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7 of the best travel potties and seats

Leaving the house while you're potty training can be daunting, but having a foldable travel potty or seat with you wherever you go can do loads to relieve your worry about possible out-and-about toilet accidents...


If you’re well into the swing of potty training but nervous about heading out, a travel potty or seat could well be a really good investment.


Having a portable potty you can take on days out provides the assurance you’ll have something for your little one to go in if they get caught short. Check out our pick of the best ones out there…

7 of the best travel potties and seats

1. Hippychick Tron Travel Potty, £2.99 or a 3 pack for £8.99


What it is: A disposable, potty that’s foldable so you can pop it in your bag whenever you go out.

Why we love it: This potty is made from fully biodegradable material and is surprisingly strong – it can hold a child up to 30kg. Super convenient for odd days out and great to have by the tent at festivals, too.

Available from: Hippychick

2. Potette Plus Convertible Travel Potty, £10.50


What it is: A full size travel potty that also turns into a toilet training seat. Has disposable liners.

Why we love it: The rubber feet stop it from sliding around and it comes in a handy travel bag which makes it convenient and hygienic to take round, too.

Available from: John Lewis

3. My Carry Potty, £27

What it is: Probably the cutest looking portable potty on the market! Comes in lots of cute character looks and colours.

Why we love it: It’s lightweight, lek-free and bag free – there’s a handle making it easy to carry and it looks like a cool little suitcase.

Available from: Jojo Maman Bebe

4. Travel Potty With Training Timer, £58


What it is: A foldable potty that turns into a briefcases shaped carrier for travel use.

Why we love it: Pricey, but this one also comes with a training watch: you can set the alarm for 30, 60, and 90 minutes and bright lights shine and musics plays to remind you and your toddler that it’s time to go potty.

Available from: Amazon

5. Foldable Training Seat, £7.99


What it is: A seat that goes over a regular toilet – perfect for older children, say 3 plus.

Why we love it: This is handy if you have a child who’s just about transitioning from using a potty to a toilet. It folds, is wipe clean and has non-slip padding to ensure it stays firmly attached to the loo seat.

Available from: Amazon

6. ComfyDo Foldable and Disposable Travel Potty, £7 – £11


What it is: A brightly coloured, disposable and foldable potty that comes with 4 disposable liners.

Why we love it: The cardboard potty is sturdier than it looks, and biodegradable too. We know some of you might not be keen on the disposable element of this, so might be one you only take out from time to time – for example when camping – rather than using too regularly.

Available from: eBay

7. Baiyou Child’s Urinal, £10.99


What it is: A flask-sized portable ‘urinal’ with attachments for a boy and girl – leak-proof and wipe-clean.

Why we love it: If your child can get the knack of using it, reviewers have commented they’ve found this to be way handier than a regular portable potty because it’s dinky size.

Available from: Amazon

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