When you start weaning your baby, a few nifty pieces of feeding equipment can make things easier. A baby blender or masher/grinder is ideal for making purees and mashing solid foods into delicious baby recipes.


You can now get baby food blenders that have multiple functions too, such as steaming, defrosting and reheating. This makes your life that little bit easier when feeding your child.

Weaning your baby from milk to solids will see you blending, grinding and crushing foods into smooth purees to begin with and then with more textures and lumps later on. There are a number of baby blenders and grinders on the market so to make your life easier, we've rounded up a handful of the best electrical blenders plus a manual alternative too.

Take a look at our best weaning and feeding products and best baby food pouches for weaning to help you through the difficult weaning process. Family meal boxes can also make dinner times easier too.

Best baby food blenders at a glance

  • Best for easy operation: Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker Deluxe, £159
  • Best for sustainability: Beaba Babycook Neo, £160
  • Best for portability: Itsy Blitz, £39.99
  • Best for cooking and blending at the same time: Babymoov Nutribaby ONE 4-in-1 Food Prep Machine, £119.99
  • Best for quick mashing: Oxo Tot Mash Maker, £25
  • Best for small kitchens: Philips Avent 4-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker, £140
  • Best for value: Tommee Tippee Mini-Blend Baby Food Blender, £25
  • Best for storage: Nutribullet Baby Food Maker with Date Markers, £69.99
  • Best for a memory function: Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker, £109.99
  • Best hand blender: Russel Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender, £19.99

What to look for when buying a baby food blender

Price – baby food blenders can be found at all different price ranges. There are some cheaper ones which simply just blend, or you can spend a bit more and get a machine that blends, steams, defrosts and reheats. These, although more expensive may actually end up being better value as you will not need to find alternatives to perform these different functions.

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Functions — as just mentioned, different machines have different functions. The basic function is blending and grinding. However, you can also get machines that steam, defrosts and reheats too. It's important to know what you want to use it for as you may be able to save money if you only need it to blend.

Size — kitchen space is sometimes very limited. Therefore, it's important to know how much space the blender will take up and whether you have the room to easily store it. It's also great to know whether it's small enough to be taken away on holiday or on outings if needed.

Capacity — this is very important. For example, if you have multiple children that need food blended, it would be a good idea to get a blender with a large capacity to save you time. If your baby only requires a small amount of food and you're only feeding one and have limited kitchen space, a small capacity blender might be a good option.

Best baby food blenders and grinders for 2023

1. Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker Deluxe, £159

– Best for easy operation

Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker Deluxe

Functions: Blend and steam | Dimensions: 25.8 x 20.2 x 19.2cm | Capacity: 828ml | Awards: Bronze – Weaning and feeding product, MadeForMums Awards 2022

The Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker Deluxe blends and steams baby food, and can make up to 3.5 cups of food in 10 minutes. You can use it as a steamer or blender individually, or with one button the machine can also automatically blend after steaming for super easy operation.

The blender also comes with 3 food pouches for you to store the cooked food in. Their sealable lids and compact design make them ideal for on-the-go snacking.

MFM parent tester Hollie used this to prepare food for her son and said: "This is a really well made and easy to use design that saves you a bunch of time and makes really tasty purees with the perfect consistency. It's pricey but a good option for busy parents trying to juggle so many things at once!"

The benefit of this model is how easy it is to operate, with its simple LCD control panel. Just put some fresh or frozen food in the bowl and press the start button! It also has dishwasher-safe parts, making it easy to clean.

Available from: Amazon, Currys and John Lewis

2. Beaba Babycook Neo, £160

– Best for sustainability

Beaba Babycook Neo

Functions: Steams, blends, defrosts and reheats | Dimensions: 26.5 x 21 x 21.5cm | Capacity: 600g

A stylish piece of kitchen kit if ever we saw one, but the Beaba Babycook Neo is not just a pretty face. This chic product makes preparing meals for your baby a breeze. It has 4 settings – steam, blend, reheat, defrost – and the blender makes super smooth purees to chunky veg blends.

Sustainability is at the heart of this model, with the brand describing it as an "eco-designed product". The production uses using 48% less Carbon dioxide and 50% less water and energy than Beaba's Babycook Solo model. It has a glass bowl and stainless steel basket, reducing the amount of plastic in the overall product. It also has a generous 600g capacity.

MFM tester Laura says: “The more I use it the more ideas I came up with and now have a freezer drawer full of healthy homemade food for my baby. This is going to become a permanent favourite in our home!”

Available from: Mamas & Papas and John Lewis

3. Itsy Blitz, £39.99

– Best for portability


Functions: Blends | Dimensions: H 18cm | Capacity: 190ml

Feeding your baby healthy food while you’re on the go can be a challenge – enter the Itsy Blitz, a clever portable baby food blender, so you can prep your baby’s lunch here, there and everywhere.

Small enough to pop into a changing bag, it has a number of clever add-ons that make it great value in a crowded market ­– a detachable bowl and spoon, USB charger, worldwide adapter and cool carry-case means it works hard for its £39.99 price tag.

The Oxo Tot Mash Maker (see below) has a similar feel and could be used while out and about, but this one has the benefit of being electric, for speed and ease of use. Simply charge it up then pop it in your bag to use while on the go.

We think the handy extras of the Itsy Blitz mean you have everything needed to give your baby food there and then, plus if it saves money on pouches in the long run it’s a major bonus.

Available from: Uber Kids, Amazon and Kidly

4. Babymoov Nutribaby ONE 4-in-1 Food Prep Machine, £119.99

– Best for cooking and blending at the same time

Babymoov Nutribaby ONE 4-in-1 Food Prep Machine

Functions: Steam cooks, blends, heats and defrosts | Dimensions: 34.5 x 18.4 x 29.6cm | Capacity: 300ml for cooking, 700ml for blending | Awards:Editor's Choice, MadeForMums Awards 2022

This nifty machines has 4-in-1 functions. It steams, blends, reheats and defrosts (and warms bottles and sterilises items) but the best thing about it is that – thanks to it multiple baskets – you can steam and blend simultaneously to save you time.

It's really easy to use, with just one button to start the cooking, defrosting and reheating and one other button to start the blending.

With the 2 baskets combined this machine has a large capacity, meaning, much like the VitalBaby one, you can cook your baby's food in large batches for later use. The cooking water vessel collects lost nutrients which can be used to adjust the texture of purees.

All the parts are dishwasher-safe apart from the electrical parts, making cleaning up after cooking super easy.

MFM tester Elosie, used this machine to prepare her daughter's food and said, "The Nutribaby ONE has been a lifesaver for me and I cannot recommend it enough. As a busy mum, it does everything I need it to whilst also looking stylish and not an eye sort like other baby products. The RRP is quite high but if bought early enough you can use it as a steriliser and steamer/blender from 4 months, ensuring plenty of use and good value for money."

Available from: Uber Kids and Amazon

5. Oxo Tot Mash Maker, £25

– Best for quick mashing


Functions: Purees | Dimensions: 9.9 x 16 x 23.1cm | Capacity: 236-295ml

This compact, go-anywhere gadget has one main function – to mash – and it does so with ease. The food mill has stainless steel blades that you use to grind fruit, veg and meat to make baby-friendly meals in a jiffy.

A straightforward product with a simple use, it’s less sophisticated than the electric Itsy Blitz, but it’s also £15 cheaper and an efficient option if you’re looking for a non-electrical way to blend your food.

It’s also really easy to take on the road, as it’s compact enough to fit in a changing bag and its secure lid prevents any unwanted spills.

Available from: Amazon

6. Philips Avent 4 in 1 Healthy Baby Food Maker, £140

– Best for small kitchens


Functions: Steam, blend, defrost and reheat | Dimensions: 36.8 x 24.5 x 19.4cm | Capacity: 1L

One of the best baby food gadgets on the block, parents love how easy it is to use this multi-purpose Philips Avent 4 in 1 Healthy Baby Food Maker.

This clever product lets you steam, blend, defrost and reheat, all in the same streamlined jar, which takes up less space on your counter than some of the bigger models on this list.

Much like all the other machines listed, it's really easy to use. Just pop your ingredients in to steam then, lift the jar, flip it over and lock it in place to blend. The appliance retains the nutrient-rich cooking liquids from steaming for blending, which you can add back into the food to adjust the textures.

Available from: Amazon and Argos

7. Tommee Tippee Mini-Blend Baby Food Blender, £25

– Best for value

Tommee Tippee Mini-Blend Baby Food Blender

Functions: Blend| Dimensions: 15.5 x 20 x 14.5cm | Capacity: 250ml

This mini blender is great value if you're after an electric blender to help during weaning. However, it will only make small portions, so it's not ideal for batch cooking.

It has 2 speed setting and a pulse action to either blend smooth purees or chunky textures. Once your child is too old for purees it can still be used to blend up food such as curry pastes and pestos.

The bowl handily has measurement guides to assist you in creating good portion sizes for your baby. Parent tester Leanne confirmed, "It's really good for blending up my baby's food."

Its non-slip feet keep the blender in place and as it's a mini blender it's quite compact and easy to store away.

Available from: Boots, Argos and Currys

8. Nutribullet Baby Food Maker with Date Markers, £69.99

– Best for storage

Nutribullet Baby Food Maker with Date Markers

Functions: Blend| Dimensions: 22.2 x 14.8 x 36.9cm | Capacity: 340ml

This blender comes with 6 storage cups and 1 single cup and lid so you can store your baby food in the fridge or freezer easily. The little cups have twist and seal lids with a date dial so you can know when the food was made and therefore, when it needs to be used by.

Unlike some of the other options listed, this is just a blender and does not have any additional functions such as a steamer, but it comes with all the power you'd expect from the Nutribullet brand. With its flat milling blade, it can blend food as small as oats and other grains into fine cereals.

It's also compact, so wouldn't take up much room on the worktops.

All non-electrical parts are dishwasher-safe, making for an easy clean up.

Available from: Amazon, Nutribullet and Currys

9. Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker, £109.99

– Best for a memory function

Tommee Tippee quick cook baby food maker

Functions: Steam and blend| Dimensions: ‎14 x 32.6 x 31.2 cm | Capacity: 200g

Tommee Tippee's all-in-one blender and steamer makes up to 200g of steamed or pureed food in one basket, and has simple and easy operation. It even has a built-in smart memory function that remembers your last batch, and a timer so you don't have to stand over it as it cooks.

If you're one of those families that must have everything in the kitchen to match, the option of a black or white version may come in handy, and it has a relatively compact footprint, only 14cm across so it can be slid into a narrow space when not in use.

Parent tester Katherine, a mum of 2 said, "I had the Tommee Tippee steamer and blender. It was great. You just chucked in the veg and it steamed and blended it for you. No hassle!"

Available from: Amazon and Asda

10. Russel Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender, £19.99

– Best hand blender

Russel Hobbs Food Collection Hand Blender

Functions: Blend| Dimensions: 6.4 x 35.7 x 8.5cm

This option is great for those who don't want another bulky child-specific appliance taking up kitchen space. It isn't a specific baby blender, but will do the job for quick purees, and can be used after you no longer need to blend your baby's food.

Simple to operate with no added extras, the hand blender has 2 speed settings to help you achieve the right consistency.

To clean, the plastic blending leg is easily removed and wiped down whilst the blade can just be clipped off and cleaned.

If you don't have much room on your worktops for a full on baby food machine or blender, then this is the perfect option for you. It can even be stored away in a drawer. Plus, it works well beyond the puree stage. Parent tester Chloe said, "I find a basic stick blender good for blending hidden veggies into pasta sauce etc."

It also may work out to be better value (this is the cheapest option on this list anyway) but this can be used for years to come, meaning it could have longevity.

Available from: Amazon, Robert Dyas and Very


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When selecting baby food blenders we look at; value for money, capacity, size and added functions.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

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