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10 of the best scooter helmets and accessories for children

Encourage your little one to ride on the wild side with these wicked wheels


We’ve already rounded up the 10 best scooters for kids.


But if your little one becomes scooter-obsessed, you might find you need to spend a bit more making sure their new ride is fully decked out with the best accessories.

There’s also the challenge of ensuring they’re wearing (and NOT taking off) the appropriate protective kit (helmets are a must, and elbow/knee pads are also an option).

Luckily, we’ve found some of the best gizmos, gadgets and gear for your little one’s new wheels…


Kiddimoto Pastel Dotty Helmet, £26.99

Suitable from 2 – 5 years (small) and 5 years + (medium)

This best-selling polka dot helmet is ideal for little ones who just can’t bear the thought of wearing uncool headgear. You can also personalize it for an extra £5. The back’s also adjustable so you can make sure it fits your child’s head just right.

Available from Kiddimoto


Micro Scooters Scootersaurus Windmill, £5.95 each

Suitable from 3 years +

This is a simple accessory that whizzes around (funnily enough, like a windmill) as your child scoots – and also allows them to express their personality with four different colour-themes and design options. It should also attach to their bike, too.

Available from Micro Scooters


Scoobit Reflector Firefly, £3.75 each

Make your little one more visible with these cheeky little reflectors! There are plenty of fun reflectors and cool characters to choose from.

Availabe from Scoobits


Micro Scooters Scootersaurus 3D Safety Helmet, £29.95

Good helmets that also look the part are hard to find – which is why any little dinosaur will truly appreciate this blue, spikey 3-dimensional version from Micro Scooters. The ‘Scootersaurus’ make also provides a variety of colour ways and design options to pick from, though not all are 3D.

Available from Micro Scooters


Scooterpeg, £9.95

Fine, we admit, this one’s more for mum and dad than a scooter-loving youngster. This peg allows you to hang your child’s scooter on the wall – leaving the floor clear and avoiding those awful sweary, stub-your-toe storage moments!

Available from Scooterpeg


Rio Roller Kids Essential Triple Pad Set, £13.95

Suitable from age 4 – 12 years (sizes small, medium and large)

2 knee pads, 2 wrist guards and 2 elbow pads – all with a comfy backing socks – for a good price. The product gets a 5 star rating from its users, too. It’s a worthy investment for accident-prone kids who love to scoot, skate and bike.

Available from Skate Hut


Alphabet Stickers, £1.99 per pack

These colourful PVC stickers are perfect for cheap scooter customisation. They’re UV resistant and are weather durable. There are pretty much one letter per pack, so probably best to stock up on a few to ensure you can spell out your child’s name!

Available from Scoot Online


Micro Scooter Noise Maker, £9.99

Suitable from 3 years +

If you can handle the noise, these red and blue Micro Scooters noise makers are a great way for your little one to make themselves known!

Available from John Lewis


Scootaheadz, £14.99

This accessory is a bright PVC pony or dinosaur head that fits over the scooter’s handlebar. It’s durable, waterproof, wipe-down-able, and also fits some bikes and trikes, meaning it can travel with your child – whatever ride they’re currently favouring!

Available from Scootaheadz


Outer Space Baby Nutty Helmet, approx £35

Suitable from 12 months +

We love this US brand’s 6 different options for youngsters, but we’re definitely the most taken by the outer space. We also like that it’s lightweight, meaning it won’t be a pain for your child to cruise around in.

Available from Nutcase

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