Scary or cute? Monster or mummy? Halloween costumes come in all shapes, sizes and pointy ears this year with a big selection for toddlers and kids - and even spooky outfits for newborn babies.


Remember with babies and toddlers, costumes may not be the most comfy to wear, so don't expect your child to stay dressed as a pumpkin all day. Several toddler outfits are all-in-onesies, which may mean some deft work when it's time to change a nappy - plus if you're potty training, your child's going to need a little bit more time to undress!

34 of the best baby, toddler and kids' Halloween costumes...

1. Little Spooky Spider, £13.49

Sizes: 3-24 months

baby spider costume

This jumpsuit with orange foot coverings is a lot of fun, especially the little furry spider hood. The rompers fastens easily with velcro on the detachable legs and cute spider hood – handy if your baby finds them uncomfortable.

Available from: Party Delights

2. Baby Pumpkin Halloween Romper Costume, £38

Sizes: 3 months-4 years

A halloween romper on a black hanger

Dress your tot in classic Halloween fare - pumpkins! - with this orange, footless romper. We love that you can add a glittery initial, and it's available as a girls dress, too.

Available from: Not On The High Street

3. Petitebelle Fairy Costume Dress, £21.99

Sizes: 1-10 years

Petitebelle Fairy Costume Dress

Too good just for Halloween, this completely gorgeous pumpkin-inspired fairy dress plus wings will be the belle of any Witch's ball.

Available from: Amazon

4. Glow in the Dark Skeleton Romper, £21.99

Sizes: 3-18 months

Glow In the Dark Skeleton All-In-One Glow In The Dark - Baby

This skeletal onesie has handy poppers for those urgent nappy changes - and best of all it's glow in the dark! An easy but super cool Halloween costume for your baby that requires minimal effort.

Available from: Etsy

5. Baby Blue Monster Onesie, from £15.41

Sizes: 6 months-3 years

The Baby Blue Monster Onesie with horns and a tail is super cute and not too scary! It also fastens with velcro and a zip, making it easy to put on.

Available from: Amazon

6. Boys skeleton clothes set, from £11.48

Sizes: 1-7 years

Skeleton themed cotton top and trousers

This kid-friendly take on a skeleton is perfect for first time trick-or-treaters. And in a soft cotton fabric, it should also be comfy for kids who aren't too keen on traditional fancy dress.

Available from: Amazon

7. Kids Harry Potter Fancy Dress Costume, £18.50

Sizes: 5-12 years

A harry potter costume on a white background

For £18.50 get everything you need to transform your little Potter fan into the wizarding hero including a tie, Harry's glasses and a wand.

Available from: Matalan

8. Triceratops Dinosaur Costume, from £15.57

Sizes: 6 month-9 years

A small child wearing a dinosaur costume

Rawr! Your child will look adorable in this ultra-soft, velour tie-dyed onesie. The embossed and plush Triceratops hood features embroidered eyes & eyebrows, as well as striking gold, knitted horns, finished off with a plush dinosaur tail at the rear.

Available from: Amazon

9. Jack Skellington Childs Halloween Costume, from £19.98

Sizes: 3-10 years

A boy dressed in a jack skellington costume

Inspired by Disney classic The Nightmare Before Christmas, this Jack Skellington comes with some great details including a printed jacket, matching Trousers, bat bow tie and mask.

Available from: Amazon

10. Halloween Peppa Pig Witch Costume, from £11.20

Sizes: 1-6 years

A black and pink peppa pig costume

Peppa Pig fans, this one's for you! Whether you're staying in or going out, this cute tulle layer dress with a witch's hat is sure to be a hit. Pair with some sparkly tights or patterned leggings to complete the spooky outfit.

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Available from: Argos

11. Baby Wolf Costume, from £14.99

Sizes: 0-24 months

Looking for something different to a dinosaur, bat or spider costume? How about a toothy wolf, instead? We particularly love the matching furry booties!

Available from: Amazon

12. Blade and Rose Fluffy Pumpkin Leggings, £10

Sizes: 0-4 years

blade and rose

We love the fluffy Pumpkin face on the back of these leggings, which come in a soft and stretchy material that'll make a comfortable alternative to more traditional Halloween costumes. Pair with a plain top for a super easy costume for your baby!

Available from: Cotswold Baby Co

13. Pirate Costume, £13.98

Sizes: 3-8 years

pirate costume

Everything your little pirate needs to sail the high seas! For under £10 you'll get a sailor shirt, black vest and cropped trousers with a red belt. For an additional £1.80 you can add a sword and eye patch to complete the costume.

Available from: Amazon

14. Baby Witch Costume, £34.99

Sizes: 0-24 months

The witch costume is a Halloween classic for grown-ups, so why not go matchy-matchy with this detailed baby version?

Available from: Joker's Masquerade

15. Pumpkin Cutie Pie, £13.59

Sizes: 1-4 years

pumpkin costume

You can't get much cuter than a toddler dressed as a pumpkin and this super soft costume with a smiley face will do just the job. Just pop it over a black long-sleeve top and some black leggings or tights – and don't forget the stalk hat!

Available from: Party Delights

16. Vampire Costume, from £21.19

Sizes: 3-10 years

vampire costume

Unfortunately, we've found vampire costumes hard to come by this year. But what's Halloween without a visit from the *spoooooky* Dracula?

Available from: Amazon

17. Kids Dragon Cape, £34.99

Sizes: 2-6 years

A shiny green dragon cape

We like this scaly green dragon cape because it offers a pop of colour to darker Halloween outfits. There also aren't many dragons out trick or treating on All Hallows Eve, so it's a bit different from your standard fare.

Available from: Party Pieces

18. Iddy Biddy Bat baby costume, £13.59

Sizes: 3-24 months

A baby wearing a bat costume

What could be cuter than a mini baby bat with little felt wings (attached by Velcro), ears and spooky eyes - well, perhaps those little spotty feet...

Available from: Party Delights

19. Wilko Rainbow Cat Costume, £8.50

Sizes: 1-2 years, 3-4 years and 5-6 years

A girl wearing a rainbow hued cat costume

Simple, cute and bright! Wear your cat costime over sparkly tights with the headband ears and it's a no fuss but adorable outfit for Halloween.

Available from: Wilko: 1-2 years, 3-4 years, 5-6 years

20. Toddler Ghost Tabard, £12.49

ghost tabard for toddlers

You can't go wrong with a tabard-style costume – they're fairly fuss-free as you only need a plain long-sleeve top and trousers to pop underneath. This ghost version is simple but super cute!

Available from: Smiffys

21. Disney Store Maleficent Costume, £32

Sizes: 3-13 years

Disney Store Maleficent Costume

This Maleficent costume certainly has a wow-factor with its dramatic bell sleeves and pointed collar, as well as the included horn headpiece. Pricey but certainly eye-catching!

Available from: Disney

22. Halloween Pumpkin Zombie Costume, from £12

Sizes: 3-12 years

A zombie themed pumpkin costume

Want to keep it simple yet creepy for this Halloween? Get your little one this freaky pumpkin zombie 3-piece set, comprised of elasticated print trousers, a long sleeve t-shirt and face mask.

Available from: ASDA

23. Rubies Miss Halloween Dress, £14

Sizes: 3-10 years

rubies miss halloween

A gorgeous icy-blue prom dress complete with Miss Halloween sash – add some white face paint and dark eyes to complete the spooky look!

Available from: Next

24. Boys Gothic Wizard Costume, £28.99

Size: 3-6 years

Boys Gothic Wizard Costume

Wizard costumes are usually reserved for Harry Potter fans - so we like this gothic-style, Hogwarts-free, dark hooded robe with big sleeves, a buckle and a fab white beard.

Available from: Jokers' Masquerade

25. Zombie Punk Costume, from £26

Size: 5-10 years

Kids zombie rocker costume

Nothing says Halloween like a terrifying zombie. This one's a bit punk - and comes with studded gloves, a leather-like jacket and a vinyl face mask. For older, not-so-easily scared kids!

Available from: Fancy Dress

26. Deluxe Dark Spirit Western Cowboy Costume, £31.49

Size: 4-12 years

western cowboy costume

Cowboys are a classic fancy idea, but this costume has a spooky Halloween twist with a burgundy jacket featuring a torn effect and scary skeleton mask.

Available from: Smiffys

27. Little Red Riding Hood Costume, from £16.99

Sizes: 4-8 years

A girl wearing a red riding hood costume

Watch out for the Big Bad Wolf! Your child is sure to enjoy re-enacting their favourite fairytale in this Little Red Riding Hood costume. Completely comprised of recycled materials, this costume comes with a printed dress and hooded cape, a great pick for World Book Day too.
Available from: John Lewis

28. Mad Hatter Children's Costume, from £18.99

Sizes: 3-10 years

mad hatter costume

Up your child’s fancy dress game with this VERY cool and colourful Alice In Wonderland-inspired get-up. For kids with looking for something a bit quirky and not too scary!

Available from: The Online Toy Store

29. Ghostbusters Childs Costume, £26.99

Sizes: 4-12 years

"Who you gonna call?" The Ghostbusters of course! This impressive Ghostbusters costume comprises of a boilersuit and inflatable back pack, just like the film characters!

Available from: Very

30. Kids's 3D Claw Boot Slippers, from £15

Shoe size: 6 Junior - 6

A fluffy pair of claw slippers

Even if you're staying in for Halloween this year, you can still bring the Halloween fun to bedtime with these awesome claw slippers with a faux fur lining.

Available from: John Lewis

31. Kids Cursed Werewolf Costume, £29.99

Sizes: 6-15 years

As your child becomes a teen, why not trade in the cute wolf costume for this shudder-worthy werewolf mask and claws set? Shirt included, too.

Available from: Fancy Dress

32. Star Wars Stormtrooper Children's Costume, £24.99

Sizes: 5-6 years

storm trooper

Become part of the Galactic Empire with this fabric Stormtrooper jumpsuit and mask. An iconic costume that can even be used beyond Halloween!

Available from: John Lewis

33. The Gruffalo Brown All In One Costume, from £12.80

Size: 1-8 years

The Gruffalo Brown All In One Costume

'Oh help, oh no, it's the Gruffalo'. This fluffy all-in-one suit comes with a Gruffalo hood and removable tail. It's also great for World Book Day and other school dress-up occasions too.

Available from: Tu at Sainsbury's

34. Bat Cape, £10.99

Sizes: medium and large

This bat cape is a purse-friendly addition to any child's fancy dress box and is especially ideal for Halloween. Comes with a hood with fang detail – just dress them in all black underneath.

Available from: Littlewoods

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