Best bath products to use with babies and toddlers

These fantastic products are designed to make bath time safe, fun and so much easier, but they may not make you any less damp, sorry about that


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1. Original Cuddledry Handsfree Towel, £29.99

This handy bath product was designed by a couple of British mums who went on television’s Dragon’s Den with their idea of an apron style towel, that you wear. As well as preventing your clothes getting soaked while baby splashes, it also makes it much easier, not juggling a towel and a wet baby when it is time to dry off.

Maeve, mum of 2, says, “Wow what a fantastic towel! It washes really well as well and stays soft. I’ve used it every bath time since getting it. The apron idea is great to stop getting my clothes wet when having a splash time and so simple to use.”

It is a tad pricey, compared to high street towels, so, perhaps one for the baby shower list? It should last your baby until they are around 12 months old. It’s is a bit smaller than our other towel on the list, the Growtowel, but does feel a bit thicker.

Available from: Cuddledry, Amazon and Boots

2. The Gro Company Grotowel, £25

Made from Puredry Microfibre the Grotowel is a very soft towel yet highly absorbent, helping to make drying little ones quickly. Anything that helps make bath time fuss free gets a big thumbs up. Lauren, mum of 2, says, “My little girl no longer cries when she has to get out of the bath. The hood keeps her head nice and warm and the towel soaks up all the water. It’s a must have product.”

The hoods have been designed as animals, so can become part of a game.

Available from: Gro, Mothercare and Ocado

3. Munchkin Soft Rim Shampoo Rinser with Easy-Grip Handle, £4.99

Hair washing, and rinsing, can be the start of a whole lot of tears before bedtime.

You can reduce the amount of water and soap suds going in your little ones face and eyes by using a purpose made rinser.

This one by Munchkin is soft, so it moulds to the forehead directing watery suds back away from the face. Simple and effective, and inexpensive.

Available from: Amazon, Asda and Tesco

4. Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser, £8.99If you feel a simple style shampoo rinser is a missed toy opportunity, then check out this whale shape one.

Its soft rubber lip holds the forehead while the water is poured backwards. It’s not quite as user-friendly as the super-flexible Munchkin version, but still does a great job.

“Functionally it is great for keeping water out of little one’s eyes. It directs the flow very well and holds a decent amount of water so you only require a few jugs worth to wash out shampoo.” Jeanne, mum of 1

Available from: Boots, John Lewis and Amazon

5. Mothercare Aqua Pod, £30

The Aqua Pod is ideal for babies who need a bit of extra support while in the big bath.

It won’t hold down little movers, but is great for younger babies who are still prone to slipping, giving you two hands to wash and entertain.

There is a hot spot on the mat to tell you if the water is too hot, but do always test it yourself, too.

Suction cups mean the pod won’t go anywhere once its in the bath, which is reassuring, but the size and style won’t be to everyone’s taste.

Mum and MFM tester, Ruth, says, “My baby enjoyed this however I found it a little difficult to store. Personally the colour and pattern were too garish for me!”

If you fancy something simpler and don’t want to run a big bath, or don’t have one, check out the Snuggle bath, further on our list.

Available from: Mothercare, Boots and Amazon


6. Munchkin Non-Slip Grippy Dots, £9.99

Six rubberised dots with 12 suction cups each make a bright and fun addition for bath time, as well as making it a non-slip surface.

Also, the word ‘HOT!’ appears on the dots, if the water is too warm.

Talk about a multitasker, hey? It does the same job as a bath mat, albeit arguably more fun, but worth considering that it won’t cover as much of the surface area.

Available from: Amazon, Kidly and Precious Little One


7. Summer Infant My Bath Seat, £29.99

Another finalist in the MFM 2019 Awards, the My Bath Seat is similar to the aforementioned Aqua Pod, in that it supports your little one while they are in the big bath.

It does seem like quite the heavy-handed piece of kit, essentially being a highchair seat for the bath.

But it will enable you to use both hands for washing and splashing, while you know your little one is well supported. The suction cups on the side arms keep it moving about in the water.

Available from: Summer Infant, Smyths and Amazon


8. ClevaMama Splash N Wrap Apron Baby Bath Towel, £19

Similar in design to the Cuddledry towel, the ClevaMama is extra large in size so will last longer as baby gets ever bigger.

Like the Cuddledry, and the Growtowel, it also has a hood, and has the edge of costing less, although it is thinner and possibly less snuggly.

Available from: ClevaMama, Argos and Amazon

9. Shnuggle Bath, £24.95

Cleverly designed by parents, this stylish, deep bath makes washing your little one stress-free.

Using the Shnuggle means you save water not having to run a whole bath, and it lessens the risk of your baby slipping under the water.

The foam back rest provides easy bathing for newborns, while for older babies there’s a bottom support so they can sit up easily.

It is light to carry, doesn’t take up too much space, only uses two litres of water, and fits inside most sinks.

Available from: Shnuggle, Amazon and Mothercare


10. Philips Avent Bath and Room Baby Thermometer, £17.99

Double up on devices, here, with Philips’ 2-in-1 thermometer for bath and bedroom.

Submerging this in the bath will give you a more accurate reading than dipping your hand in.

It has passed toy safety standards, too, so can make a cute, as well as practical, addition to bath time.

Having it in a nursery will be a good indicator of how to dress your baby for night time, too.

Available from: Amazon, Boots and Mothercare


11. Munchkin Bath Kneeler, £9.49

Here’s something for the ‘you never knew you would need it, until baby came along’ category; basically, a foam pillow for kneeling on.

It might sound a little superfluous, but you will definitely spend a lot of time kneeling on the floor, giving baby a bath.

We can’t save your back, but do your knees a favour and invest in one of these.

Available from: Amazon, Kidly and Precious Little One

12. Water Babies Fish Family bath toys, £8.99 each

This super-cute collection of fishy friends from the baby swim school are a fin above your standard bath toys.

Suitable from birth, each of the 4 colourful characters are made from extra-squidgy natural rubber. They’re also hand-painted using natural food grade dye and paint, so teething tots can chew to their hearts content.

Best of all, the fish contain no air holes, meaning you won’t discover a build-up of mouldy water in between soaks. They’re not a cheap buy, but we reckon they’re a savvy investment as you won’t need to replace them as regularly.

Black & White Fish Inky has been specially designed for babies age 0-3 months, while older babies will love the bright colours of Smooch, Custard and Dotty.

Available from: Water Babies


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