Best shoes for babies, toddlers and children

Give your child's feet the best start in shoe wear with these stylish, comfortable, well-priced and beneficial shoes from our hand picked selection of the best children's footwear range out there. Tried and tested by real mums, children and the team at MFM


1. Bobux Autumn/Winter 17/18 Collection, £20-£56, MadeForMums Awards Gold Winner

Podiatrist endorsed, New Zealand brand Bobux shoes have been making shoes for children for 25 years and this year take our Gold Award. 


Innovation, comfort, style collection introduces Kid+, extending its range beyond preschool age. The ‘Play’, ‘Street’ and ‘Classic’ styles cater for every kind of kid – from the running and jumping action kid to the cool kid on the block.

We have fallen in love with the detail and quality all over again.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Bobux collection:

“These are lovely comfortable shoes. They are stylish with good, soft soles.” Love Island star and mum of 1, Cara de la Hoyde

“These are adorable shoes that are bright, funky and easy to get on.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim 

Available from: Amazon, Kidly and Bobux


2. Young Soles, £44-£90, MadeForMums Awards Silver Winner

Young Soles is a luxury children’s footwear brand for the junior trend setter. The East London-based company prides itself on its ‘retro-cool’, classic British heritage style.

Made in Europe, the shoes are designed with kiddies’ feet in mind, featuring wide toes, comfortable soft leather and flexible outsoles. We loved the classic, quality look and feel of the shoes – reason enough to win our Silver Award this year. You certainly feel your kids’ feet are in good hands. 

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about Young Soles:

“These are very attractive shoes, but I’m not sure they’re for everyday shoes. They seem to be ‘for best’, but they certainly have cool styles.” Love Island star and mum of 1, Cara de la Hyde

“These are great occasion-wear shoes, but expensive.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

 Available from: Young Soles and alexandalexa


3. Start-rite Shoes’ Charge, £47.99-£52.99, MadeForMums Awards Bronze Winner

Every parent has worn and bought their child a pair of Start-rite shoes and considering this company has been making children’s shoes since 1792, plenty of grandparents and great grandparents have also worn this iconic British shoe brand.

Designed exclusively for the shape of children’s feet, Start-rite is the only manufacturer to provide a three-way fit for your child: length, width and growing room. 

Its newest style, Charge, includes the brand’s toughest shoes yet. The all-terrain shoe is about all things active, so if your little one is a bit of an adventurer, this is the shoe for you.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about Start-rite Shoe’s Charge:

“These shoes are a nice idea, seem very flexible.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

“The reinforced toe is very useful for adventurous little ones.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

Available from: Amazon, John Lewis and Start-rite


4. PLAE, from £40.00 

Designed by a footwear specialist with help from an orthopaedic surgeon, PLAE shoes, from the USA, feature incredibly funky and customisable designs, orthopaedic elements and ethical production values. 

The PLAE shoe range is suitable for children with or without special orthopaedic needs. The shoes come with the choice of a interchangeable Velcro straps called tabs, which come in a myriad of crazy and cool colours and designs. So your child could really have their very own unique shoe-wear.

Amazingly, the shoes are also manufactured in a solar powered, fair labour factory using recycled milk jugs, water based glues, and also have a vegan option!

What our reviewers say about PLAE shoes: 

“Lovely designs that children will love to wear. Soft and comfortable – excellent for kids who need supportive shoes.” Rachel, mum of 2

“Fabulous designs and colours, I really like how they are made and it is great that they go up to 18 years of age.” Katie, mum of 1

“Great shoes providing support whilst looking bright and fun. Love that they are so funky.” Patrick, dad of 2

Available from: Amazon, Plae and Happy Little Soles


5. Sun San Saltwater, from £36

We adore this American cult classic. Since the 1940s, Salt-Water has made this summer sandal. It is coated with a water resistant sealant, which makes it perfect for running around come rain or shine, sand or ocean!

These days there is a fantastic kids’ collection with super range of styles, colours and patters, so you will find one for any taste.

Available from Saltwater


6. Clarks, from £22

With an impressive history of nearly 200 years, Clarks has long been a highstreet favourite with parents flocking to its stores for first shoes, school shoes and everything in between. They have a huge range of girls and boys shoes.

These are perhaps a bit gender-biased on occasion, but its value for money keeps on drawing in parents and their little ones.

Available from: Clarks


7. Ricosta, from £39

This German brand has been manufacturing children’s shoes for more than 40 years. We love that their brand suits so many different foot shapes and sizes, providing fabulous comfort for little feet.

Made in Europe, they are also super functional, made in breathable, soft leather and nubuck, with removable insoles.

Their infant range, Pepino, has been developed in conjunction with orthopedic and medical specialists, which is great to know when considering those first walkers.

Available from Ricosta, Amazon and The Children’s Shoe Company


8. Kickers, from £30

We have a soft spot for this iconic brand, which graced our own feet way back when.

The first Kickers boot was created in the 1970 by designer Daniel Raufast who wanted a boot to work with jeans.

Since then they have evolved a popular children’s brand, which aims to give kids room to grow through age appropriate design and materials, and promises comfort and durability.

Kickers puts its shoes through 50 wear tests to make them truly playground proof, and its range of colours and finishes make them a fun shoe for generations to come.

Available from Kickers


9. Pediped Originals, from £29.95

American brand Pediped was started by a mother who wanted the best for her child’s developing feet.

Its Originals range is based on the knowledge that, during the early stage of a child’s development, its footwear should allow the foot to adopt its natural shape.

Other ranges followed, catering for all ages – from early steps to confident walkers – but all based on sound foot health.

 Available from Pediped


10. Livie & Luca, from £20

We love the bright and quirky shoes from this brand. They are super comfortable and have some great unisex options too.

Available from Livie & Luca

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