 5-point | Wheels: Yes | Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2020, Highchair and booster – Gold

If you’re looking for a multi-functional highchair that grows with your baby, the latest offering from super-chic Italian brand Peg Perego, could be just the thing. The Tatamia Highchair is an innovative 3-in-1 buy, that can be used from birth as a relaxing baby swing or recliner through to the early years as a highchair with adjustable footrest and removable tray, as well as a height-adjustable, 5-point safety harness.

The Tatamia is the ultimate in comfort, with all the luxurious touches you’d expect from the Milan-based brand, including a padded seat and eco-leather finishings (great for a quick and easy wipe clean).

Coming in at 14kg it’s certainly on the heavier side for a highchair, but the addition of the anti-scratch wheels makes it much easier to move around. The highchair can also be folded down, which is a helpful function if you’re short of space. MFM reviewer, Carla, praised this feature and said, “One of my biggest likes is how easy the Tatamia is to fold and how small and compact it is once folded; no more tripping over high chairs in the kitchen!”

At just under £300, it’s the by far the most expensive in our round up, so that’s certainly something to keep in mind. But with 9 different height settings and a removable, dishwasher-safe tray, this highchair manages to tick the boxes for practicality and versatility.

Pros: 3-in-1 product, can be used from birth, luxurious finishings, folds compactly
Cons: Expensive, heavy, bulky

Available from: Uber Kids, Amazon and Trendy Baby

2. Maxi-Cosi Minla, £179

– Best for style

Suitable from: Birth to 6 years (max 30kg) | Dimensions: H107xW55xD87cm | Dimensions folded: H120xW55xD30cm | Weight: 11kg | Height settings: 9 | Harness: 5-point | Wheels: Yes (front) | Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2020, Highchair and booster – Silver

The Minla highchair, part of Maxi-Cosi’s home range, can see your baby through from birth, as a reclining chair without the tray, to a traditional highchair, booster seat, then child’s stool.

With 9 height positions, 5 recline positions and 4 tray positions, there’s plenty of set-ups to make sure your baby or young child is perfectly comfortable. The padded insert ups the comfort factor even more – something backed up by 2 home testers from the MFM Awards 2020, who remarked how soft and squashy the seat was, and how happy their children were in it.

MFM reviewer, Annabelle, particularly liked how easy the chair was to clean thanks to the “ease of removing the tray”. She was initially concerned about keeping the fabric material on the chair clean but added, “It is easy to wipe with a damp cloth. You can also remove the covers by zipping them off at the back and putting them straight in the washing machine.”

One of the biggest selling points for the Minla is how stylish it looks. If you’re worried about your house being full of garish plastic, this highchair is a chic choice that will work in even the most minimalist home. And if you do need to fold it away MFM reviewer Annabelle adds, “It’s not too difficult though sometimes the final step takes a little bit of welly as it is a little clunky and you need both hands.”

Pros: Can be used from birth, padded inserts, washable covers, stylish
Cons: Quite pricey, not the easiest to fold

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Maxi-Cosi Minla

Available from: Amazon, Mamas & Papas and John Lewis

3. Ikea Antilop, £12

– Best budget buy

Suitable from: 6 months to 3 years (max 15kg) | Dimensions: H90xW56xD62cm | Weight: 3.5kg | Height settings: Fixed | Harness: 3-point | Wheels: No 

Chances are you’ve already seen or heard about this popular budget highchair from Ikea. With its incredibly purse-friendly price tag of £12, this is by far the most affordable option in our highchair round-up and one that’s garnered an excellent reputation for good reason.

The seat and detachable tray are made from plastic, so it couldn’t be easier to wipe it all down with a cloth and some anti-bac spray, to get it squeaky clean. The safety straps are also detachable, so if these get a little mucky during mealtime you can pop them in a washing machine to clean them up. However, the straps are only a 3-point lap strap rather than the safer 5-point straps.

It’s a simple but modern design and incredibly lightweight, so if you need to move it around the kitchen it’s an absolute breeze. The highchair doesn’t fold down, but the legs can easily be removed it you want to pack it away or take it on holiday with you as one MFM user found: “It comes apart so quickly so we can take it out and about when visiting family.”

There’s no two ways about it, this is a no-frills highchair, so don’t expect different height positions, a reclining function or a footrest.

Additional accessories for the Ikea Antilop

Ikea Antilop padded cushion and cover

Younger babies will benefit from the addition of an inflatable supporting cushion, available from Ikea for an extra £3 plus £3 for the cover, as the seat itself is quite spacious.

Pros: Affordable, easy to clean, removeable legs, lightweight
Cons: Doesn’t fold, only 3-point harness, 1 sitting position and height, need to buy a supporting cushion for smaller babies

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Ikea Antilop

Available from: Ikea

4. Stokke Tripp Trapp, £178 for basic chair

– Best chair for children

Suitable from: Birth (when used with the additional newborn set – £79) to adult (max 136kg) | Dimensions: H79xW46xD49cm| Weight: 7kg | Height settings: Fixed | Harness: additional 5-point available to buy | Wheels: No 

Take a scroll through some of the chicest family homes on Instagram and you’re sure to spot a Stokke Tripp Trapp around the kitchen table. Launched in 1972, this iconic piece of Scandi design, made from Beech, Oak or Ash wood, has revolutionised the children’s chair market and become a favourite with parents who don’t want to compromise on style.

The Tripp Trapp is not your average highchair. The whole idea behind the design is that the chair fits right up to your dining table, bringing your baby into the heart of your family at mealtimes – as a result, there’s no tray here (although no doubt due to customer pressure, you can now buy a Tripp  Trapp tray (£39).

The basic chair can be used from when your child can sit unaided, then the seat and footrest can be adjusted to fit them as they grow. The Tripp Trapp can – with the necessary adjustments – even be used by adults, making it an heirloom piece that is often passed down from family member to family member.

MFM reviewer, Emma, found it useful for her 5-month-old baby as well as her 4-year-old daughter: “Like her little sister, she was really chuffed that she could sit at the table without having to kneel on a chair or use a booster cushion.”

Additional accessories for the Stokke Tripp Trapp

It has to be said that some parents aren’t keen on the open hard wood surround for their young baby, and so you can buy either a plastic baby set (£47) or a baby highchair cushion (£39) with an additional 5-point harness (£29). If you want to use the Tripp Trapp from birth, you can purchase the newborn set (£79). You get the picture – this is not a cheap option.

Pros: Beautiful design, easy to assemble and adjust, built to last and grow with your child
Cons: Expensive, doesn’t fold, need to buy lots of additional products for comfort

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Stokke Tripp Trapp here

Available from: Stokke, John Lewis and Amazon

5. Chicco Polly Magic Relax, £139

– Best for keeping babies entertained

Chicco Polly Magic Relax highchair

Suitable from: Birth to 3 years (max 15kg) | Dimensions: H106xW53xD85cm | Dimensions folded: H85xW53xD31cm | Weight: 10.5kg | Height settings: 8 | Harness: 5-point | Wheels: Yes

If comfort is your number one priority, let us introduce you to the Chicco Polly Magic Relax.

The Chicco Polly Magic Relax comes ready to use from birth without having to buy an additional extra. The highchair comes complete with a padded ‘reducer’ cushion to cocoon your baby, keeping them super-snug and cosy. Even better, the seasonal baby cushion is double-sided, meaning it can keep your baby cool in the summer and warm in winter.

With 3 reclining positions, 8 height positions and an adjustable footrest and leg rest, it’s a versatile chair that can grow with your baby. MFM reviewer, Bethan, praised the use of the recline function combined with the toy bar. “I love the thought of sitting at the table having a meal with a gurgling baby lying in the reclined seat and enjoying being entertained by the toy bar.”

The Chicco Polly Magic Relax also has a removable tray, so your child can sit with you at the table and join in at mealtimes. Although it does have a “large footprint”, as described by one MFM user, it does come with 4 wheels and an easy fold function it can be quickly moved around or stored away if required. One MFM user said she found the wheels particularly useful when moving the chair around the house post c-section.

Pros: Can be used from birth, comes with wheels, folds down, padded reducer included
Cons: Takes up a lot of space, heavy

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Chicco Polly Magic Relax

Available from: Argos, Amazon and Boots

6. Infantino Fox Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Highchair, £158

– Best toddler-friendly design

Suitable from: 3 months to 3 years (max 15kg) | Dimensions: H60xW39xD43cm | Weight: 6kg | Height settings: Fixed | Harness: 5-point | Wheels: No

The Infantino Fox Grow-With-Me 4-in1 is another multi-purpose highchair on the market. The recline function means you can use it as safe chair for your baby from 3 months – although it’s not lie-flat so you wouldn’t want your baby dozing in it. It then transforms into a highchair with a silicone meal tray from 6 months+, to a booster seat, and then a toddler chair.

MFM reviewer, Sarah, particularly liked how early she could use the highchair with her 4-month-old daughter: “I loved that my second-born could be in a highchair at 3 months old – that was a real novelty, as I had to wait until my first daughter could sit up before using a highchair.”

The most striking thing about the Infantino offering is the cute fox design – something your toddler will adore, and a great way of encouraging your young child to sit in their highchair with you at the table, but certainly not to everyone’s tastes. If you’re more of a minimalist in terms of interior style, this is not the chair for you!

The chair is made from low density foam, so it’s easy to wipe clean, however this does offer less padding than something like the Chicco Polly Magic Relax, so smaller babies might not be as comfortable as they could be.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the highchair legs do flare out quite a bit – great from a sturdy, safety point of view, but certainly a feature that takes up a bit of room. It also can’t be folded away and even the booster seat itself is relatively bulky.

Pros: Grows with your child, suitable from 3 months, easy to clean
Cons: Not as cushioned as other options, doesn’t fold, not very upright for weaning babies

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Infantino Fox Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Highchair

Available from: Amazon and Argos

7. Joie Multiply 6in1, £130

– Best value multi-purpose highchair

Suitable from: 6 months to 6 years| Dimensions: H107xW65xD83cm | Dimensions folded: H107xW65xD36cm | Weight: 12kg | Height settings: 5 | Harness: 5-point | Wheels: Yes (front)

The clue is in the name – Joie’s 6-in-1 Multiply highchair features 6 different modes: baby mode highchair, traditional highchair, booster, portable booster, toddler chair and play table. It also features 5 height adjustments, 3 seat recline positions and footrest positions, as well as a 4-position adjustable tray – complete with cupholder, naturally.

A soft, removable and washable baby insert makes sure your child feels snug and secure when they first start using the highchair – and even without this, the chair is well padded and comfortable. The tray can be removed for cleaning and this also gives you the option of pulling your baby right up to the table to eat with you if you want.

Although it’s quite heavy, the wheels at the front make it easy enough to move around, plus it can be folded down if you want it out the way. In fact 98% (out of 87) Argos customers recommend the Joie Multiply, with many commenting on how easy it is to store away.

Pros: Foldable, lots of different functions, grows with your child, comfortable padding for babies
Cons: Heavy, not portable as a highchair

Available from: Boots, Argos and John Lewis

8. Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary Highchair, £169

– Best for versatility

Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary Highchair 2 stages

Suitable from: Birth (when used with additional newborn rocker £60) to 12 years | Dimensions: H98xW48xD69cm | Dimensions folded: H42xW52xD47cm | Weight: 11kg | Height settings: Adjustable | Harness: 5-point | Wheels: No

If you’re after a highchair that will adapt with your child, the Nova Evolutionary is a great choice with its 7 different modes: highchair, lowchair, booster seat, toddler chair, toddler rocking chair, play table and chair, kid’s chair.

The highchair can be used from 6 months, or when your baby is sitting independently. However, if you purchase the Nova Newborn Rocker (£60) separately, you can then use it from birth as a rocker and newborn chair.

For comfort, the Nova comes with an ergonomically shaped seat, with a soft padded liner, and a 5-point safety harness to ensure your baby is strapped in. Our tester mum Lauren found her baby was “very well supported”, adding “I love how padded it all is.”

The highchair comes complete with all a lot of extra features including extendable legs, footrest, 3 recline positions and a storage tray, which is perfect for storing wet wipes or toys to have handy while prepping your baby’s meal.

Cleaning the highchair is straight forward – the seat liner is water repellent and stain resistant but can also be removed and popped into the washing machine for a deep clean if needed. The detachable plastic tray is also dishwasher safe.

Despite its sturdy appearance, the highchair can be folded down and stowed away in minutes. It also comes with its own carry case, making it a great option for travelling or taking over to the grandparents.

But it’s the versatility that our testers really loved and how easy it is to switch from one format to another. “Its clever design means that it can be assembled and adapted incredibly quickly. I also assembled it within a matter of minutes.”

Pros: Multiple uses, easy to assemble and change, classic style
Cons: Footrest isn’t adjustable, need to buy add-on to use from birth

Available from: Baby Birds, PramWorld and Amazon

9. iCandy MiChair, £260

– Best for contemporary style

Suitable from: Birth (when used with newborn rocker £150) to 6 years (max 30kg) | Dimensions: H87xW56xD50cm | Weight: 6.6kg

As the debut highchair offering from luxe British brand iCandy, the MiChair is as beautiful as it is practical. A lot of care has gone into the design and it wouldn’t look out of place in the houses you’d find in a glossy interiors magazine. If looks are important to you when it comes to buying a highchair, you won’t be disappointed.

The MiChair, which comes with an impressive 10 year warranty, is designed as a 4-in-1 chair that can be used as a baby bouncer, high chair (with or without tray), a low chair for toddlers to use independently and a rocking chair, so should last well throughout your child’s early years – however the newborn rocker is sold separately at £150 and seat cushions are an extra £50. Our reviewer commented that it was very quick and easy to switch between the different functions.

The simple design makes the chair incredibly easy to clean, especially as there are no little corners for food to hide in, and the removable tray can be wiped down no problem. The tray is slightly on the smaller side than others tested – just big enough for a plate and a cup – so while it suits an older child, it might not provide the space you’d like when approaching baby-led weaning.

Of course, with a price tag of £260 you are paying more for the contemporary design. But MFM reviewer Becky, said she thinks its worth it: “The different functions make the MiChair the perfect chair for a family like mine, with 4 children all at different stages. At £260 I think this is good value and the product is stylish, well made and will last for years.”

Pros: Stylish, sturdy, easy to clean, compact
Cons: Expensive, doesn’t fold down, small tray for food

Read our full MadeForMums review of the iCandy MiChair

Available from: John Lewis, Uber Kids and Kids Store

10. Phil & Teds Lobster, £79

– Best for small spaces

Phil & Teds Lobster travel highchair open and folded

Suitable from: 6 months to 3 years (max 15kg) | Dimensions: H35.5xW34xD25.5cm | Dimensions folded: H35xW34xD8cm | Weight: 1.8kg | Harness: 5-point

The Phil & Teds Lobster is a flat-pack, portable dining chair that can be folded down and packed away into its own compact carry bag – perfect if you have limited space at home/in your kitchen, need a spare for another home such as grandparents, or want a handy travel feeding seat.

The design of the Lobster means you don’t need a dining chair to secure it onto – instead the super-strong ‘lobster claws’ clamp onto the table’s surface with rubber grips. It works with almost any table or benchtop, at home or when you’re out and about. It’s also useful if you’re not keen on the communal highchairs in restaurants.

“This is a really handy item and extremely easy to transport wherever you are going. My son was comfortable in the seat and the harness was very easy to adjust,” commented MFM tester and mum of 2, Kathryn.

It’s not the cheapest travel highchair, but the design is contemporary and sleek. The Lobster also comes with a dishwasher-safe food tray, which slides between the claw clamps, protecting the surface of the table from any food mess. The fabric of the highchair is wipe clean, but you can also remove it off the frame to give it a thorough hand wash if weaning has taken its toll. And it features a 5-point harness, so despite its size it still offers a safe and secure seat.

Pros: Compact, portable, clips directly onto a table
Cons: Not suitable for young babies, pricey for a travel highchair

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Phil & Teds Lobster

Available from: Phil & Teds, JoJo Maman Bébé, and Amazon


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