10 of the best potties

Make a good start to toilet training your toddler with these smart buys

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Potty training doesn’t have to be wrought with anxiety. Granted, in the worst case scenario, you could have a frustrated or confused toddler, a worried parent and lots of mess to clear up. But if you get the timing and tools right it can be a doddle, so we’ve chosen 10 of the best potties to help make it that bit easier.


To help you approach this milestone with confidence, it’s worth being aware of the tell-tale signs that let you know your toddler is ready. Showing an awareness of when they are going to the toilet, dry nap times, going at least 2 hours with a dry nappy, or complaining as soon as they have soiled a nappy can all indicate a certain readiness.

You should avoid comparing your little one with their peers – waiting a few months extra can mean all the difference between a smooth transition or months of increasing stress, so don’t feel pressured to rush the job.

There are also some fantastic tools that can help you keep the whole experience stress-free and fun. If your toddler responds well to incentives, you might want to choose a potty training rewards chart geared specifically towards potty training.

It is also worth looking at some of the thoughtful potty training story and picture books that can help you keep the conversation around ditching the nappies (and dealing with accidents) positive and worry free.

What are the different types of potties?

When it comes to choosing a potty, first-time toddler-tamers might be surprised to see the huge variety and choice out there. You can get standard potties with simple features and no bells and whistles but nowadays you can also get portable potties, easy-clean potties, fancy flushing potties, potties that look like thrones and even disposable potties.

There can be huge variations on price (our list ranges from £2.50 to £45), but different products offer different advantages with a range of practical and innovative features.

What should I consider when choosing a potty?

Some families might never need more than a basic potty, such as Ikea’s Lilla on our list below. Others might skip the potty phase and go straight to the trainer toilet seat plus step combination, especially if the potty training toddler is already bigger and more independent.

Other design features worth considering are how easy potties are to clean. Potties that have a removable insert can be emptied and cleaned more easily than most one-piece potties.

A particularly jazzy or fun potty can add a sense of play and joy to the whole experience, so is ideal for kids who are particularly nervous or even scared of toilets. Kids love emulating their grown-ups so a miniature toilet with flush and lid might be a good option.

Other practical considerations are how portable a potty is. You may not need to buy a specific travel potty – we see plenty of parents cart around their standard one in the bottom of their buggies. However, for extra convenience, there are some great foldable or portable potties out there.

Comfort can also play a key role, as some toddlers might not like to feel too exposed when starting to go to the toilet. So a potty with more of an armchair feel about it might work better for those.

Whatever you opt for, try not to put yourself and your toddler under any pressure – and if things don’t go well, don’t be scared to call the whole thing off and wait a few months to try again. You might all surprise yourselves by how smoothly everything goes if you get the timing right.

Here’s our pick of the 10 best potties…

1. Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty, £9.99

Easy to clean at a great price

Described as ‘the potty that pours’, the idea for the Easy-to-Pour Potty came when father-of-2 Jon Rathbone became frustrated with the messy business of emptying a standard potty. So he went on to design the ‘potty pouring spout’.

This award-winning design, with a handle at the front to pour the contents out the back, makes the Pourty super easy to empty without having to faff around with two separate pieces. Our reviewer loved this well thought out feature, adding “the Pourty Potty does exactly what it says on the tin – no fuss and no mess – for a very reasonable price”.

It’s also fantastic that it comes in a vibrant choice of colours to suit every preference, so if you want a simple yet user-friendly basic option, this is the one for you.

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty

Available from: AmazonJohn Lewis and Über Kids

2. Potette Plus,  £16.99- £24.99 

Portability meets versatility

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2020, Potty & toilet training product – Gold

The Potette Plus can be used as a standalone travel potty or a portable trainer seat, so it scores top marks for innovation. It can be used with its biodegradable disposable bags inserted to catch waste, or even without to make emergency pit stops in the park much easier.

It is very easy to carry around, as it folds flat – perfect to pop into a shopper or buggy basket. MFM tester Helen thought it was much handier than other travel potties she used, as it was smaller and much more comfortable for her toddler.

The judges at the MadeForMums Awards 2020 loved the Potette Plus’ longevity. Tester Melanie pointed out that even long after your little one is trained you can use it on those public toilet seats that you would rather not let them sit on. It’s fantastic that it can easily be used as a trainer seat too, so it remains useful for quite some time. Such flexibility in such a small and affordable package made it a worthy Gold winner.

Available from: AmazonBoots and John Lewis

3. Strata Deluxe Silver Lining Potty Chair, £11.99

Popular for affordability and comfort

This affordable potty combines comfort with being very easy to clean. It has a practical removable insert that allows parents to empty contents smoothly, without any spilling.

Customers love the fact that its ‘chair’ design, with extra height and armrests, is more generous in size than a conventional potty, making it very comfortable for toddlers to sit on, and that it is “easy for emptying and cleaning”.

They also rate its simplicity and sturdiness, which makes this a very good value potty.

Available from: Daisy Baby, Argos and Amazon

4. Ikea Lilla Children’s Potty, £2.50

Best for value

Ikea is great for parenting bargain buys. If you’re not planning on using a potty long, before progressing to the big toilet, or you’re thinking about putting a potty in every room of the house (never a bad idea with distracted toddlers), you can’t argue with the price of this neon green, high-shine Ikea Lilla Children’s Potty.

Its key features are impressive for such a low-cost buy: it has a non-slip base and gently curved shape perfect for mini bottoms.

Ikea customers have deemed it “the perfect product” that combines comfort and ease of use. “This item is compact, portable and a great price,” raves one buyer, who has bought one for every floor in her house.

Available from: Ikea

5. Bumbo Step ‘n Potty, £45

Sturdy, multi functional design 

Many parents know and love the Bumbo seat that helps their babies sit up for the first time, and this is the popular brand’s answer to potty training. It is a good quality design that cleverly combines a number of uses – you can use it as an easy-to-clean potty to start your kid off, and as your child the top detaches into a trainer seat for your adult toilet with the bottom turning into handy step by attaching the lid.

This will please those who love integrated design and a product that adapts to different scenarios. It is one of the more expensive options on the market, but should last a number of years.

It is no doubt one of the most comfortable products out there, with MFM testers loving the soft material and quality of the seat. They also loved the 3-in-1 design. Tester Tina pointed out that this meant “whichever way your child prefers to potty train you are covered, and it also makes the transition to big toilet easier”.

Available from: Kidly, Über Kids and Buggy Baby

6. Venture UK Pote Plus My First WC, £19.99

Great for a role-play approach

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2020, Potty & toilet training product – Silver

This miniature toilet is a fantastic product to entice your child towards potty training. It is a cute version of an adult toilet, with a button that conjures a nice flushing sound – ideal for enticing stubborn toddlers.

If you have a toddler that needs a bit more privacy, it’s also very easy to move around the house. Best of all, it is very easy to clean, as it has a handy removable insert.

It is one of the most affordable toilet-alike potties on the market, which really impressed our testers and judges at the MadeForMums Awards 2020, who crowned it the Silver winner. MFM tester Ruth loved the design of the Pote Plus, praising its quality and practicality. “It’s a fun design for toddlers and practical for parents,” she says. “So a win both ways”

Available from: Venture UK and Babaloo

7. My Carry Potty, from £26.99

Highly recommended among parents

With 10 colourful designs to choose from, including seven fun characters, the My Carry Potty looks less like a portable potty and more like a cute travel bag. Parents love the design element with one customer saying, “Without a doubt, this helped make potty training easier, because of how much my daughter likes it, so wanted to use it.”

The ideal product for when your toddler has to go ‘right now’, it’s lightweight, leak-proof (if you can’t dispose of the contents right away) and has a handle for easy carrying. Customers are near-unanimous in their praise for this product, which has helped many of them out of a toilet emergency on the go.

The My Carry Potty is not the most compact of travel potties, and it’s one of the more expensive ones, but it’s small enough to fit into the basket of most buggies. It is also fantastically sturdy and very easy to set up and use – you won’t loose any time unfolding it or inserting liners.

Available from: My Carry PottyAmazon and Argos

8. BabyBjörn Smart Potty, £22.99

Compact and easy to clean

Stylishly minimalistic and compact, the size means this potty is one of the easier designs to carry around with you.

With a non-slip base, soft edges, decent splashguard and a handle for easy pouring, it has all the essential features you need in a potty with some lovely pastel colours available to chose from.

It is also very quick to clean with no corners for dirt to collect in and its sleek look means it will fit in with different interiors. Customers love the stylish design and its simplicity, praising this practical potty from a very popular brand.

Available from: BabyBjörnAmazon and Samuel Johnston

9. Fisher-Price My Potty Friend, £49.99 

Most entertaining for toddlers

There’s nothing like an incentive to get potty training off to a good start and the Fisher-Price My Potty Friend will reward your child with a song every time they sit on it – a fab way to get bums on seats!

The My Potty Friend is one of the more expensive options, but it offers quite a few extras that other products don’t. For example it has five encouraging phrases and two songs to entice kids.

In addition, the design means the potty turns into a seat that snaps onto a regular toilet, so it will last a good few years and makes the transition to an adult toilet easier.

Customers love the fact that this is so toddler-friendly and that their little ones are instantly drawn to it, with many reporting that My Potty Friend instantly took away the hesitation and reluctance from toilet-averse children.

Available from: AmazonArgos and Very

10. Hippychick Tron Travel Potty, £2.99 (£8.99 for 3)

Super compact for on-the-go emergencies

The Tron Travel Potty is a great option for little ones who have almost nailed potty training, or for using on the go where decent toilets are hard to come by. It’s a portable potty made from cardboard and folds up small to fit in your handbag (no more lugging around a plastic potty), so definitely wins for convenience. Its innovative design allows you to ‘fold up’ the potty again when used, containing waste and odours, until you find a suitable bin for disposal.

Customers love the fact that the Tron is so useful in toilet emergencies – some have even used it on bus journeys. One buyer recommends stashing them in your handbag or car boot when you’re travelling with toddlers, and you will never be caught out.

As an added bonus it uses a biodegradable pad which Hippychick says absorbs 250ml of liquid in 30 seconds, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary waste.  And don’t worry if the cardboard base looks slightly flimsy: it’s designed to withstand up to 30kg – that’s approximately the weight of a 9-year-old.

Available from: HippychickAmazon and PreciousLittleOne


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