For many parents, Roblox will need no introduction, but if you’re not quite sure what the phenomenon your kids are always talking about is, let us explain.


Roblox is a virtual game where players can join and create a huge range of 3D worlds which users all over the world generate themselves. The worlds can be themed to whatever sparks your child's imagination, including race cars, fashion shows, superheros and theme parks.

Below, we have rounded up a list of some of our favourite Roblox toys below, from multi-packs of various figures and individual characters, to Roblox backpacks and colouring books. Official Roblox toy sets often also include a special code which allows kids to redeem a virtual item within the game, too, joining the real and virtual gaming worlds together.

If you’re looking for more must-have ideas for little ones, we’ve got our round up of the best toys for 2020, tried and tested by our experts, too, as well as the best space toys for little adventurers.

Check out our pick of 10 of the best Roblox games and merchandise...

1. Roblox Meme Pack, £39.99


Age: 6+

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What it is: A mixed set of “meme” characters from Roblox. Includes character figures as well as extra accessories such as a sign, hat, dumbbell and shopping trolley so there is plenty for kids to interact with. There is also a code included which will allow kids to unlock a virtual item on their digital Roblox game.

Why we love it: This is a great set as there are a range of figures to choose from including the Clown, Mega Noob, Despacito Spider and other favourites. There's plenty of opportunity for play as kids can mix and match all the different parts to make their very own Roblox character.

Available from: Very and Argos

2. Roblox ROB0340 Tower Battles: ZED Vehicle, £9.99

Roblox ROB0340 Tower Battles: ZED Vehicle

Age: 6+

What it is: A zombie exterminator duo, consisting of a super-tank vehicle and accompanying figure with weapon accessories.

Why we love it: This set can be used to recreate a scene from Tower Battles (the popular tower defence game within Roblox) and kids can swap in other figures and pieces they have from other ranges to build out a full scenario. The set averaged 4.8 out of 5 stars in overall reviews on Amazon and just like with other Roblox toys, a redeemable code is also included for the digital game.

Available from: Amazon

3. Roblox ROB0216 Jailbreak: Escape Collectible Figures & Accessories, £22.49

Roblox ROB0216 Jailbreak: Escape Collectible Figures & Accessories

Age: 6+

What it is: A Jailbreak pack of scene-setting accessories (cones, toy money and handcuffs) as well 4 character figures: 2 police officers and 2 escaping prisoners. This pack also includes a redeemable code for the digital game.

Why we love it: There are some well-thought out accessories included in this set to build a more detailed scene. We also like that the larger pieces such as the fences, ladder, ramp and glider allow more interactivity while children are playing, without needing to add other characters or pieces from other sets. It scored 4.7 out of 5 stars overall on Amazon from an impressive 1,600 reviews. Previous buyers were impressed with the "good quality" of the set and one parent even said their "son loved this at Xmas and still playing with it coming into April."

Available from: Argos and Amazon

4. Lelestar Kids Backpack Luminous Daypack - Roblox, £12.59

Lelestar Kids Backpack Luminous Daypack - Roblox

Size: 32 x 15 x 45cm

What it is: A kids' backpack printed with the Roblox logo and character. There’s a choice of 6 colours and designs including blue, black and a galaxy print.

Why we love it: A great idea for Roblox obsessed kids, especially for the ones who already have a host of figures and toys by the brand. A fun design but also practical with handy mesh pockets to carry water bottles too. The Roblox backpack went down well with previous buyers, scoring 4.4 out of 5 stars overall from more than 150 ratings on Amazon. One reviewer said that their son “absolutely loves it,” and another agreed, adding that there was “lots of space for books.”

Available from: Amazon

5. Roblox Jailbreak: SWAT Unit - Series 4, £19.99


Age: 6+

What it is: A SWAT car (H20.95 x W13.33 x D25.4cm) with a goodie and baddie figure, plus handcuffs and a case. A code is also included for a free virtual item on the game.

Why we love it: The car is a more substantial toy for kids to stay entertained, with extra features like flashing lights and removable seats that bring this "Jailbreak" scene to life. One Smyths Toys commented that it was “great quality" and that their "little brother loved it as his favourite present for his birthday.”

Available from: Smyths Toys, Argos and Amazon

6. Roblox Classic 12 Pack Series 4, £29.99

Roblox Classic 12 Pack Series 4

Age: 6+

What it is: A multi-set of 12 classic characters from the Series 4 Mystery Box Collection, plus a range of mix and match accessories. 12 redeemable codes included with the kit - 1 for each character.

Why we love it: There's a great range of figures for kids to play with and they can even be dismantled, so children can swap parts between the characters and invent their own news ones, without needing to buy other kits. With multiple codes kids will also be able to unlock lots of exciting virtual items within the game. One Amazon reviewer said there was also a good "likeness to the game version" and added, "The bits that you can swap around fit together nicely and the figures haven't broken when actually played with."

Available from: Smyths Toys

7. Roblox The Celestial Vehicle, £20

Roblox The Celestial Vehicle

Age: 8+

What it is: A 21cm-tall toy car with a removable roof, working headlights and incorporated weapon, plus 2 character figures and bank-related accessories, such as gold bars. 2 x AAA batteries are included with the set.

Why we love it: A fun, interactive set which was described as “sturdy and robust as well as a good size” and “durable” by parents who reviewed the pack on Argos. It would also work well with other Jailbreak sets such as the SWAT car, for children to make a cops and robbers scenario. Parents on Argos said their children “had hours of fun playing with it” and that they “knew exactly which car it was so the similarity is exact to the game.”

Available from: Argos

8. Roblox Pezsmistic The Dread Talon, £7

Roblox Pezsmistic The Dread Talon

Age: 6+

What it is: A stand-alone figure of Roblox character, Pezsmistic The Dread Talon and 2 small accessories. Includes a redeemable code for the digital version of the game

Why we love it: This would make a great smaller gift or stocking filler toy for children who are fans of Roblox. The character is part steampunk chicken and part wizard pirate and should be a recognisable figure for kids who play the digital game. You can also take the character apart and mix and match sections with other figures so children can create their own new inventions.

Available from: The Toy Shop

9. Roblox Gaming Team Breathable Cotton T-Shirt, £11.88


Sizes: 4 to 5, up to 12 to 13

What it is: A cotton t-shirt in a choice of 5 Roblox designs, on 3 colour choices; black, blue and red. There are 9 sizes, spanning ages 4 to 13.

Why we love it: We like the range of colour, size and design options available with this t-shirt, suiting a wide range of Roblox fans. Reviewers rated the top highly, scoring it 4.7 out of 5 stars overall with more than 450 reviews. One Amazon reviewer who bought it for her granddaughter said she was “so happy” and that it “fitted her perfectly", while another praised the quality and said, "the Roblox transfer has stayed in place".

Available from: Amazon

10. Roblox Coloring Book for Kids, £5.99


What it is: a Roblox themed children’s colouring book featuring 44 illustrations for kids to work on.

Why we love it: A different take on Roblox gift ideas and is a good way to keep kids entertained away from screens. The colouring book lets them engage with their favourite virtual characters on paper with a wide range of illustrations.

Available from: Amazon


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