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20 of the best first Father’s Day gifts for new dads and Fathers-to-be

Make a Dad-to-be or a new dad feel special on their first Father's Day, with gift ideas ranging from sentimental to funny starting at just £3

Best first Father's Day gifts for new dads and Fathers-to-be

Becoming a father is a really exciting time, and maybe they’ve been looking forward to being able to celebrate Father’s Day as a Father for years. Therefore, getting them a special gift to mark the occasion is a lovely idea and we’ve created a list with all the best gifts for fathers-to-be and brand new dads so they can feel extra special and loved on their first Father’s Day.


There’s a range of gifts from jokey to sentimental, depending on their style (and yours). There are also gifts with a range of prices: whether you want to splurge or have to stick to a budget, you’ll find the perfect gift to make their day.

We’ve also chosen some more general Father’s Day gifts if you need further inspiration. If you don’t want to spend money on a gift or want to make a little extra something, take a look at our homemade Father’s Day gifts. For more gifting content, we also have best baby gifts and best gifts for new mums and mums-to-be.

Best Father’s Day gifts for Fathers-to-be at a glance

  • Best gift for a sentimental message: Dad to Be Sleepsuit Stork Mail From Mummy’s Tummy, £23.99
  • Best gift for self-care: Daddy To Be Pamper Gift, from £12.49
  • Best gift for capturing milestones: Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera, £69.99
  • Best gift for displaying the ultrasound: Personalised Baby Ultrasound Leather and Metal Keyring, £12.50
  • Best gift for getting out the house: Comedy Night for Two, £25
  • Best gift for preparing the Father-to-be: The New Dad’s Survival Guide, £10.99
  • Best for a jokey gift: First Time Dad Beer Labels, £12.02
  • Best gift for capturing the Father-baby bond: Father and Child Photoshoot, £19.50
  • Best budget gift: Daddy To Be Survival Kit From Baby Bump, £5.55
  • Best gift for matching clothes: Daddy Bear Baby and Dad T-shirt Set, £28

Best Father’s Day gifts for new dads at a glance

  • Best for a sentimental gift: First Father’s Day Personalised Children’s Book, £20.95
  • Best budget gift: All New Dad Jokes Book, £3
  • Best gift for helping carrying baby: Film Advanced 4-in-1 Baby Carrier, £35
  • Best arty gift: First Father’s Day Dad and Baby Portrait, from £60
  • Best gift for early mornings: Whittard Coffees of the World, £28
  • Best for a gift for Dad and baby: Personalised Born in 2022 New Daddy Gift Set, £22
  • Best gift for emotional wellbeing: Canvas One Line A Day Journal, £11.99
  • Best for a practical gift: Babymel George Eco Backpack Changing Bag, £60
  • Best for a relaxing gift: Mini Massage Cushion, £30
  • Best gift for keeping baby mementos: Personalised Photo Frame Keepsake Box, £19.99

Our pick of the best first Father’s Day gifts for Fathers-to-be

1. Dad To Be Sleepsuit Stork Mail From Mummy’s Tummy, £23.99

– Best for a sentimental message

If you want to give the Father-to-be a sentimental message, this is a beautiful way to do it. You can personalise the babygrow with a message from the baby and the package has a lovely letter/scroll where you can write a heartfelt message from baby.

The garment will arrive in a soft organic printed bag with the personalised scroll in a fun Stork Mail box. This gift isn’t just great for the dad-to-be but it’s also an adorable gift for the baby when it’s born.

Available from: Not On The High Street

2. Daddy To Be Pamper Gift, from £12.49

– Best for self-care

Becoming a new Dad can be stressful. A box full of pampering and relaxing goodness may be just what the father-to-be is after.

The gift box has lots of different options depending on how much you want to spend. There’s the mini letterbox gift set which includes a face pack, pore strip or eye patches, bath salts, herbal teas, a candle, a chocolate heart, a galaxy chocolate bar, foam flowers and a gift note.

Or, you can opt for the premium box which is £21 and includes; exfoliating buffer, face pack, foot pack, pore strip, eye patches, body wash, body cream, bath salts, herbal teas, candles, chocolate hearts and foam flowers and a gift note. There are also optional added extras to choose from if you wish; a wish bracelet and lavender oil.

All the gifts are presented in a white postal box with tissue paper and foam flowers with the message “Daddy to be” unless requested otherwise.

Available from: Etsy

3. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera, £69.99

– Best for capturing milestones

This is one of the more expensive gifts on this list, however, when you have a baby you want nothing more than to document all their milestones to look back on, perhaps even the pregnancy. Sometimes taking pictures on your phone isn’t enough and you want a physical copy to keep in your wallet, purse or just around the house.

With the Fujifilm Instax you can take snapshots of the baby’s special moments, document the growth of the bump and have the physical picture instantly.

This camera is the perfect size for on the go too, it can easily fit into the changing bag. It has a built-in selfie lens and selfie mirror and automatic exposure. The prints come out credit card sized and the camera has a hand strap to keep you from dropping it.

You can choose from pink, black, white, lilac or blue.

It is worth noting that on top of this initial cost they will need to buy film fairly often so it’s worth considering the additional costs when purchasing.

Available from: Boots, Argos and Amazon

4. Personalised Baby Ultrasound Leather and Metal Keyring, £12.50

– Best for displaying the ultrasound

Getting an ultrasound is such a special moment throughout pregnancy. However, once you get handed the images, you don’t always know what to do them and they may just end up in a wallet or on the side.

With this personalised keyring the Dad to be can carry the ultrasound image on your keys at all times with a sweet personalised message.

Just add the message and they will get in touch for the photograph and you will be sent the wonderful gift, ready to give to the father-to-be on Father’s Day.

Available from: Not On The High Street

5. Comedy Night for Two, £25

– Best for getting out the house

Once the baby is born the new dad may not have as much time as he used to, therefore a comedy night out before the baby is born would be very much appreciated.

On the comedy night for 2 they can, sit down, relax and enjoy a night together, it would even be a lovely treat for the mum-to-be too if they went together, making for quality couple time before the baby arrives.

There are a range of locations across the UK to choose from with 3 top-class comedians providing entertainment each night.

Available from: Virgin Experience Days

6. The New Dad’s Survival Guide, £10.99

– Best for preparing the Father-to-be

If the Father-to-be is slightly stressed about becoming a Dad or wants to find out more this survival guide will make a perfect gift.

It’s not just informative but it’s also entertaining. The book covers what to expect in the first 18 months and provides the soon to be Dad with tools to help him be the best Dad he can be. It also discusses how to bond with your baby, support their development, manage finances, working arrangements and more.

You may buy this book for them as a joke, but, once they sit down and read it, they may find it more useful than they once thought.

Available from: Amazon

7. First Time Dad Beer Labels, £12.02

– Best for a jokey gift

If you’re after a small funny gift to give the dad-to-be this Father’s Day these beer labels are a great idea. The set of 4 includes; sleepless nights label, dirty diapers label, 3 am feedings label and drool and spit up label with I love Daddy and best Daddy ever necker labels.

The beer is not included, you simply buy the beer yourself and stick the labels onto the beer. It’s recommended you remove the original labels on the bottles before sticking these on.

It makes a really funny gift that will make the dad-to-be chuckle, and he can really drink them according to the label. The beer itself will also make a very much appreciated gift when he’s having to deal with dirty nappies!

Available from: Etsy

8. Father and Child Photoshoot, £19.50

– Best for capturing the Father-baby bond

The Father and Child photoshoot is a lovely gift to capture the beautiful bond between Dad and child. Giving this to a Father-to-be means they can do the photoshoot with their newborn child once it arrives and cherish the pictures forever.

When at the photoshoot they can chose from a multiple of background options as they interact and pose together. At the end they can view all the photos and go home with a complimentary 5 x 7″ print. There are over 50 studio locations nationwide to choose from.

Available from: Virgin Experience Days

9. Daddy To Be Survival Kit From Baby Bump, £5.55

– Best budget gift

If you’re after a small inexpensive gift from bump to Dad then this fun novelty survival kit may be just what you’re after. The bag contains a keepsake baby feet charm wish keyring. All the contents that are gifted in a little blue bag are listed on the front card with an explanation as to why it’s in there. A few examples are; Coffee, to keep you going through the sleepless nights ahead and a penny, because every penny will count when I arrive.

It’s a thoughtful and great value gift that’ll make the father-to-be excited and feel special on his first Father’s Day.

Available from: Etsy

10. Daddy Bear Baby And Dad T-Shirt Set, £28

– Best for matching clothes

This matching babygrow and T-shirt means the dad-to-be can match with his baby once it’s born. The cute pair includes a men’s cotton t-shirt with the words ‘Daddy Bear’ available in in either grey or navy and a baby bodysuit in white with the words ‘Baby Bear’.

It’s a great gift to really get them excited for the arrival of their baby and celebrate their first Father’s Day.

Available from: Not On The High Street

Our selection of the best first Father’s Day gifts for new Dads

1. First Father’s Day Personalised Children’s Book, £20.95

– Best for a sentimental gift

With this First Father’s Day book you can help the new dad celebrate their first number of days being a Dad. There’s a calculator on the site to help you work out the number of days they’ve been a Dad. It’s important to remember, you want it from the date given to them (Father’s Day) not the date of ordering.

The adorable book is written on behalf of the baby, thanking Dad for all the wonderful things he does with beautiful animal illustrations. The book can be completely personalised when you answer the questions to fill in the book.

Available from: Letterfest

2. All New Dad Jokes Book, £3

– Best budget gift

If you’re looking for a budget first Father’s Day gift, this is great. It’s a running joke that Dads tell bad jokes, with this book, the new Dad can read and, let’s be honest most likely recite all these cringe worthy jokes throughout his child’s life and do the job of being a Dad correctly.

The book is written by the most followed dad jokes page on Instagram @DadSaysJokes.

Available from: Amazon

3. Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Baby Carrier, £35

– Best for helping carrying baby

One thing a new Dad will always be grateful for is an easy way to carry his new baby and take them on adventures with him. Therefore, a baby carrier is a great idea.

This Infantino baby carrier gives the new Dad 4 ways to carry his baby. The headrest supports the baby’s head and the nape of very young babies. The ergonomic seat enables you to adjust the width and padded shoulders straps for the baby and Dad’s comfort. The adjustable belt also helps keep baby secure. It also comes with a handy dribble bib to protect Dad’s clothing and the carrier. The carrier is machine washable too.

Available from: Argos

4. First Father’s Day Dad and Baby Portrait, from £60

– Best for an arty gift

It’s likely there’s lots of photos of Dad and his new baby. However, getting a hand painted portrait done of one of the pictures is such a special gift, especially for Dad’s who love art.

The hand-drawn line illustration is coloured in watercolours and all prints come with a cardboard mount and framing is available. Each illustration takes around 7 days to be completed. All you have to do is send the picture of Dad and baby that you want drawn along with any message you want written on the picture.

Available from: Etsy

5. Whittard Coffees of the World, £28

– Best for early mornings

Being a new Dad means sleepless nights and early mornings. There’s nothing a new Dad will appreciate more than extra energy. This Whittard coffee set offers just that. With a great selection of coffee, the new sleep deprived Dad can pick a flavour to try each morning and appreciate the much needed energy boost.

The set has coffees from countries ranging from; India, South America, Africa, Brazil, Indonesia and the Caribbean. There are light roasts, dark roasts, chocolately coffee and sweet and fruity to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Available from: John Lewis

6. Personalised Born in 2022 New Daddy Gift Set, £22

– Best for a gift for Dad and baby

This first Father’s Day gift is also a gift for baby with its mug for the new dad personalised with their name and the year they became a Dad and the soft grey bunny toy for baby.

The set is beautifully gift boxed with a special message to brighten their day.

Available from: My 1st Years

7. Canvas One Line A Day Journal, £11.99

– Best for emotional wellbeing

We’ve mentioned how wonderful becoming a new Dad can be, but, on the flipside it can be exhausting and a stressful time which can really impact mental health. It’s always good to take some time out, put pen to paper and journal about your day. Being a new Dad they may not have much time to do that, so, this one line a day journal is a fantastic way to help the new Dad’s emotional wellbeing without eating into their time.

They can jot down ideas or highlights of their day, getting a page a day. It’s a great way for them to look back too. As you can see what you were doing exactly this day a year or so ago, it’s also a lovely way to see how much the child has grown up and things have changed.

Available from: Amazon

8. Babymel George Eco Backpack Changing Bag, £60

– Best for a practical gift

Again, this is one of the more expensive gifts on the list, but it will sure get its use! This stylish changing bag is perfect for new dads. It’s universal, versatile and lightweight. It’s made from water-resistant fabric and has lots of features to make life as a new dad that bit easier.

The large zipped front pockets can hold essentials that need to be grabbed quickly such as nappies, there’s even an easy-wipes side pocket with a dispenser slot for pulling wipes through. A discreet compartment to keep valuable secure and hidden, padded tech pocket and padded adjustable back straps and integrated stroller attachments to make carrying the bag easy and painless.

The bag also comes with a machine washable changing mat.

Available from: John Lewis

9. Mini Massage Cushion, £30

– Best for a relaxing gift

A new Dad may have aches and pains from carrying their baby around all the time, or, they may just need to relax. Gift your Dad some relaxation and comfort this Father’s Day with a mini massage cushion. The multiuse massager has a rotation massage with 4 pressure points and an optional heat mode to really help soothe any aches and pains.

The new Dad will be forever grateful for this gift when he’s got a bad back or a pain in his shoulder.

Available from: MenKind

10. Personalised Photo Frame Keepsake Box, £19.99

– Best for keeping baby mementos

When you have a baby there are so many tiny mementos you want to keep safe and cherish, whether that’s their hospital bracelet, their first tooth, anything at all. This keepsake box is perfect for storing all those little things whilst having the added bonus of displaying photos.

Gift this to a new Dad on their first Father’s Day with pictures of them and their baby. The box can hold 5 photographs (7 x 7cm) and you can personalise it with a special message.


Available from: Prezzybox

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