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Best CBeebies learning programmes and toys to teach reading, maths and development skills

Alphablocks, Numberblocks, Hey Duggee, Bing, Andy’s Adventures – favourite CBeebies characters can help your kids learn vital learning skills

Best CBeebies learning packs programmes toys

1. Alphablocks Reading programme, £19.99

Age 4-5 | Teaches reading with phonics

Alphablocks full learning programme

The CBeebies Alphablocks reading programme guides parents and children through learning to read with phonics. Receiving more than 15 5-star reviews on the 5 Minute Fun shop website, this programme has proved to be really effective with both keen and reluctant learners.

“I bought this for my 5 year old as he was struggling with reading,” states one customer review. “After just 2 weeks he can now read a level 2 book independently. The key was the magazines took it step by step and with a mixture of stickers, colouring in, letter writing and colourful illustrations he was begging me to do more. A complete u-turn from the boy who didn’t want to open a book.”

The pack contains: 6 magazines, 5 Alphablocks sticker sheets, 108 letter tiles, gold star sticker sheet plus flashcards, posters, word games and puzzles.

Available from MadeForMums’ sister site 5 Minute Fun

2. Hey Duggee Puzzle clock with stand, £12.97

Age 3+ | Teaches time telling

Hey Duggee learn to tell the time clock

A colourful fun way for children to learn how to tell the time with a clock face. It also doubles as a shape sorter plus a number puzzle – all tied in with BAFTA-winning CBeebies show Hey Duggee. “My grandson loved this puzzle and can now recognise numbers 1 to 10,” states a customer review on Amazon. “He knows where they all go and he also knows most of the shapes too. A good quality product which is well made.”

Available from Amazon

3. Numberblocks Maths programme, £19.99

Age 3+ | Teaches number skills

Numberblocks numbers maths learning programme

A complete guide to learning maths – the CBeebies Numberblocks Maths programme features the 55 Numberblocks blocks to create the numbers 1-10, as well as 3 magazines (covering numbers 1-20), 3 big sticker sheets, gold stars plus a special certificate for celebrating when your child completes the magazines. There are also posters, flashcards, number games, puzzles and activities, all supporting the Early Years Curriculum. “My 3½ year old is so engaged by these,” states one customer 5-star review. “She starts school in September and these are giving her confidence and knowledge to help her with numbers. She loves playing with the blocks and completing the magazines.”

Available from 5 Minute Fun

4. Andy’s Adventures Dinosaurs pack, £17.99

Age 4+ | Detailed dinosaur learning

Andy's Dino adventure pack

A great companion to Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures Adventures on CBeebies, this pack features 3 dinosaur magazines, a card game that brings favourite dinosaurs to life, 300+ stickers, a CBeebies Andy’s Adventures toy plus an Explorers’ height chart.

Available from 5 Minute Fun

5. Bing’s First 100 Words – A lift-the-flap board book, £7.99

Age 1+ | Teaches vocabulary

Bing's 1st 100 words toddler board book

An engaging way to introduce young toddlers to a range of words, with brightly coloured Bing illustrations. With the flaps to lift, it makes learning more interactive and a touch-led experience. With 88% 5-star reviews on Amazon, one customer commented, “My daughter, who is 16 months, absolutely loves this book! She will sit for ages turning the pages and opening the little flaps. It has also taught her to say more words and she learnt them pretty quick playing with this book.”

Available from Amazon

6. Numberblocks activity cards, £3.99

Age 3+ | Teaches number skills | Great for travel

Numberblocks activity cards

Great value handy pack of CBeebies Numberblocks activity cards, which is bursting with fun ideas. There are 52 cards, which makes the pack a perfect travel game or great for ideas on a rainy day at home. The cards help children recognise numbers, learn number patterns and spot numbers in day to day experiences. The pack also features 3 fun maths games. “It’s a nice little set of cards which you can play games with,” says one customer review.

Available from 5 Minute Fun

7. In The Night Garden stacking train, £8.99 (+£2.95 delivery)

Age 18mths+ | Builds motor and matching skills

In the night garden stacking train toy

A lovely stacking train made from 20 blocks created from FSC wood, which is both a stacking toy and a pull-along. Toddlers can rearrange the passengers and re-shape the train, developing their motor skills. The train also helps build colour and shape recognition along with matching and sorting skills – so a delightful learning toy at a good value price.

Available from Aldi

8. CBeebies Numberblocks gift set, £10.99

Age 3+ | Teaches number skills

Numberblocks gift set toy

Gift set of 55 CBeebies Numberblocks 1-10, which click together easily to create number blocks. The blocks also come with puffy stickers so children can create their own Numberblocks. “My 4 year old plays with these in an imaginary way,” states one customer review, “but they are also really helpful with teaching basic number skills.”

Available from 5 Minute Fun

9. Bugbies Mix and Match, £5.95

Age 18mths+ | Builds hand/eye coordination and matching skills

Bugbies educational game

Swap bottoms, middles and tops to create a variety of fun Bugbies with 36 brightly-coloured cards. A great fun game to build concentration, colour and shape recognition and matching skills.

Available from Amazon

10. Alphablocks activity cards, £3.99

Age 3+ | Teaches reading with phonics | Great for travel

Alphablocks activity cards letter sounds

Simple and fun, these bright and visual activity cards help teach letter sounds and include a fun phonics game. With 52 cards in the pack, they can be packed into a travel bag as well as used at home.  Designed to help children put letter sounds together to make words, this is a stimulating way to introduce toddlers to the concept of learning to read.

Available from 5 Minute Fun


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