When you first start potty training, even the thought of leaving the house is enough to bring you out in a cold sweat. Enter the travel potty. Travel potties can be used just about anywhere, so they're ideal if you’ve no idea where the nearest toilet is.


If your child is a little older and starting to use the toilet at home, a foldable seat will make using public lavatories much easier and more hygienic – and you won’t have to worry about holding them steady so they don’t fall in!

Best travel potties and seats at a glance

  • Best travel potty for portability: Hippychick Tron Travel Potty, £9.49 for pack of 3 at Amazon
  • Best travel potty for on-handed opening: Pottiagogo Folding Travel Potty, £14.99 at Amazon
  • Best travel potty for doubling up as a toilet seat: Potette Plus Convertible Travel Potty, £19.99 at Amazon
  • Best travel potty for cute designs: My Carry Potty, £29.99 at Amazon
  • Best foldable toilet seat for using public toilets: Pejoye Foldable Toilet Seat, £9.95 at Amazon
  • Best portable child's urinal for discreet toilet trips: Kiddiwhizz Whizzer, £19.99 at Amazon
  • Best travel potty for easy cleaning: Oxo Tot 2-in-2 Go Potty, £20
  • Best value travel potty: Pourty Potty, £9.99 at Amazon
  • Best foldable toilet seat for character appeal: Paw Patrol Foldable Toilet Seat, £11.99

We’ve searched the market for the best portable potties and foldable toilet seats around so your child doesn’t get caught short while they’re away from home. If you're taking your travel potty on a family holiday, take a look at our best travel cots too.

The best portable travel potties and foldable toilet seats…

1. Hippychick Tron Travel Potty, £9.49 for pack of 3

Best for portability

Hippychick Tron Travel Potty

This innovative disposable potty folds up super small so you can pop it in your bag or you’re your pocket whenever you go out. Its folded size is just 16cm x 9cm x 3cm and it weighs just 60g (less than your smartphone) so you won’t feel like you’re lugging the kitchen sink with you every time you leave the house.

This cardboard eco potty is made from fully biodegradable material and is surprisingly strong – it can hold a child weighing up to 30kg so will definitely cope with your toddler or preschooler, even if they’re big for their age. It is used with a biodegradable pad, which will absorb up to 250ml in just 30 seconds. And once your child has been, you can close it up to stop any of the contents and their odours escaping before you dispose of them.

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Available from: Hippychick, Amazon and Fruugo

2. Pottiagogo folding travel potty, £14.99

Best for one-handed opening

Pottiagogo folding travel potty being tested

Awards: Silver – Potty & Toilet Training Product, MadeForMums Awards 2022

One of the best features of the Pottiagogo is that you can open it quickly and easily with just one hand – ideal if it’s an emergency and there’s no time to spare. It is extremely simple to set up and is used just like a standard potty – you just need to add a bag with absorbent liner to catch the contents.

The travel potty is lightweight but sturdy and it folds down flat so it won’t take up too much space when you’re out or when storing it at home. Tester Petya, mum of 2, called it “the perfect size – not too big or small” and said that it was “very easy to carry around”. It isn’t as discreet as some of the options on our list, but it will fit neatly in the bottom of most pushchairs.

Overall our MFM testers liked the quality and sturdiness, with a safety lock to secure it in place, but found fitting the bags a little bit tricky at first. Tester Graham, dad of 2, also felt that it needed a raised front and back for easier positioning.

Available from: Kidly and Amazon

3. Potette Plus Convertible Travel Potty, £19.99

Best for doubling up as toilet seat

Potette Plus Convertible Travel Potty being tested

Awards: Silver – Potty & Toilet Training Product, MadeForMums Awards 2022

The Potette Plus is a full size travel potty that also turns into a toilet training seat, so you can use it at home as well as on the go. The plastic potty folds down small and comes with its own convenient and hygienic drawstring bag to carry it round in. When using it as a travel potty, you will need to use disposable liners – it comes with 3, which are fragranced, absorbent and biodegradable.

We loved the fact you could use it as a seat as well as a travel potty, meaning you get 2 products for the price of 1. This also means you can use it on public toilets when your child is a bit older but not quite ready to use adult-sized loo seats. Remember to make sure the legs click securely into place before your child uses it as a potty, as one reviewer forgot and found it toppled over easily.

Parent tester Varvara tested this with their 2 year old and said, "It's very sturdy and looks great. The colours are vibrant and the potty is pleasant to use with a very convenient design. My child loves using it on a big toilet and took to it straight away".

Available from: Amazon

4. My Carry Potty, £29.99

Best for cute designs

My Carry Potty

My Carry Potty is probably the cutest looking portable potty on the market! It comes in lots of colourful character designs including a fox, bumblebee, ladybird, penguin and dinosaur so your child can choose their favourite.

But the My Carry Potty does more than just look good - it’s lightweight, leak-free and bag free so you don’t have to keep remembering to buy bags or liners. There’s also a handle making it easy to carry and it looks like a cool little suitcase. It isn’t as compact as some of the others on the list, for example you can’t sling it in your bag, but it is durable enough that you can use it as your main potty at home too.

This is handy if your child is particular about where they do a number one or two, as you can make sure they always have their familiar potty with them. The lid forms a completely watertight seal so you also don’t have to worry if you can’t empty it straight away.

Available from: Amazon and John Lewis

5. Pejoye Foldable Toilet Seat, £9.95

– Best for using public toilets

Pejoye Foldable Toilet Seat

We love this foldable toilet training seat with its bright colour and cute, quirky design. This product is perfect for older children who are making the transition from potty to toilet, but still feel a little uncertain about sitting on adult-sized seats.

The toilet training seats you typically have at home are a bit unwieldy and awkward to take with you on a day out, but this one folds up into 4 so it is a quarter of its normal size and it weighs just 200g. It comes with a little bag to carry it in, so you can put it into your bag or the boot of your car without worrying about germs.

The seat has been designed to be wipe clean so you can clean it ready to go for your next trip out. It fits most standard toilets and has non-slip silicone pads to keep it firmly in place, so it won’t move about when your child is sitting on it either.

Available from: Amazon

6. Whizzer (Kiddiwhizz), £19.99

Best for discreet toilet trips

A green portable toilets for kids

Whizzer's portable and eco-friendly urinal is great for avoiding accidents when you’re out and about. This cute flask-sized product, made from silicone, looks like a reusable bottle so it isn’t obviously a potty and can be used very discreetly.

One of its major selling points is selling points is that it is leakproof so you can take it with you if there is nowhere convenient to empty it straight away. Designed to be unisex, its capacity is large enough to be used by older children up to the age of 8. Our testers did think it was quite pricey, but parent tester Charlotte commented that it's a “handy and attractive bit of kit that’s useful.”

It is small enough to put in your bag for when you need it, plus the flask shape means you don’t need to find somewhere for your child to sit down like with traditional potties and it can even be used in the car on long journeys. Parent tester Lauren, who tested this with their 6 year old, said: “Harley absolutely loves being able to use his whizzer, especially when out and about as he doesn’t have to wait to find toilets. He loves the colour and how it doesn’t look like a toilet. Super easy to set up, with just a couple of wiggles.”

Available from: Amazon and Kiddiwhizz

7. Oxo Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty, £20

– Best for easy cleaning

Oxo Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty

Like the Potette Plus, the Oxo Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty is both a travel potty and a toilet seat. It’s easy to set up – it just takes 2 clicks to get it into the right position – and the legs fold up so it can be carried around flat in its own bag. When it’s in its bag, it’s still the size of a small toilet seat and weighs 680g so bear that in mind when planning trips and days out. However, it does fit into most backpacks and would be easy to stow at the bottom of a pushchair.

The potty comes with 3 disposable bags but you’ll need to remember to buy more. Customers liked the size when it was set up, as it is small enough to be comfortable on little bums yet felt sturdy and secure. Its no-fuss design also means it’s simple to keep clean.

Available from: Amazon

8. Pourty potty, £9.99

Best for value

Pourty potty

The Pourty isn’t marketed as a travel potty but we’ve included it on the list as its clever design makes it super simple to pour the contents away after use. This potty would work well as both the main potty at home and popped into the car or pushchair to use while out and about, saving you from the expense of buying 2 products.

The British design includes a handle at the front and a pouring duct at the back. It’s still comfortable for your toddler to sit on, with 2 back rests for support so they won’t topple off if they lean back. There is also a high splash guard at the front to stop anything spilling out. We also like the quality of the product – it feels sturdy and well-made and is a doddle to clean after use.

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty

Available from: Amazon and Uber Kids

9. Paw Patrol foldable toilet seat, £11.99

Best for character appeal

Paw Patrol foldable toilet seat

If your child needs a little persuading to use an adult-sized toilet, this Paw Patrol-themed seat might do the trick. Ideal for children who are starting to move from the potty to the toilet at home, it will help them feel confident sitting on a public toilet and means you don’t have to worry about them touching the loo itself.

Made from lightweight plastic, it folds up into quarters so it is small enough to pop into a changing bag or backpack. The bright colours and character design mean it is visually appealing to your child and it has non-slip pads to stop the seat moving or tipping when your child is sitting on it. Once you open it up, it locks in place so it feels stable too.

Available from: Amazon

What to look for when choosing a travel potty or foldable toilet seat 

Size – Will it fit in your bag or the bottom of your pushchair? Some of the options on our list fold up extremely small and are very light, while others are more cumbersome but have a handle to make them easier to carry. 

Ease of cleaning – How simple is it to clean the parts which will become soiled? Some travel potties come with disposable bags which can just be thrown away, while others have removable bowls which are easy to clean out. 

Comfort – Potties can sometimes be uncomfortable for little bottoms, particularly if it still takes your toddler a while to finish what they’re doing. Think about how comfortable the potty or toilet seat is and your little one will slip off it if they are a bit wriggly. Some of the most comfortable potties have a back rest or an ergonomic design. 

Extras – A few of the travel potties on our list need to be used with disposable bags and absorbent pads. Make sure you factor in this additional cost when you buy as you will need to regularly pay for replacements. There are options which don’t need bags or liners, and instead close like a mini-suitcase, so think about which type you would prefer. 

Multi-use – Some products can be used as both a travel potty, by adding a disposable bag, or you can put them onto an adult toilet to make a more stable and comfortable place for your child to sit. The beauty of these 2-in-1 products is they will last you a bit longer, as they’ll still come in useful when your toddler moves from potty to toilet.

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Catherine Ball is a freelance journalist who specialises in writing about parenting and health. She has been a journalist for 20 years, writing for a wide range of regional and national publications.