1. Ashton & Parsons Teething Gel, £3.99

Type: Teething aid


As every parent knows, teething is tough. When your little one’s first teeth start to emerge, gums often become swollen and tender, leading to tears, sleepless nights and loss of appetite.

Ashton & Parsons (known for its handy powder sachets) has come up with a unique way to bring comfort to young babies with this tube of gel that comes with a specially designed soft brush applicator.

Containing soothing Aloe Vera with a pleasant banana flavour, the gel quickly creates an invisible film protecting the gums. It is free from sugar, alcohol, lactose and local anaesthetic.

It’s also a hygienic solution on the go, since there is no need to use fingers to massage the gel on.

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Our testers welcomed this really useful innovation. MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor and mum of 2 Christy says: “We found the powders very effective but messy to use, so this is a great format to apply it effectively on specific areas.”

Available from: Amazon, and Weldricks


2. BABYink Colour Ink-less Print Kit, £12.30

Type: Gift

The easiest way to capture baby’s first hand and footprins – and it’s totally mess-free too.

Based on fingerprinting technology used by the FBI in America, you don’t have to apply any ink to your little one’s hand or foot ­– just use the special wipes and paper.

There are 5 colours available, including the most recently launched Brilliant Bronze shade. You can take multiple prints from the kit, making it ideal for creating memorable gifts.

MFM tester Linzi says: “A great product, the handprint came out well when tested!”

MFM tester Hazelann adds: “A really good idea! Easy to use, and really affordable.”

Available from: BABYink


3. My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits, £19.50

Type: Postnatal product

This is the perfect aid to recovery for new mums who have just had an episiotomy or are experiencing any post-delivery swelling and discomfort.

It is a simple product offering instant pain relief. Just spray on the unique formula, which is anti-bacterial and antifungal. You can even use it after a caesarean birth!

Only natural ingredients like lavender and witch hazel are used, and even the preservative is vegetable based.

Recommended by midwives, it gained instant plaudits from our judges.

MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor and mum of 2 Christy says: “Great to see a product that takes care of new mums, and the spray format is very easy to use.”

MFM tester Bonnie Bright says: “I would definitely recommend this product as it really helped me in the time after giving birth. The soothing elements in the spray helped beyond belief, I’m very happy to use this regularly!”

Available from: My Expert Midwife, Amazon and Ocado


4. Chicco Baby Hug 4-in-1, £199

Type: Sleeping

A fantastic cost and space-saving solution offering 4 different configurations to meet little one’s requirements from birth to 3 years, while allowing parents to keep little ones close at hand throughout the day.

It starts as a crib for sleeping, and can be turned into a raised recliner when they wake up. There is even an electronic toy bar to keep baby entertained.

Later, when it is time to eat, it can be turned into a comfortable high chair, easily adjustable with the aid of a foot pedal to allow baby to sit at the table with you.

Finally, it can also be transformed into a first seat, allowing your little one to play safely to their hearts content. It definitely wowed our judges.

MFM tester Anne says: “Fantastic product, it ticks all the boxes.It lLooks very smart and doesn’t take up too much room. It’s great I can have baby up high when my other 2 older kids are around and lower when relaxing on the couch later in the evening.”

MFM tester Aston adds: “This product has been amazing. We loved the night and daytime music options. It is very good for families with not a lot of space in their homes and it is most definitely worth the money.”

Available from: John Lewis, Wayfair and Argos


5. Chicco Next2Me Magic, £239

Type: Crib

A perfect solution when baby sleeps next to you, as you don’t have to share the same bed!

It can be easily attached to any bed due to the retractable legs, and the new sliding side panel makes it even easier to reach your little one during the night.

An added bonus is the fact that it can also be used as a standalone crib since the panel can be quickly raised and a rocking mechanism activated at the touch of a button.

A handy travel bag makes it ideal for travelling too.

MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor and mum of 2 Christy says: “The easy drop down single handed feature is a standout.”

MFM tester Hazelann adds: “Chicco are changing the game for co-sleepers yet again, with the innovative one-hand fold in the middle and sturdy side.”

Available from: John Lewis, Boots and Very


6. Pregnidos Alpha maternity shoes, £135.74

Type: Footwear

Feet and ankles often swell when expecting a baby, and it can be hard to find shoes to fit.

German startup brand, Pregnidos came up with a unique solution – the world’s first collection of pregnancy shoes (which can even be worn afterwards too).

The shoes are wider fitting than standard shoes, and can be adjusted to suit different levels of swelling.

Pregnidos aims to provide a stylish, trendy range ensuring you don’t have to give up style for comfort when expecting a baby.

MFM tester Hajra Begum says: “I really like the design of the shoe, it is very stylish and attractive to wear and it is very comfortable making it easier to walk in. It is absolutely wonderful to use.”

MFM tester Hazelann Williams adds: “They look a lot better on, could be more stylish, but comfortable.”

Read our review of the Pregnidos Alpha shoes.

Available from: Pregnidos


7. iCandy Lime, £650

Type: Travel system

A more compact version of the iCandy Strawberry travel system, the iCandy Lime is a high-end system suitable from birth that folds with the seat attached. Among the really useful features possessed by iCandy Lime are the integrated ride-on board and extra-large basket. It’s a lighter, more compact alternative to the Peach, and a great option if you have a baby and an older child who likes to hop on a buggyboard occasionally.

MadeforMums reviewer Michelle Martin says: “The iCandy Lime is a very generous package. I absolutely love it – it’s a top-quality travel system that’s built to last, looks good and drives really well. Although iCandy is a premium brand, the Lime is pitched at a lower price than the Peach, yet still manages to feel high-end.”

Read our full review of the iCandy Lime.

Available from: John Lewis and iCandy


8. Tula Half Buckle Carrier, £129.90

Type : Carrier

This hybrid carrier offers the comfort and fit of a wrap with its tie straps, but the ease of use of a buckled carrier with a structured baby seat.

It comes in a range of vibrant colours and patterns, and is suitable from birth to 20.4kg.

Our tester says: “My favourite of all the baby carriers. This carrier gives the best of both worlds. Perfect for parents that like the idea of having baby in a sling but don’t feel confident putting one on as it provides more structure. Initially seems expensive but given that it can be used from birth up to about 3 to 4 years it’s quite good value and still cheaper than the Ergobaby.”

MadeforMums reviewer Natasha says: “A high-quality carrier with some excellent design features. The soft fabric feels wonderful, it’s comfortable for both parent and baby and lasts through different stages. Lots of other mums asked me about the carrier while I was wearing it, both because of the bright colour and the unusual design of the straps.”

Read our full review of the Tula Half Buckle Carrier.

Available from: Amazon, Tula Baby, Love To Be Natural


9. Deeno-saur Smart Sonic Toothbrush & App for Kids, £29.99

Type: Toothbrush

Designed for kids by kids, this aims to improve oral health and minimise tooth decay by allowing kids to ‘look after’ their virtual pet Deeno while they brush. Cutting edge Smart Bluetooth technology complete with 2-minute timer and quadpacer encourages good brushing routines, while the interactive app is guaranteed to make kids excited about brushing their teeth!

You can even keep an eye on their brushing habits via a dashboard.

MFM tester Jade adds: “A nice, child-friendly, unisex design.”

Available from: Deeno


10. myHummy Teddy Bears with Bluetooth, £79.99

Type: Sleep aid

These cute bears have a high-tech secret to help newborns to sleep, emitting soothing white noise for up to 12 hours and featuring a sleep sensor that reacts to your little one waking up.

There are 5 sounds and 15 volume levels to choose from, and parents can use a mobile app to change the settings or receive alerts when baby stirs.

An added bonus ­– it is machine washable (once you remove the sound device!).

MFM tester Alice says: “It’s very easy to use and being able to control the MyHummy via an app from outside your baby or child’s room is a brilliant idea –the app is very easy to navigate.”

MFM tester Harry adds: “the instructions are easy to follow and now it can be controlled by your smart phone it’s even easier to use.”

Available from: myHummy, Amazon and Kidly