Best bath products to use with babies and toddlers

These fantastic products are designed to make bath time safe, fun and so much easier, but they may not make you any less damp, sorry about that


1. Cuddledry Hands Free Towel, £29.99, MadeForMums Gold Award Winner

This handy bath product holds onto the top spot, wining our gold award for the second year in a row. So much more than a towel, it has been designed by two brilliant, British mums, who dared to enter the BBC’s Dragon’s Den and then walked away from two investment offers. The mums had designed a simple, but effective and safe way to get their precious babies out of the bath, and the dragons knew it.


It has an apron style tie, which you connect around your neck, leaving the large, fluffy towel hanging in front of you. This leaves both hands free to carefully and gently lift your baby out of the bath and directly into the large, soft Cuddledry towel.

Made from the environmentally sustainable, natural bamboo fibres and unbleached cotton, our gold award-winning bath product will transform a stressful bath time into a gentle, bonding time for you and your baby. And because the Cuddledry is so large it will last your baby until they are 12 months old. 

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the Cuddledry Hands Free Towel:

“I’ve been tucking a towel into my t-shirt collar with mixed results, so this is the perfect solution to avoid getting soaked or dropping the towel on the baby’s head… Lovely quality, great idea, and works really well.” Dad of 1, James

“I’ve never had a favourite towel before but now this is it. It’s cosy, soft and makes bath time better for my newborn, toddler and me! Clipping it round your neck makes it easy to pick your child up and keep them safe and warm straight away. I used it for my week-old baby and for my nearly three-year-old and both enjoyed the comfort of it.” Mum of 2, Melissa

You can buy the Cuddledry Hands Free Towel from: Cuddledry and Amazon


2. ClevaMama Splash N Wrap Apron Baby Bath Towel, £15.49, MadeForMums Silver Award Winner

Our silver winner also comes in the form of a safe, cuddly bath towel, which testers loved for its snuggly feel and extra-large size.

Designed to protect parents from splashes during bathtime, before scooping your little one up for a cosy cuddle, you simply fasten the towel round your neck like an apron. This allows you two free hands to safely lift the baby out of the bath directly onto your chest, where they get the benefit of your body heat while they dry off. There’s even a hood to keep their heads warm, and a special weave for drying between fingers and toes.

It’s super-size means it can be used from newborn up to toddler age. Made with 100% cotton.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the Splash N Wrap Apron Baby Bath Towel:

“This is a snuggly, generous sized towel that was great to use on my toddler. It is very easy to use and the poppers around my neck were simple to fasten, even with wet hands. This towel would certainly suit a new parent. We also used it at the swimming pool, with the added benefit of keeping me a bit warmer whilst drying off my toddler. I recommend this towel for all parents with little ones.” Mum of 1, Anne

“Love the huge size of this apron bath towel as it means it could be used for the baby years right through to school age, making it great value. It is soft, cosy and a great idea.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

You can buy the Apron Baby Bath Towel from: Amazon and Argos


3. Silentnight Safe Nights Hooded Towel, £13.99, MadeForMums Bronze Award Winner

Silentnight is best known for its award-winning mattresses, but the brand takes a bronze-winning step into the world of baby bathing with this soft, fluffy towel.

Made from 100% cotton, the towel has a warm brushed cotton inner hood for extra snuggliness, and the attractive star print makes it a lovely gift for newborn babies.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Silentnight Safe Nights Hooded Towel:

“I love that this towel is so soft even after numerous washes. I’ve used this towel over and over with my son and it’s as soft now as when it first came out of the packaging. It’s super absorbent and helps dry my son’s skin without rubbing him. I would definitely recommend this towel. It ticks every box.” Mum of 3, Dawn

You can buy the Silentnight Safe Nights Hooded Towel from: Very and Amazon


4. Philips Avent Bath and Room Baby Thermometer, £19

More reliable (and cuter) than dipping your elbow in the bath, Philips’ flower takes the guesswork out of bathtime. Its accurate digital display lets you know when the water is the perfect temperature for little ones. It also floats in the water, so toddlers can use also it as fun bath toy.

Afterwards, place it in their bedroom if you want to keep an eye on the room temperature overnight. If you’re expecting, you can also use it yourself to monitor your own bath temperature, which should be warm, rather than hot during pregnancy. Battery included.

You can buy Philips Avent Bath and Room Baby Thermometer from: John Lewis, Boots and Amazon.


5. Angelcare Soft Touch Baby Bath Seat, £27.99

This clever bath seat is designed to keep babies from 6-12 months safe and comfortable whilst they sit in the bath.

The stable seat, that will fit in an ordinary bath, is made from lightweight and durable plastic, and the seat has drain holes allowing soapy water to be washed away from your baby’s skin.

The suction cup legs keep the seat securely in place, it is mould resistant and the seat reaches bath temperature quickly so that baby feels warm and secure.

You can buy Angelcare Soft Touch Baby Bath Seat from: Amazon.


6. Skip Hop Moby Smart sling 3-stage baby tub, £40

A bathtub that can be adjusted as your baby grows – genius! Initially the tub will provide baby with full body support and as they grow, the sling seat can fix into various positions as baby gets stronger, until eventually they can sit in the Moby with no support.

The Moby Smart Sling tub is a versatile and brightly coloured baby bath tub, with a swivel hook which allows you to hang it up and out of the way on a shower hand or towel rail, while the plastic is PVC and Phthalate free.

You can buy the Skip Hop Moby Smart sling 3-stage baby tub from: John Lewis and JoJo Maman Bebe.


7. Splash About Pals, £7.99

A must for a teething baby in the bath, these splash about pals, are designed for little ones who need things to chew on! Playful, ready to splash in the bath and made from 100% natural rubber that is free from any nasties and perfect for chewing!

You can buy Splash About Pals from: SwimBabes


8. Munchkin Grippy Dots, £9 for six

Simple yet effective, these grippy dots can be suctioned onto your bathroom floor to keep your little one safe after bath time. The suction dots can also be put into the bath to keep your busy toddler or baby safe. On top of that the red dots matt features a technology which will tell you if the water is too hot for your child, over 40C, when the word HOT appears in the centre.

You can buy Grippy Dots from: Munchkin and Amazon.


9. Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy, £6.99

A little one’s bathtime is as much about playing as it is about getting them clean. This fun and interactive bath toy has three rings to throw on the floating octopus’ tentacles. It helps develop hand-eye coordination and provides endless fun in the bath. From 18 months upwards.

You can buy the Octopus Floating Bath Toy from: Nuby and Amazon.


10. Munchkin Bath Kneeler, £8.50

One for the parents this time! With multiple nappy changes, pretending to be a horsey and reaching down to retrieve toys, mum and dad’s knees often get a hard workout.

Treat yourself, or a new parent, to this ergonomically designed cushion to protect as they kneel at bathtime. It offers cushioned support with a water-resistant finish, an easy-to-grip handle to pick up from the wet floor, and can be hung from the towel bar when you’re finished.

You can buy the Bath Kneeler from: Munchkin, Kidly and Amazon.


11. Cuddledry Cuddlebunny bamboo towel, £29.99

These Cuddlebear toddler towels are amazingly cute. Available in a bunny, panda or dinosaur design, they can’t fail to put a smile on your face. They are also made from super fluffy and absorbent bamboo towelling, with a generous size, so will make snuggling post-bath time all the more fun. You can also get them in two different sizes, the smaller ‘toddler’ which is for ages 1-3 and the larger ‘child’ size (£34.99), which lasts to 6 years.

You can buy the Cuddledry Cuddlebunny towel from Cuddledry directly, from Amazon or from Natural Baby Shower


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