39 of the best Halloween costumes for babies, toddlers and children

Great value kids' Halloween costumes including spiders, pumpkins, dragons, witches, monsters and vampires for newborns to pre-teens, from just £6


Scary or cute? Monster or mummy? Halloween costumes come in all shapes, sizes and pointy ears this year with a big selection for toddlers and kids – and even spooky outfits for newborn babies.


Remember with babies and toddlers, costumes may not be the most comfy to wear, so don’t expect your child to stay dressed as a pumpkin all day. Several toddler outfits are all-in-onesies, which may mean some deft work when it’s time to change a nappy – plus if you’re potty training, your child’s going to need a little bit more time to undress!

39 of the best baby, toddler and kids’ Halloween costumes…

1. Itsy Bitsy Spider, £21.99

itsy bitsy spider

This jumpsuit with fabric spider legs is a lot of fun, especially the little furry hood. The bodysuit fastens easily with poppers and velcro and is fully machine washable.

Size: 6 – 24 months
Price: £21.99
Available from: Party Delights

2. Halloween Personalised Pumpkin Romper, £22

not on the high street romper

Dress your tot in classic Halloween fare – pumpkins! – with this black, footless romper. We love that you can add their name, too.

Size: 3 – 18 months
Price: £22
Available from: Not On The High Street

3. Halloween Pumpkin Glittering Fancy Dress Costume, £9

Halloween pumpkin dress

Too good just for Halloween, this completely gorgeous pumpkin orange and green sparkly dress plus headband will be the belle of any Witch’s ball. And it’s only £9!

Size: 1-4 years
Price: £9
Available from: George at Asda

4. Glow in the Dark Skeleton All In One, £10.50


In comfy cotton, this skeletal onesie has handy poppers for those urgent nappy changes – and best of all it’s glow in the dark. Love the little spooky spiders.

Sizes: New baby – 18 months
Price: £10.50
Available from: Mothercare

5. Baby Blue Monster Onesie, £18.95

baby blue monster costume

The Baby Blue Monster Onesie features horns and a tail. It fastens with velcro and a zip.

Sizes: 6 months – 2 years
Price: £18.95
Available from: Pretend To Bee

6. Mummy’s Little Monster Outfit, £6

mummys lil monster outfit

This baby-friendly take on a mummy is perfect for first time trick-or-treaters.

Size: 0 – 18 months
Price: £6
Available from: ASDA

7. Harry Potter Black Gryffindor costume, £10

Harry Potter costume

Meow! A black all-in-one for your tot with pawprints on the feet, a ‘tail’ on the back, and an adorable little hat with cat ears.

Size: 3 – 12 years
Price: £15
Available from: Mothercare

8. Dinky Dino, £19.99

dinky dino baby costume

Rawr! Your child will look adorable in this striped dinosaur bodysuit. Comes with skid-resistant pads on the feet and opens with snap buttons on the back, so it’s easy to change nappies.

Size: 6 – 24 months
Price: £19.99
Available from: Angels Fancy Dress

9. Homemade Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby Costume, £14.95

marshmallow man baby costume

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? Probably not a baby Ghostbuster, so why not dress ’em up as the iconic ‘80s film’s Marshmallow Man, instead?

Size: 0 – 18 months (US sizes)
Price: £14.95
Available from: Etsy

10. Super Cute Boo Ghost Outfit, £11.37

boo hoodie

Whether you’re staying in or going out, this stylish (and comfy) hoodie/leggings combo is sure to be a hit. It’s just cool enough that you can make it work past October, too.

Size: 6 – 24 months
Price: £11.37
Available from: Pat Pat

11. Baby Wolf Costume, £15.99

wolf costume

Looking for something different to a dinosaur, bat or spider costume? How about a toothy wolf, instead?

Size: 0 – 24 months
Price: £15.99
Available from: Fancy Dress Ball

12. Too Cute To Spook Halloween Baby Bodysuit, £10.99

too cute to spook bodysuit

Want to mark the occasion but don’t want to go all out with a costume for your little one? This Halloween-themed bodysuit is the perfect option.

Size: 0 – 12 months, various
Price: £10.99
Available from: Tiny Treasures on Etsy

13. Infant Li’l Pumpkin Onesie, £24.99

infant lil pumpkin onesie

A bright, colourful and cosy romper – complete with smiling face detailing on the chest, and a pumpkin hat. Look at that leafy collar!

Size: 0 – 12 months, various
Price: £24.99
Available from: Halloween Costumes

14. Baby Witch Dress Up, £22

baby witch

The witch costume is a Halloween classic for grown-ups, so why not go matchy-matchy with this detailed baby version?

Size: 0 – 12 months
Price: £22
Available from: Time To Dress Up

15. Halloween Devil Fairy Fancy Dress, £9

cute devil outfit

A pretty, fairy-fied red devil dress, with wings, a devil horn headband and gold detailing along the dress.

Size: 12 months – 6 years
Price: £9
Available from: ASDA

16. Wilko Bloodsucking Vampire Halloween Costume, £10

vampire wilko

Unfortunately, we’ve found vampire costumes hard to come by this year. But what’s Halloween without a visit from the *spoooooky* Dracula?

Size: 3 – 10 years
Price: £10
Available from: Wilko

17. M&S Pumpkin Fancy Dress, £14

m&s pumpkin costume

This colourful, padded pumpkin costume has super soft fabric, and a matching hat. It’s also Velcro fasten, which means no buttons to mess with for mum and dad.

Size: 18 months – 4 years
Price: £14
Available from: Marks & Spencer

18. H&M Green Alien Fancy Dress Cape, £8.99

hm alien cape

We like this alien cape because it’s a bit silly and offers a pop of colour to darker Halloween outfits. There also aren’t many aliens out trick or treating on All Hallows Eve, so it’s a bit different from your standard fare…

Size: 1.5 – 6 years, 6 – 10 years
Price: £8.99
Available from: H&M

19. Iddy Biddy Bat baby costume, £15.99

Baby bat Halloween costume

What could be cuter than a mini baby bat with little felt wings (attached by Velcro), ears and spooky eyes – well, perhaps those little spotty feet…

Size: 3-24 months
Price: £15.99
Available from: Party Delights

20. Kid’s OnePumpkin Costume, £4.99


Simple, cute and bright! Wear it over leggings and it’s a no fuss but adorable costume.

Size: 2-4 years
Price: £4.99
Available from: Aldi

21. Hatchimals Dragon Costume, from £14.99

Hatchimals dragon costume

Do you have a big fan of Hatchimals? Then this wild costume is a cracker, with a padded eggshell and shoe covers.

Size: X-small to Medium
Price: £14.99-£30.99
Available from: Halloween Costumes

22. Fright Queen Costume, £4.99


Gorgeous ombre/tie dye Halloween-style prom dress complete with Miss Fright Queen sash.

Sizes: 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-10 years
Price: £4.99
Available from: Aldi

23. Cat Pinafore, £44

cat pinafore

This one is a little on the pricey side, but it’s a quirky take on a typical cat costume. (Just add whiskers).

Sizes: 6 months – 7 years
Price: £44
Available from: Not On The High Street

24. Halloween Spooky Scientist Fancy Dress, £9

mad scientist halloween costume

Wanna keep it simple yet creepy for Halloween 2019? Get your little one this mad scientist costume – comprised of loose green trousers, a t-shirt and bow tie, and a hat (with wig and glasses attached).

Size: 12 months – 6 years
Price: £9 +
Available from: ASDA

25. Travis Designs Wizard Costume With Crooked Hat, £22.40

wizard cape

Wizard costumes are usually reserved for Harry Potter fans – so we like this gender neutral, Hogwarts-free, wizardy cape with big sleeves, a popped collar and a fab pointy hat.

Size: 3 – 8 years
Price: £22.40
Available from: Costume Chest

26. Melissa & Doug Pirate Role Play Costume, £17.24

costume pirate

Forget the local Halloween party, it’s time to hit the High Seas! And look like a spooky pirate in the process. This set comes with the outfit, a felt hat, a soft sword and an eyepatch.

Size: 3 years +
Price: £17.24
Available from: Ocado and House Of Fraser (for £22)

27. Zombie Punk Costume, £20.99

zombie punk

Nothing says Halloween like a terrifying zombie. This one’s a bit punk – and comes with studded gloves, a leather-like jacket and a vinyl face mask. For older, not-so-easily scared kids!

Size: 6 – 12 years (M/L)
Price: £20.99
Available from: Fancy Dress

28. Deluxe Devil Costume, £15.99

kids devil halloween costume

This devilish number is dark red and comes not with a pitchfork (£3 extra) but with wings, instead.

Size: 4 – 12 years
Price: £15.99
Available from: Smiffys

29. Day Of The Dead Dress, £18.99

day of the dead dress

This colourful skeleton costume is inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead. The fun tutu dress has a skeleton print and flowers, finished with a sugar skull-style eye mask.

Size: 3-12 years
Price: £18.99
Available from: Party Delights

30. Mad Hatter Children’s Costume, £22.99

mad hatter john lewis

Up your child’s fancy dress game with this VERY cool and creepy Alice In Wonderland-inspired get-up. For kids with a quirky personality!

Size: 5 – 6 years
Price: £22.99
Available from: John Lewis

31. Kids’ Zombie Fancy Dress Up, £22

brown and green

Consider us spooked by the long-sleeved, green and brown zombie suit for older kids – which features a mesh design and lots of cool rips.

Size: 3 – 12 years
Price: £19 – £22
Available from: Marks & Spencer

32. John Lewis Monster Claw Boot Slippers, £16

john lewis monster boot slippers

Not every child will be trick or treating outside the house this year, and what’s wrong with that? Especially when you can bring the Halloween fun to bedtime – with these awesome monster slippers.

Shoe size: 9 Junior – 6
Price: £16 – £18
Available from: John Lewis

33. Rubies Neon Skeleton Dressing Costume, £14.99

neon skeleton

This costume from world-renowned costume makers Rubies features a full-length bodysuit with glow in the dark bones and a full face mask.

Size: 3 – 6 years
Price: £14.99
Available from: John Lewis

34. Kids Cursed Werewolf Costume, £22.99

werewolf costume

As your child becomes a teen, why not trade in the cute wolf costume for this shudder-worthy werewolf mask and claws set? Shirt included, too.

Size: 14 – 15 years
Price: £22.99
Available from: Fancy Dress

35. Star Wars Stormtrooper Fancy Dress Costume With Sound, £8

stormtrooper costume

Become part of the Galactic Empire with this fabric Stormtrooper jumpsuit and mask. Princess Leias all over the galaxy will ask: “Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?” And your child will be able to respond with the mask’s built in soundbox!

Size: 3 – 8 years
Price: £8
Available from: ASDA

36. Frankenstein’s Monster Costume, £13.99


If your little one fancies scaring the neighbours, this Frankenstein’s monster outfit (complete with top, trousers and headpiece) should definitely do the trick. Use black and white face paint for the full frightening effect.

Size: 3 – 10 years (S/M/L)
Price: £13.99
Available from: Joke

37. The Gruffalo, £21.99


‘Oh help, oh no, it’s the Gruffalo’. This plush all-in-one Gruffalo suit is made of soft velour with a padded hood and felt purple prickles along the back, and is great for Book Day and other school dress-up occasions.

Size: 3 – 5 years, and 5 – 7 years
Price: £21.99
Available from: Very

38. Bat Cape, £13.99

bat cape

This bat cape is a purse-friendly addition to any child’s fancy dress box and is especially ideal for Halloween. Comes with a hood with fang detail – just dress them in all black underneath.

Size: 4 -12 years
Price: £13.99
Available from: Littlewoods

39. Wilko Webbed Spider Witch, £10

spider witch

We think the webbed cap sleeves and the spider decoration on the front of this witch outfit help it stand out, and make it especially cute. Uhhh, cute? We mean scary, obvs…

Size: 3 – 10 years
Price: £10
Available from: Wilko

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