5 of the best potty training books for toddlers

Our pick of some great potty training books with characters including Bing and Little Princess, to get your toddler ready for potty training


Potty training can be a bit of a tricky time for parents, but worry not: we’ve got some great tips on how to get started toilet training.


One idea well worth trying to get your child interested in the potty is to give them a book all about potty training.

And in case you’re looking for some pointers – here are our top 5 books to smooth the transition from nappies to pants…

5 of the best potty training books for kids

1. Pirate Pete’s Potty and Princess Polly’s Potty


Despite recent concerns over gender stereotyping, when it comes to potty training many of the books do make a distinction between the sexes.

Pirate Pete’s Potty (for boys) and Princess Polly’s Potty (for girls) are written by Andrea Pennington, published by Ladybird and are great fun.

This lively, vibrant book aims to quell some of the anxieties toddlers feel about letting go of the nappy and making the move to a potty or toilet. It’s straightforward language is to be applauded and the ‘cheer’ button really adds to the mood of the whole story.

There are accompanying reward sticker books too.

  • Age: 18 months+
  • Price: £4.20
  • Available from: Wordery

2. No More Nappies


Campbell Books has come up with a range of books to help your little one tackle the milestones of growing up. It’s Big Steps series covers topics such as sleep and fussy eating and of course, in No More Nappies, potty training.

Featuring the super-cute Millie and Mo each page follows their progress as they journey out of nappies. It’s a very hands-on board book so little ones can get involved and there are plenty of pockets and gadgets to keep them interested and maybe spark their enthusiasm for the task.

  • Age: 18 months+
  • Price: £5.20
  • Available from: Amazon

3. I Want My Potty


One of the favourites in my house and still going strong is the charming and very witty I Want My Potty (Andersen Press) by super-author Tony Ross.

The adorable (if at times stroppy) Little Princess is fed up of wearing nappies and being treated like a baby, but when she is actually faced with the royal potty her nerve begins to wobble as weeing and pooing in it are harder than she thought.

Great fun and will keep mum and dad sane too!

4. All Aboard The Toilet Train (a Bing book)


Bing has become a popular character with the under 5s in the past few years and All Aboard the Toilet Train featuring the loveable rabbit and his friend Flop deals with the transition from potty to toilet.

Here you can join Bing as he boards the toilet train for a noisy and entertaining journey into the bathroom. Great rhyming text, bright illustrations, couple with a reassuring message that everyone gets there in the end.

  • Age: 2+
  • Price: £6.99
  • Available from: WHSmith

5. Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle


Once your child has mastered the potty or toilet, you and more importantly they shouldn’t worry if there is still the occasional accident. Pip and Posy: The Little Puddle by Axel Scheffler aims to take away the stress and embarrassment a child may feel should they just miss the moment.

Pip comes round to play at Posy’s house and while they are busy playing and eating snacks they notice a puddle has formed on the floor. But who does it belong to?

This is a lovely, reassuring story perfectly pitched to calm a concerned little mind.

  • Age: 3+
  • Price: £5.24
  • Available from: John Lewis

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