10 of the best potties

Make a good start to toilet training your toddler with these smart buys


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1. OXO Tot Potty Chair, £26

When it comes to potties, they don’t get much swisher than the design by OXO Tot. With its sleek, gender-neutral design, sturdy base and supportive backrest designed to keep little bottoms always comfy, it’s the perfect introduction to potty training.

It’s pricier than some of the more basic potties on our list, but with its deep removable bowl (with integrated handles) and a non-sip base that, according to our testers, won’t budge on any surface, you definitely get more bang for your buck here.

MFM tester Eve says: “My two-year-old found it super comfy and was happy to sit on it for quite some time.”

Available from: Kidly, Amazon and Now Baby

2. mi-potty Anti-Bacterial Potty Chair, £9.75

For a potty that looks simple in design, the mi-potty makes up for it in innovation. The first and only potty on the market with anti-bacterial effectiveness of 99.9% that will last its lifetime, it’s exactly the piece of mind you need when toilet training amidst the general chaos of little people.

The second cheapest design on our list, behind Ikea’s no-frills £2.50 Lillia potty, it’s also made from 100% recyclable material, making it brilliant value for money.

MFM tester Sophia says: “My little boy was very happy! At first I was sceptical at how a potty could be antibacterial, but it’s the material. I would definitely recommend it.”

Available from: mi-potty and Amazon

3. Summer Infant My Size Potty, £29.99

Let’s face it, shrink anything down and it’s cuter and the Summer Infant My Size Potty proves this even applies to toilets!

Complete with flushing sound and a built-in wipe dispenser, this pint-sized potty is guaranteed to make toilet training fun for little ones.

Although it’s plainer in design than the similar Fisher-Price My Potty Friend, it’s almost £10 cheaper, and a more realistic version of a ‘grown-up’ toilet, making it a clever way to eventually transition your child to the real thing.

Our reviewer says: “My son loves being rewarded with the fun flushing sound of the My Size Potty. It has captured his imagination and he finds it fun to sit on.”

Read our full MFM review here

Available from: Summer Infant, Amazon and Argos

4. Fisher-Price My Potty Friend, £39.95  

There’s nothing like an incentive to get potty training off to a good start and the Fisher-Price My Potty Friend will reward your child with a song every time they sit on it – a fab way to get bums on seats!

It’s the most expensive potty on our list, and it is a fair amount of money in comparison to simpler models, but with five encouraging phrases, two songs and a design that turns into a seat that snaps onto a regular toilet, it will last a good few years.

With a similar feel to the Summer Infant My Size Potty, this potty has more features and a cuter look.

Available from: Amazon, Argos and Dunelm

5. Potette Plus, £16.50

Awards: MadeForMums Awards 2019 Toilet and Potty Training ­­– Finalist

The Potette Plus can be used as a standalone travel potty or sat on top of a toilet as a trainer seat, so it scores top marks for innovation and versatility.

Smaller and easier than carrying around a full-size potty like the mi-potty or the My Carry Potty, and more versatile and useful than simply a trainer seat, it’s a mid to high price, but it comes with three disposable liners and for its sheer usefulness, it’s a good buy.

MFM testers Helen says: “This is so much better than the travel potty I had – smaller, more adaptable and nicer to sit on. I really like it.”

Available from: Amazon, Boots and John Lewis

6. My Carry Potty, £22.99

With 10 colourful designs to choose from, including seven fun characters, the My Carry Potty looks less like a portable potty and more like a cute travel bag.

The ideal product for when your toddler has to go ‘right now’ (so, all the time, then), it’s lightweight, leak-proof (if you can’t dispose of the contents right away) and has a handle for easy carrying.

It’s bulkier than the Potette Plus, and it’s at the more expensive end of the potty spectrum, but it’s bag-less and still small enough to fit into the basket of most buggies.

Plus children are guaranteed to love the adorable look of it.

Available from: My Carry Potty, Amazon and Mothercare

7. Tron Travel Potty, £2.99

The only disposable product on our round-up, the Tron Travel Potty is a portable potty made from cardboard that’s 100% biodegradable.

Best of all, it folds up small to fit in your handbag – no more lugging around a plastic potty.

While it’s more expensive than the cheapest potty on our list, it’s wins for convenience. A great option for little ones who have almost nailed potty training and accidents are few and far between, or for festivals where decent toilets are hard to come by, you can buy a pack of three for £8.99.

And if you’re worried the cardboard base looks slightly flimsy, don’t be; it’s designed to withstand up to 30kg – that’s over 4 stone.

Available from: hippychick, Amazon and PreciousLittleOne

8. Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty, £9.99

Described as ‘the potty that pours’, the idea for the Easy-to-Pour Potty came about when father of two, Jon Rathbone, became frustrated with the messy business of emptying a standard potty and so the ‘potty pouring spout’ was born.

For a hygienically clean potty at a competitive price, it’s on par with the mi-potty, but it doesn’t have an anti-slip rubber bottom, something that’s included in even the most basic models, including Ikea’s Lilla potty.

Our reviewer says: “Simple and thoughtfully designed, the Pourty Potty does exactly what it says on the tin – no fuss and no mess – for a very reasonable price.”

Read our full MFM review here

Available from: Amazon, John Lewis and Uber Kids

9. BabyBjörn Smart Potty, £21.99

Stylishly minimalistic and compact, the size means this potty is one of the easier designs to carry around with you, but not quite as good as one made for that purpose, like the My Carry Potty or the Potette Plus.

With a non-slip base, soft edges, decent splashguard and a handle for easy pouring, it’s similar in the look, feel and price of the OXO Tot Potty Chair, although it doesn’t have a backrest.

It is available in six classy colours though, it’s super easy to clean with no corners for dirt to collect in and it’s sleek look means it’ll quietly fit into most rooms.

Available from: BabyBjörn, Amazon and Kidly

10. Ikea Lilla Children’s Potty, £2.50

For bargain buys for children, you can’t go far wrong with Ikea. If you’re not planning on using a potty long before progressing to the big toilet, or you’re thinking about putting a potty in every room of the house (never a bad idea with distracted toddlers), you can’t argue with the price of this neon green, high-shine Ikea Lilla Children’s Potty.

Its key features are nothing to be scoffed at either; with a non-slip base and gently curved shape perfect for mini bottoms, it certainly gives more expensive potties, like the BabyBjörn Smart Potty or the mi-potty, a run for their money.

Available from: Ikea and Amazon

More on potty training

Older relatives may tell you that all their children were out of nappies before their first birthday but, like much well-meant ‘advice’, it’s often laced with a few dashes of exaggeration.

The fact is, you and your child are unique when it comes to the potty – so don’t rush things, or be put off, by other people’s comments.

If you do think the time might be right, then it’s worth looking out for these clues from your child first:

  • Your child stays dry for up to two hours
  • An interest in watching herself wee and seeing you go to the toilet
  • Telling you when she’s wet and is keen to take off her nappy because it’s uncomfy
  • They are generally dry after a nap
  • They can communicate and follow simple instructions

If they’re ready (and experts reckon most children will be physically and emotionally ready some time between the ages of 2 and 3), then go for it!

Why not check out some more of these clues that your child might be ready to potty train or read these tips from mums on how they tackled potty training?

Good luck – why not let us know which potty is your favourite?


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