The most innovative baby products for 2018

Easy-to-wear kids headphones, a miracle sleep-inducing mattress and a wearable baby monitor – this is parenting innovation at its best for 2018. All topped off by a delicious alcohol-free fizz mums and dads will love


1. Scavi & Ray Alcohol-Free Sparkling, £8.99, MadeForMums Awards Gold Winner

Our gold winner comes in the form of a great big hurrah for mums who still enjoy a tipple but need a clear head while they rock their parental duties.


This version of Scavi & Ray’s award-winning prosecco is alcohol free, so it’s safe for mums-to-be and nursing mums to enjoy without worry, while its premium taste (not too sweet) means dads will be keen to join in the toast. It’s also great if you fancy the idea of an evening treat but are facing a sleep-broken night of waking up to settle your little one.

The fizz has fewer than 30 calories per glass but promises the delicious flavour that made Scavi & Ray the exclusive sparkling supplier to London Fashion Week remains in every sip.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Scavi & Ray Alcohol-Free Sparkling:

“Incredible taste, a great alternative to normal alcohol!” The Honest Dad blogger and dad of 1, Adam Riches

“I love this! It smells and tastes of prosecco. The pop of the cork, the bubbles, it’s just like the real thing!” Actress, Big Brother star and mum of 1, Laura Carter

“This is fabulous! Love bottle, pop and taste!” Mum of 3, Meena

You can buy Scavi & Ray Alcohol-Free Sparkling from The Dry Drinker and Amazon.


2. Snuggly Rascals, £14.99, MadeForMums Awards Silver Winner

Headphones which stay firmly on your little one’s head – in the age where electronic entertainment is as essential part of your travel kit as passports, this genius design is worth its weight in gold.

These headband headphones for kids come in a range of cute designs they’ll love. The snuggly soft fleece fabric means they’re uber-comfy on the little noggins, keeping the adjustable flat speakers in place as they enjoy music or film.

The volume is limited to a safe 85 decibels and cannot be heard externally (so no fear of disturbing other passengers on your flight, or mum and dad!).

They are also machine washable and, on a lovely side note, every month the company donates 10% of profits to children’s charities.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about Snuggly Rascals:

“A well-priced, practical product that shows a level of innovation. Sound limited to protect ears. Sound proofed.” The Honest Dad blogger and dad of 1, Adam Riches

“I think this is a brilliant idea, they are very comfortable to wear with nice designs. I’m wondering if the range could be extended for adults!” Mum of 2, Elspeth

“What an ingenious idea! These are so innovative, from the cute range of designs to the volume limiter that is safe for children’s ears and can’t be heard outside the headband.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

You can buy Snuggly Rascals from Amazon, Argos  


3. Merifor Tranquillity Mattress, £250, MadeForMums Awards Bronze Winner

This super-tech cot bed mattress was named number one in our top hero health products for children and joint gold winner in best baby sleep time aids categories. Our tiny testers’ parents raved about the clever design’s sleep-inducing qualities.

It’s suitable from birth, and you can choose which side to use depending on your child’s age – one side has superior foam, perfect for a baby. When they weigh at least 10kg, flip it over to the other side, which has micro pocket springs. 

The mattress boasts a sealed inner core to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria (it was the first cot mattress to receive the Allergy UK seal of approval), and there are crush-resistant side walls for added strength and stability.

You can also remove the outer cover and wash it at 60°C to eliminate allergens & dust mites.

What our MadeForMums Awards Judges say about the Merifor Tranquillity Mattress:

“I really love this mattress. It looks and feels expensive and high quality. It’s firm but soft and breathable. I can’t say whether it improves health as my child doesn’t have any issues, but she slept well on it.” Mum of 1, Claire

“The mattress was so soft and felt really good quality. I was a bit dubious at first, but after over two years of restless sleep I was just about willing to try anything. All I can say is: amazing! I only wish I had known about these mattresses sooner. My little boy has slept so much better. It may be slightly on the pricey side but for a good night’s sleep I’d happily pay the money for it over and over again. The fact the cover is removable for washing is even better.” Mum of 2, Victoria

You can buy the Merifor Tranquillity Mattress from Mothercare or Merifor 


4. myHummy Teddy Bears, from £59

These cute bears have a high-tech secret to help newborns to sleep, earning them the joint silver position in our best baby sleep time aids category, as well as our bronze award for top nursery accessories. They emit soothing white noise for up to 12 hours and have a sleep sensor that reacts to your little one waking up.

There are five sounds and 15 volume levels to choose from, and parents can use a mobile app to change the settings or receive alerts when baby stirs. Machine washable.

You can buy myHummy Teddy Bears from: myHummy and Amazon


5. Wonderbag Slow Cooker, a 6 litre bag costs £39.95, while a 10 litre bag is £60.

Cooking on the go now has a new meaning with the Wonderbag. The electric-free, portable slow cooker bag cooks your meals for you in a handbag that you can carry around. That’s right, it cooks your food in your handbag. 

It works by continually heating food that has already been brought to the boil and then slow cooks it for up to 8 hours.  The Wonderbag uses repurposed foam chips in the lining of the bag to form an insulation chamber. 

That means not only does the bag cook, it can also be used as a thermos to keep already cooked, hot food warm, so no cold bacon sarnies at football matches any more.  You can buy one from Amazon


6. Babble Band Audio Digital Monitor, Summer Infant, £39.99

Taking baby monitors to the next level, Summer Infant’s Babble Band is the first ever wearable, digital audio baby monitor. This means parents can hear their child as they go about chores, work or watching TV, or for the hard of hearing. 

An adjustable band to fit either mum, dad or grandma, the band has 3 monitoring modes to capture baby’s sounds and will alert the wearer to the noise through sound, lights or vibration – fantastic for those with hard of hearing. 

With a range of 240m and a rechargeable battery the Babble Band was highly regarded by our panel of critical parent and non-parent judges. 

You can buy the Babble Band Audio Digital Monitor from Tesco or Boots


7. Rockit, £39.99

This innovative gadget won gold in our best pushchair accessories category and bronze in our list of the best baby sleep time aids. It is a godsend for parents whose little ones prefer to nap in the pushchair but wake up the minute you stop rocking (in a bid to pop into the kitchen to make a cheeky cuppa, for example!). Our testers loved it for its simple – but crucial – role in helping their child sleep, awarding it this year’s gold award.

To use, just clip the device onto frame, push the button and it will gently rock the stroller or pram to soothe your baby and maintain their sleep.

The cycle lasts for a blissful 30 minutes, and you can adjust the speed to find the perfect motion to make the most of naptime. Scientific tests show the vibration level closely mimics the normal hand rocking of a pushchair and the calming movement is gentler than a pushchair moving over paving stones. 

Suitable from birth, Rockit fits all makes and models of pushchairs, prams and strollers, and is totally portable and showerproof. The battery lasts for up to 60 hours (two months of average use).

You can buy Rockit from Amazon


8. Babymoov Dream Belt, £39.99

In addition to a healthy pregnancy and minimal stretchmarks, top of many pregnant women’s wishlists would probably be a decent kip. Our silver award goes to the Dream Belt, a nifty sleep aid designed to help mums-to-be enjoy a better night’s sleep throughout each stage of pregnancy.

Made from a stretchy fabric, this adjustable belt is secured by elastic and Velcro strips to comfortably support your baby bump. Shaped memory foam reinforcements fill the gap between your tummy and mattress while sleeping on your side.

The cover is machine washable, and it has a lifetime guarantee (good to know if you’re planning any future pregnancies).

You can also use it with the ‘Mum & b‘ maternity pillow (sold separately) during baby’s first months as a nursing support. 

You can buy the Babymoov Dream Belt from Amazon


9. MAM Electric Steriliser & Express Warmer, £90

There are plenty of sterilisers to choose from, but Mam’s compact appliance took the gold award in our sterilisers category for its fantastic design. It’s not the cheapest steriliser on the market, but two-in-one sterilising and heating function does save on both the cost and kitchen space of two separate devices.

Firstly, it’s a versatile steriliser which can be used for either electric or microwave sterilising, and it keeps your items sterile for up to 48 hours (that’s twice as long as most sterilisers). The kit comes with two Easy Start Anti Colic 160ml bottles, two Start Soothers and teat tongs to get you started.

You can also use it to warm breast milk or formula in just 2 minutes, 30 seconds – there are gentle, fast and keep-warm options, depending on how urgently your little one wants their milk!

The handy defrost function can turn milk from ice to liquid in just 10 minutes 10 seconds, which is fantastic for those moment when you realise you forgot to plan ahead. And as your baby’s appetite grows, you can use it to defrost and warm up food. There is also a safety auto turn-off feature.

You can buy the MAM Electric Steriliser & Express Warmer from John Lewis


10. Ollie the Owl, The Gro Company, £34.99 

Sleep becomes deeply precious with the arrival of a little one, and so we’ve scrutinised some of the best baby sleep time aids on the market (after all if they are sleeping, mummy and daddy have a chance of sleeping too). Our joint gold award winner in this category is this gorgeous soft owl, who is as useful as he is plush and cuddly. Suitable from, birth, wise old Ollie is equipped with CrySensor technology, which means he senses and activates when the baby stirs.

He plays four comforting sounds (Brahms Lullaby, heartbeat, rainfall and white noise) for 20 minutes to help your little one gently settle back down to sleep, encouraging them to learn to self soothe. His light-up tummy also glows as a comforting nightlight.

Ollie also comes with a secure Velcro hook to strap him to the pushchair in case your little one wants to take him out on their daytime adventures.

You can buy Ollie the Owl from Argos

We’ve got more ideas about products that you and your family just can’t live without below:


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