1. Bravado Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra, £34

Our testers adored Bravado’s Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra, a clever two-in-one which you can use throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.


It has a special patented technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria, and the convertible criss-cross straps design gives additional support for activities such as walking, yoga or Pilates. Once your baby is born, the one-handed nursing clips for breastfeeding are easy to open while and about.

The bra is available in charcoal and limited-edition pink and dove grey.

What our MadeForMums Awards testers say about the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra:

“The Bravado Bra is very easy to use. Its key feature is the removable cups, which sets it apart from other brands by not only offering extra support and padding but a sense of normality to mum. The product’s quality can be felt in the seamless design and touch of the fabric.” Mum of 1, Leonna

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“It’s amazing! This is the first bra I have been able to wear all day and be comfy with no rubbing or red marks. The material is lovely and flatters your shape. The straps are adjustable and I’d 100% recommend buying it.” Mum of 1, Francesca

You can buy the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Yoga Nursing Bra from: John Lewis, Amazon and Nursing Bra Shop.


2. Made for Life Organics Restorative Body Balm, from £6 for 10ml

This organic body balm delivers a fragrant dose of skin-loving goodness to mums who are in need of some TLC. It’s packed with scrummy ingredients to restore you to your best – vitamin c-rich carrot and rosehip oils, repairing gotu kola and fragrant rose geranium fragrance.

The rich potion softens skin and helps to increase new skin cell growth and restore elasticity (preventing sagging – hurrah!). With regular use, it will help restore moisture and firmness too, and can help protect against stretchmarks.

The Restorative Body Balm is available in 10ml (£6) and 100ml (£45).

What our MadeForMums Awards testers say about Made for Life Organics Restorative Body Balm:

“This is a fantastic, multi-purpose product. This pregnancy, I'm covered in stretchmarks, and they have been incredibly itchy with no relief. I applied the balm and the relief was instant, and lasted the whole day. It has also soothed and started to clear several patches of eczema. I also applied it to mine and my toddler’s afro hair after washing, and it has done a fantastic job of sealing in moisture and keeping our hair soft – for once my toddler did not cry when having her hair combed! It even worked as a nappy rash balm. A fantastic all-rounder, and definitely worth it!” Mum of 2, Abi

“A £45 cream is not the top of everyone's hospital bag list, but this product is brilliant and so worth the money. The luxurious packaging will make a new mum or mum-to-be feel extra special. I can feel its firming properties and as soon as it’s finished I will be rushing out for more!” Mum of 1, Leonna

You can buy Made for Life Organics Restorative Body Balm from: Made For Life Organics


3. Clear & Simple Digital Pregnancy Test, £3.99

Hands up who took more than one test to confirm they were pregnant? If so, you’re not alone, but these fantastic-value tests provide easy-to-read confirmation at a bargain price.

Promising results that are over 99% accurate, the digital results are displayed clearly on an LCD screen, giving you an answer in just five minutes. There’s even a dedicated helpline to call or email if you need help or advice.

What our MadeForMums Awards testers say about the Clear & Simple Digital Pregnancy Test:

“Very cheap, easy to use and great beeping feature.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

“Fantastically easy to use and full of features like a beeping when you have peed enough on the stick, then beeping when it's ready. Great pregnancy test at a brilliant price!” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

You can buy the Clear & Simple Digital Pregnancy Test from: Healthpoint


4. Babymoov Dream Belt, £39.99

In addition to a healthy pregnancy and minimal stretchmarks, top of many pregnant women’s wishlists would probably be a decent kip. The Dream Belt is a nifty sleep aid designed to help mums-to-be enjoy a better night’s sleep throughout each stage of pregnancy.

Made from a stretchy fabric, this adjustable belt is secured by elastic and Velcro strips to comfortably support your baby bump. Shaped memory foam reinforcements fill the gap between your tummy and mattress while sleeping on your side.

The cover is machine washable, and it has a lifetime guarantee (good to know if you’re planning any future pregnancies).

You can also use it with the 'Mum & b' maternity pillow (sold separately) during baby's first months as a nursing support.

What our MadeForMums Awards testers say about the Babymoov Dream Belt:

“An outstanding product that is innovative and useful.” The Honest Dad blogger and dad of 1, Adam Riches

“So effective, great idea!” Actress, Big Brother star and mum of 1, Laura Carter

“I’ve been using the dream belt at night for a few weeks now, and I have found that even wearing it around the house has really eased my ligament pain. At 30 weeks pregnant I’ve been struggling with sleeping and just generally getting into a comfortable position – my right-side pain has eased a great deal since wearing this belt. It is really helping me get a better night’s sleep and to be comfy in day-to-day life.” Mum to be, Charlotte

You can buy the Babymoov Dream Belt from: Amazon, Boots and Pramcentre.


5. Mummy Loves Organics range, from £12

Designed especially for pregnant women and new mums by an experienced maternity nurse, this lovely collection includes pulse point oils that are just the right size for popping in your handbag. They promise to help with hormone balancing, anxiety, insomnia and morning sickness (so fab to have on hand for your morning commute). Made with pregnancy-safe essential oils, including mandarin, geranium, frankincense and peppermint, there are no nasty chemicals, so they’re safe for pregnancy and even for babies.

The gorgeous range which also include candles and room diffusers (£35). The hand-poured candles are made from organic shea butters, soy wax and essential oils, and melt down into a wonderful massage oil to soothe dry skin.

What our MadeForMums Awards testers say about Mummy Loves Organics:

“Smells divine! I'm five months pregnant and find a lot of scents too overpowering. But these products are designed to tackle morning sickness – I carried the pulse point scent around in my handbag and it was a lovely pick me up. I found myself spraying and sniffing each morning as I battled through the rush-hour morning commute at a busy London station, while feeling nauseous.” Mum of 1, Laura

“A brilliant collection of skincare, with multiple uses for body and home, lovely smell, great packaging.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

You can buy the Mummy Loves Organics range from: Mummy Loves Organics and Amazon.


6. Babycare TENS Elle TENS 2, £75

This little gadget can help mums to be manage their labour more peacefully at home before heading out to the hospital.

As well as providing drug-free pain relief, the Elle TENS 2 stands out from the crowd with a useful contraction timer. It records both your contractions and the time in-between (so no fiddling around with the timer on your phone or hunting for a pen).

You can use it for labour with the combination of gas and air, and also for postnatal pain.

What our MadeForMums Awards testers say about the Elle TENS 2:

“I’ve used a TENS machine previously and found the Elle TENS 2 much easier to use. I really liked the timer, which helped see how regular my contractions were, and I found the cord to hang around my neck really, really useful. The spare battery and spare lead provided gave me peace of mind in case I needed them. I was able to place the pads on my back on my own as my husband was at work. The fact that it can also be used for headache, period pains, back ache and so on gives it more value for money.” Mum of 2, Caroline

“The Elle TENS2 was an essential part of my pain relief during labour. The unit is very easy to set up, use and adjust to suit your needs. The boost function during contractions is excellent and easy to activate when needed. My favourite feature is the contraction timer. It allows you to use just one piece of equipment and because it is activated with the boost function you don't need to worry about pressing more buttons. The Elle TENS2 was great during early labour and I used it right up until the pushing stage.” Mum of 1, Sarah

You can buy the Elle TENS 2 from: Amazon


7. Bumpfit Maternity Active Leggings, £39.99

If you enjoyed exercise before pregnancy then there’s a good chance that maternity activewear is on your wishlist.

These soft leggings are perfect for your bump-friendly fitness routine and will also fit nicely into your post-pregnancy wardrobe.

You can expect the same performance you’d look for in any good quality fitness leggings – the special technical fabric has four-way stretch to adapt to your growing shape, plus moisture-wicking capabilities and blind stitch seams.

Bumpfit was set up by two active mums who were passionate about creating an effective but affordable essential for active pregnancies. Our testers agreed they’d nailed it and recommended it should be added to all pregnancy must-have lists.

What our MadeForMums Awards testers say about Bumpfit Maternity Active Leggings:

“Comfy, stretchy, stylish. Winner!” Broadcaster and mum of 2, Sarah Cawood

“A good comfortable alternative to sportswear.” The Honest Dad blogger and dad of 1, Adam Riches

“Great quality material and design, these look really comfortable.” Actress, Big Brother star and mum of 1, Laura Carter

“Wow this product is so amazing! Finally found something to wear which does not bother my bump. The fabric is so soft and it perfectly adapts to the shape of the belly – I love these leggings!” Mum of 1, Camelia

You can buy Bumpfit Maternity Active Leggings from: Amazon and Bumpfit.


8. Clear & Simple Early Response Pregnancy Test, £1

Costing a fraction of other brands (we did a double take!), the ultra-sensitive Clear & Simple Early Response Pregnancy Test can give you a result up to six days before the date of your expected period.

It’s easy to use at home, over 99% accurate and there’s a dedicated helpline to call or email if you need help or advice.

What our MadeForMums Awards testers say about the Clear & Simple Early Response Pregnancy Test:

“Really simple to use and easy instructions to follow. The beep timer when it had enough urine and once it had tested was really useful.” Mum of 2, Claire

“What an amazing price for a product that has a testing level of 10 mIU hcg/ml and can test up to 6 days early.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

You can buy the Clear & Simple Early Response Pregnancy Test from: Healthpoint


9. Spatone Apple, £12.49

As little ones grow and develop during pregnancy, mums to be can be prone to low iron levels. This liquid iron supplement comes from a naturally occurring iron-rich water from the heart of Snowdonia, Wales, and has extra vitamin c to help absorption.

The sachets help top up your iron levels whilst causing fewer of the unpleasant side effects often experienced with conventional iron food supplements.

What our MadeForMums Awards testers say about Spatone Apple:

“I highly recommend it to all the pregnant ladies! I tried this supplement when I was in a very low and exhausting point of my pregnancy, in the beginning of my second trimester. My mood improved and it worked immediately working wonders in my body. I felt I had more energy and I could finally get up and do the house chores I was not able to do before. It is a huge help!” Mum of 2, Camelia

“Amazing product! I was originally taking big iron tablets which often got stuck and made me feel sick. This liquid form of iron is amazing. It takes a second to drink and it hasn't got a nasty after taste. It is quick to take and you can pop a sachet in your bag whilst you're out. I found it helped with my energy levels also and I felt less tired. Highly recommend!” Mum to be, Ceri

You can buy Spatone Apple from: Amazon, Boots and Tesco.


10. My Expert Midwife Fantastic Skin Elastic, £27.50

This wonder-serum makes a lovely gift for mums to be (or an indulgent gift for yourself).

It promises to provide instant hydration to soothe and moisturise irritated, tight skin, and even reduce some of those the less-than-fun pregnancy side effects such as constipation.

The serum is designed to soothe pregnant tummies as the skin stretches, but it’s suitable for all over body use.

What our MadeForMums testers say about the Fantastic Skin Elastic:

"Really good quality product, well made with great ingredients." MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

"The product rubbed in with an easy massage and I found that a small amount went a long way." Mum of 3, Katherine

You can buy My Expert Midwife Fantastic Skin Elastic from: Amazon and My Expert Midwife.


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