Are your preg feet feeling a bit swollen? Do you appear to be growing out of your shoe size all of a sudden and just wish you could stay in your slippers all day?


Before you bump up a size, it's worth knowing that getting the right preg shoes t is not just about comfort. Pregnancy hormones mean you need to think a bit more about what you're wandering around in for the sake of avoiding injury.

Yes, honestly. That's because relaxin - a hormone that stretches and softens your muscles and ligaments during pregnancy - does its work all the way down to your feet and ankles. This means you'll be more prone to ligament strains if you're not wearing the right footgear.

There are certain shoes that the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists suggests avoiding during pregnancy because they don't have the correct support:

  • high heels
  • Uggs
  • ballet pumps
  • flip flops

Shoes that are recommended for pregnancy:

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  • do up with straps, laces or velcro
  • have a shock absorption sole
  • have a supportive arch
  • have a firm heel

These help protect your feet from injury as much as possible.

Now, we know there are so many don'ts when it comes to being pregnant - and plenty of our mums have said they found some of the shoes you're not supposed to wear super comfy.

So we wouldn't necessarily say never ever wear flip flops, cute pumps, Uggs or heels during your pregnancy, but if you do want to wear them for certain occasions, make sure you have a change of shoes and don't be tempted to wear them for a long period.

Of course, as well as getting a bit of expert advice on great pregnancy shoes, we wanted to ask MFM mums where they shopped for maternity footwear and they came up with a list of their favourite places that offer great shoes for pregnant women.

Here are MFM mums' top-rated brands for comfy and cool pregnancy shoes....

1. Marisota - Great for wide-fitting shoes


"Marisota sell wide-fitting shoes. I use them all the time because of my very wide feet anyway and have always been happy with them," says Joanna B.

See the selection of Marisota shoes

2. Sketchers - Great for memory foam support


Laura M says: "Still wearing my memory foam Sketchers."

Shop a selection of Sketchers

3. Birkenstock - Great for contoured footbeds


Catherine B says: "I wore my Birkenstocks - even in the rain."

See the selection of Birkenstocks

4. Dr Martens - Great for statement sturdiness


"I had a pair of Dr Martens, so comfortable to walk around in. I chose black with white spots on, got lots of comments" - Helen J.

Shop a selection of Dr Martens

5. New Look - Great for value for money


Alex P reminded us: "New Look does a wide-fit collection."

See the range of New Look wide-fitting shoes

6. Clarks - Great for smart design


Fehintola O says: "Clarks did it for me."

See the latest range of Clarks Shoes

7. Reef - Great for long-lasting footwear


"Reef are comfortable and reliable post-pregnancy," says Lynne B.

Check out the selection of Reef shoes

8. Red or Dead - Great for strong style


"I had a great pair from Red or Dead, they were slip ons," says Mona K. 'Couldn't tie my laces anymore!"

Shop the latest Read or Dead shoes

9. Hotter - Great for casual cool


"Hotter flat sandals! Like slippers to wear!" says Sarah B.

Browse the latest range of Hotter shoes

10. Hush Puppies - Great for comfort


"Hush Puppies, my, they are comfortable - and I'm still wearing them!" - Laura B

See how cool Hush Puppies look now

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