In a nutshell

A simple but smart highchair suitable for 3 months and up that converts into a space-saving chair, booster seat or toddler chair. It’s a breeze to clean, but you may find it difficult to store

What we tested

  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Ease of cleaning
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 3.6 out of 5.


  • Fun design toddlers will love, grows with your child, suitable from 3 months, easy to clean, value for money


  • Not as cushioned as other options, difficult to store in highchair mode

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California-based company Infantino is all about fun and engaging products that make for happy parenting. You’ll probably recognise the company for its array of infant and baby toys, such as natural rubber teethers, baby rattles and play mats, but baby-feeding aids also play a big role in this brand’s sales. Infantino is pretty savvy when it comes to material selection, opting for natural products that are free from BPA, PVC and phthalates, and the Fox Grow-With-Me 4-in1 Convertible High Chair is no different, with its novelty design and silicone meal mat.

The USP of this highchair is that not only is it multipurpose, but thanks to a recline function, your baby can use it from 3 months, much earlier than a regular highchair. Then it seamlessly transforms into a highchair with meal mat for six months+, to a chair booster, and finally into a toddler chair.

There are similar multi-purpose products on the market – MyChild offers a 3-in-1 Graze Highchair Booster Seat and Stool (£36.99), and Chicco have a 2-in-1 solution in the Polly Magic Highchair (£139), which is suitable from birth. There’s also the Chicco Baby Hug 4-in-1 (£199), which converts from crib, to highchair, to seat.

However, with its recognisable fox design, Infantino seems the first to do multi-functional with plenty of flair. Offering more feeding seating solutions than other options, the Fox Grow-With-Me 4-In-1 High Chair is a bargain at £99.99.

Tested by:

Sarah tested the Fox Grow-With-Me 4-In-1 High Chair with her 2 daughters – Beatrice, a messy 2-year-old who uses a booster chair to join the family table, and 4-month-old Prudence, who has just had her first taste of food.

What were your first impressions?

The Fox Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 High Chair arrived to excited coos of ‘What’s that, Mummy?’ The cute fox design definitely appeals to playful two-year-olds. It’s a design that Infantino has used before – on toys, night lights and more.


What is the Infantino Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Convertible Highchair designed for?

It’s a multi-functional chair that grows with your baby.

  • Suitable from 3 months, when baby can support her head, the Grow-With-Me begins as a highchair with reclining seat function
  • Add the silicone meal mat and it makes a great highchair for older babies at the weaning stage
  • Unclip the legs and release the underside straps from a compartment at the base of the seat and it’s a space-saver/booster seat that will attach to a dining chair for use with or without the detachable tray
  • Finally, add the bottom half of the legs and it converts into a fun chair that preschoolers can use while reading, drawing and more

Is it easy to put together?

Yes, it’s easy to assemble without tools – I built the highchair on my own while looking after 2 small children, one of whom wanted to help! The baby highchair uses all components, which can then be easily removed to create the booster seat or toddler chair.


Does the Infantino Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Convertible Highchair recline?

Yes, I love that it reclines, as this makes it suitable for babies from 3 months. Baby Prudence was thoroughly fed up with lying prone at 3 months, so a highchair that’s suitable for that age was a revelation.

I was excited to try the recline option with her, as she was keen to join her sister at the dinner table, and I was pleased to discover that the head rest could be pushed back with a simple click of a button behind it.

The slight tilt makes it really handy when bottle-feeding Prudence as she can see what’s going on around her.


What’s the Infantino Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Convertible Highchair like for weaning?

In its second stage, with the seat upright and meal tray on, the Grow-With-Me is great for weaning. But as baby got bigger and better able to sit upright, I started to get a bit perturbed by the fact she couldn’t sit fully upright, as the upright option for the backrest is slightly reclined compared to the likes of the Ikea Antilop Highchair.

At this stage, the white tray also wouldn’t clip into the furthest option because my daughter’s legs got in the way, so she couldn’t reach toys that were on the tray very easily. This isn’t a problem if you use a highchair for feeding only, but if, like me, you put baby in it to be entertained while you’re cooking, it’s a bit of a barrier.

Does it make a good booster seat?

Yes, it is a great success – toddlers are old enough to appreciate the fun fox design and will want to join you at the dinner table.


How simple is the Infantino Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Convertible Highchair to clean?

I’m a fan of the Ikea Antilop Highchair because it is so easy to clean – essential when you start weaning bubba – so a key concern for me was whether food would get stuck in the nooks and crannies of the Grow-With-Me highchair.

Fortunately, cleaning it is a doddle – the chair’s low-density, foam back padding means that food can be wiped off all areas.

The food tray and mat can both be removed and put into the dishwasher, and there aren’t any sneaky zones where squidgy bits of banana or porridge can get trapped.

How easy is it to adjust to each setting?

Very. To go from highchair to space-saver or booster seat, you simply unclip the footrest and legs, then undo the hidden compartment to pull out the straps that attach it to an adult seat. You need to spend a bit of time fiddling with the straps to get them to the right length, but that’s the toughest part.

When changing it into the toddler chair, you’ll need to put in a bit more effort – the straps must be pulled out completely and the foam padded seat comes off. You’ll also need to clip in the bottom half of the legs – easy to do, as each leg has a letter from A to D to guide you to the right slot on the seat.


What is the Infantino Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Convertible Highchair like to move around the house?

Surprisingly easy. There are wheels on the back legs and a handle on the back of the chair, so I often wheeled it from the kitchen to the dining room, holding baby with one arm and pulling the chair by the other.

Is it easy to store?

The legs of the Grow-With-Me flare out, so it can be quite difficult to store when in highchair mode. One way to get around this is to use it in the space-saver or booster mode instead.

Would the Infantino Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Convertible Highchair make a good travel highchair?

Not really, as it would take up quite a bit of room in the car. Although all of the legs and tray parts can be unclipped and stored separately, the main seat is still quite hefty for trips away. I’d sooner buy a separate travel highchair or booster seat.

Is it good value?

You can pay a pretty penny for a highchair – the 4Moms 2.1 Highchair is £325, for example – but you can also get something like the Ikea Antilop for £12, so £99 for a multifunctional product like the Grow-With-Me seems like a happy medium which will save money on purchasing a separate highchair, booster and chair.


How do you rate the design of the Infantino Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Convertible Highchair?

Although I’d probably opt for a sleek wooden seat that blends in with adult furniture, the designers have clearly thought about baby and toddler appeal with the fun fox design.

My two-year-old got first dibs on the seat because she couldn’t wait to use the ‘fox chair’. Another thing to note is that although the low-density foam makes the chair easy to clean, it means the backrest is less cushioned than other highchairs.


What’s in the box?

Everything that you need – the legs, the main seat (with foam padding, harness and straps already attached), the separate tray and meal mat, and the footrest.

Are there any extras?

No, but Infantino does sell highchair toys, such as the Stick & Spin High Chair Pal (£6.99), which will keep baby entertained.

Who is the Infantino Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Convertible Highchair most useful for?

This is a great first purchase for new mums who don’t already own a booster chair or child’s seat. As we have 2 children, we already have these things but, if you’re a new parent, it’s a great purchase that will save space.

The recline function was great for our 3-month-old, as baby is ready to see what’s going on around them, but it was most successful as a toddler booster seat or chair, as preschoolers really do appreciate the fun design. However, if you’re a bit particular about your interior styling you may find a fox-embellished highchair doesn’t match the décor!


Where can I buy the Infantino Fox Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair?

It’s available from Argos and Groupon.

MadeForMums verdict:

If a friend was purchasing a highchair for the first time and had £100 to spend, I’d certainly recommend this number. I loved that my second-born could be in a highchair at 3 months old – that was a real novelty, as I had to wait until my first daughter could sit up before using a highchair.

The Grow-With-Me certainly made my life easier, as baby Prudence would happily sit at the dinner table with Beatrice, watching while she had dinner.

However, it’s important to note that not all little ones will be happy to sit in a highchair at such a young age. The fact it’s so easy to clean compared to fabric models makes it great for weaning, and your child will love it when they’re older, too. It really will see you through the preschool years.



Product Specifications

ModelFox Highchair
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:60.3cm W:39.4cm D:47cm
Dimensions (folded)H:61.5cm W:44cm D:43cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)From 3 months
Seat height positions3
Recline positions1
Made fromAluminium frame
  • Converts to low chair, junior dining chair and table and chair
  • Dishwasher safe silicone meal mat
  • Removable food tray
  • Cushioned, low density foam padding
  • Upholstered wipe clean seat
  • Removable washable seat cover
  • 3 point harness 
Optional extras
  • Stick & Spin High Chair Pal - £6.99<!--EndFragment-->&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br></li></ul>