Baby muslins are many parents’ best kept secret. Before you have a baby, you may wonder what on earth they are and what you’ll do with them. Once your little one arrives, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without these humble fabric squares.


Use them as burping cloths, bibs, to mop up spills or play peekaboo. Larger muslins may become a cover up whilst breastfeeding, or a handy aid when swaddling your baby; a light blanket or emergency changing mat. During teething, your baby may enjoy chewing or sucking on a muslin to soothe their gums. And when your child is a little older, the life of the muslin continues as a dolly’s blanket.

Since muslins are so versatile, you may find that you get through several in a day, especially if you have a particularly sicky baby. For this reason, muslins are often sold in multipacks. Having plenty in all the rooms you use means that you’ll always have one to hand.

You can also use muslins to swaddle your baby, alternatively you can buy a specifically made baby swaddle.

How to use muslins safely

Always use muslins under supervision and don’t leave them in your little one’s cot. If you’re using a muslin to swaddle, The Lullaby Trust recommends not swaddling above the shoulders; not swaddling too tight and never putting a swaddled baby to sleep on their front.

More like this

It’s also not advised to use muslins as a sunshade on your baby’s pushchair, as these could cause the temperature to rise so much in your pram it could put your baby’s life at risk. However there are some excellent buggy covers which will give your child some extra shade from the sun - we’ve picked the best ones here.

Here's our pick of the best baby muslins...

1. Piccalilly Organic Muslins, from £10

Best for fans of fair trade and organics


Size: 35cm x 35cm or 120cm x 120cm | Material: 100% organic cotton

These ethically produced organic cotton muslins come in a useful variety of sizes, with a smaller Bandana Bib & Burp Cloth or larger Muslin swaddle. With a single breathable layer, the larger size is perfect for a lightweight layer. While the smaller size is made from a double layer, which can be more practical when burping and wiping.

Colourful without being overly loud, these stylish muslins are made in white with a splash of bright gender-neutral prints, including rainbow stars, animals and even a London-themed pattern.

The material is sourced from a fair trade cotton programme designed to help smallholder farmers in India. The range is also certified by both the Soil Association and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the latter of which means it contains at least 95% organic fiber.

Available from: Piccalilly and Amazon

2. Cuski Mini Swandoodles, £21.99 for 4-pack

Best mini swaddle


Size: 60cm x 60cm | Material: Bamboo

Bamboo is a less common fabric for baby muslins, but it’s worth considering for its soft feel and natural antibacterial properties. Users love the Swandoodles’ silky texture which gets cosier every time they’re washed at 30 degrees. However, to get maximum softness you’ll need to iron them so bear in mind whether or not you want to add to your ironing pile with a newborn.

Frequently used in neonatal units, Mini Swandoodles have a closer weave than Cuski’s Great Swandoodle so no snagging. The muslins earn their Mini name from their 60cm x 60cm size. Although it’s smaller than the regular Swandoodle (a whopping 140cm square), it’s a similar size to many of the other muslins on our list, which tend to come in at 70cm square. Don’t be fooled by the name - this is still plenty big enough for using as a bib or bandana, a changing cover or even a comforter.

The cute designs range from London cabs to stars and they come in a pack of 4. There’s also a plain white pack of 7 available (£15.99) – so you have one for each day of the week.

Available from: Daisy Baby Shop, Fiesta Tots and Amazon

3. Cheeky Chompers Multi Muslin, £19.99

Best for teething


Size: 23 x 20 x 2 cm | Material: organic cotton

Baby muslins have always been multi-taskers, but this ingenious triangular muslin takes it to another level, with its detachable teething rings giving it some of its 6 possible uses.

The rings can also be clipped at the back of your neck to keep the muslin secure for discreet feeding. There’s also an integrated loop so you can attach the muslin to cots, car seats, or buggies so it won’t get lost.

The Multi Muslin can also be used as a swaddle, burp cloth and lightweight blanket, while the rings can be used on their own as cute chewable teething rings. This would be a great choice for older babies who are starting to see a few teeth come through.

Available from: Amazon, John Lewis and Cheeky Chompers

4. Lily & Dan Muslins at Aldi, £8.99 for 8-pack

Best budget high street buy


Size: 60cm x 60cm | Material: 70% Bamboo viscose, 30% Cotton

This bargain multi pack from Aldi is a good way to try out muslins inexpensively, or to stock up so you always have a clean one to hand. The bamboo and cotton mix makes them softer than the usual cotton, whilst still being suitable for washing at 40 degrees. They’re not suitable for tumble drying so make sure you have space for them to dry - take a look at our how to dry clothes indoors guide for inspiration if you don't have much space.

The 8 pack gives you enough for every day of the week plus one for emergencies (and trust us, there will be emergencies). There’s less colour and pattern choice than with other brands, but the mermaid and space themes should suit most tastes.

Available in store and online: Aldi

5. Aden + Anais Muslin Squares, from £19.95 for 3-pack

Best for gifting


Size: 70cm or 120cm square | Material: cotton or viscose

These delightfully cute baby muslins come in regular cotton or silky soft options (100% viscose made from bamboo) for a luxurious feel. If you’re treating yourself or buying a gift for a new parent, this range offers a choice of dozens of stunning and unusual designs. These include understated Disney and Harry Potter prints, floral and paisley-themed designs, dancing tigers and a multitude of other chic styles.

We particularly love the metallic range, with patterns including stars, spots and botanical prints picked out in gold or silver. They come pre-washed and gift boxed in packs of 3, so they’re already super soft and designed to stay that way no matter how much you wash them. Though you may be using your baby muslins for all kinds of messy tasks, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay stylish.

Available from: Natural Baby Shower, Amazon and Aden + Anais

6. Sainsbury’s muslin squares, £7 for 5-pack

Best for everyday use


Size: 70cm x 70cm | Material: 100% Cotton

These supermarket own brand muslins come with the mum stamp of approval from our MFM online community, some of whom commented that these were the nicest inexpensive muslins they’ve found.

Each pack of 5 contains 3 patterned (animals, floral or dinosaurs) and 2 plain.

Sainsbury's now also carries extra large muslins which come in a 2 pack (one plain, one patterned). Like the similarly well-prived Aldi muslins, these are an inexpensive way to stock up on your muslins.

Available from: Sainsbury’s

7. Babybamba 100% Bamboo Muslin, from £8.50 each

Best for super softness


Size: 30cm x 30cm (small), 120cm x 120cm (large) | Material: 100% bamboo | Awards: Gold – Sustainable / eco-friendly product for babies, MadeForMums Awards 2021

If regular cotton muslins seem a little rough for your newborn’s delicate skin, how about a softer option? Babybamba is a brand created by a mum on a mission to find the softest muslin for her child. This led to Babybamba muslins, made from 100% Bamboo, which is often compared to cashmere for its silky softness.

As we saw with the Cuski Mini Swandoodles, bamboo has some amazing properties. It thermoregulates against babies skin, is breathable, has antibacterial properties and is grown ethically without pesticides.

Our MFM community of testers put the Babybamba muslins through their paces and were highly impressed; praising the softness, versatile size and quality. New mum Aneesa admitted that she had initially been sceptical due to the slightly higher price point, but the Babybamba won her over to the point that she’s planning to include it in her future baby gift baskets.

Tester Zahra added, “I have had to wash these a million times over and they're still as fresh and soft as when I first received them. The patterns don't fade either which is great.”

Available from: Babybamba

8. Cam Cam Copenhagen Muslin Cloths, £13.50 for 2-pack

Best for chic Scandi design


Size: 68cm x 76cm | Material: organic cotton

Scandinavian brand Cam Cam is the brainchild of an architect couple based in Copenhagen, who wanted to recreate the idea of the importance of our surroundings in a range of baby products.

These simple but elegant muslins are part of their range of GOTS-certified products, that includes pretty much everything from homeware to children’s clothes.

Slightly thicker than some of the other baby muslins around, these are designed to get softer with use and can be washed at up to 60 degrees.The chic and neutral colours are typically Skandi-stylish, and each cloth measures around 70cm square. Perfect if you want your muslins to chime with the rest of your nursery design, or as a gift for a stylish mum to be.

Available from: Scandiborn and Cam Cam Copenhagen

9. Bright Bots Muslins, £12.99 for 6-pack

Best for bright colours


Size: 70cm x 70cm | Material: 100% cotton

You may have noticed that most muslins tend to come in white with understated patterns, so it’s a refreshing change to see the fun, bold shades in the Bright Bots multi pack. The cheering, unisex shades will brighten up any task you put them to. Who says muslins have to be utilitarian and dull?

Each affordable pack of 6 contains a rainbow of colours to cheer you up when you’re mopping up spills. Reviewers on Amazon commented that they hold their colour well even after the repeated washing that any muslin will inevitably need.

Available from: The Nappy Lady, Amazon and Merry Go Round

10. Muslinz Baby Muslin Squares, from £12.99 for 6-pack

Best for value & absorbency


Size: 70cm x 70cm | Material: 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton

Several reviewers on Amazon commented that they felt that Muslinz Baby Muslin Squares were thicker than others they had tried at around the same price point, making them particularly good for mopping up spills. The mixed fabric version of these muslins also has a tighter weave than the pure cotton, making it more absorbent.

However, there were mixed feelings as to how soft the cotton muslins are, with many reviewers preferring the added softness of the bamboo/cotton mix. As with pure bamboo muslins, these get softer the more you wash them. Affordable luxury and a perfect baby shower gift.

Available from: Amazon, Merry Go Round and Ulula