10 of the best vegan Easter eggs

If you're living a vegan lifestyle there's no need to miss out on the fun of Easter eggs - there's a great (and growing) selection of delicious, vegan-friendly Easter egg options

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Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out at all on Easter chocolate treats anymore – there are so many tasty vegan chocolate options out there.


We’ve got options for kids and grown-ups, from small single eggs to hampers as well as larger, artisan eggs for chocolate connoisseurs. They come in lots of different flavours, too.

Here are 10 of the best vegan Easter eggs…

1. Moo Free Cheeky Orange Egg With Buttons, £3.99


What it is: A decent sized egg (110g) in cute packaging: there’s good range of flavours, too: as well as the orange chocolate, try bunnycomb (honeycomb?) or original with chocolate drops.

Available from: Waitrose and Morrisons

2. Plamil Easter Hamper, £25

plamil easter basket

What it is: A bumper hamper which includes a white chocolate easter egg, two bow-tie bunnies and two chocolate spreads amongst many of the chocolate treats included.

Available from: Plamil

3. Cocoalibre Easter Gift Box, £20

cocoa libre

What it is: This another hamper that we think is great – and, again, you can buy the individual bits separately too. This one comes with 10 dark chocolate bears, 10 orange rice milk chocolate frogs, 10 rice milk chocolate chicks, 4 rice milk chocolate sheep and 3 different flavoured rice milk chocolate bars.

Available from: Cocoalibre

4. Bianca Marton Hand-Painted Easter Egg, £14.95


What it is: An artisan egg for the vegan who has everything! These beautiful eggs come in either dark chocolate or a milk alternative, and you can also order mini praline filled eggs as an extra.

Available from: Bianca Marton

5. Hotel Chocolate Dark Chocolate Rabbit, £6.50

hotel chocolat

What it is: A very cutely packaged dark chocolate egg especially for the kids. Also comes with little drops of dark chocolate….cute!

Available from: Hotel Chocolat

6. Chocolate Easter Bunny Box, £4.99


What it is: This cute little Easter chick box comes with 6 dairy-free chocolate mini eggs inside which are nut-free as well as vegan.

Available from: D&D Chocolate

7. Hazlenut Praline Dark Chocolate Egg, £14

davenport egg

What it is: These stunning dark chocolate eggs are decorated with a silver shimmer and come filled with nutty pralines made from caramelised hazelnuts, flaked almonds and smooth dark chocolate.

Available from: Yumbles

8. Goupie Salted Sticky Toffee Egg, £9

goupie egg

What is it: This Faberge inspired egg comes filled with sticky salted toffee chocolates. Goupie have created 36 different designs which are chosen at random, so you’ll be in for a surprise when it arrives.

Available from: Goupie

9. Mummy Meagz Vegan Cream Eggs, £16.95

mummy meagz vegan cream egg

What is it: If you’re after a vegan alternative to the classic cream egg, this could be a great option. They also come with a selection of rocky road bars for an added sweet treat.

Available from: Mummy Meagz 

10. Dark Chocolate Seaside Studded Easter Egg, £12.50 

chococo seaside egg

What is it: This Madagascan dark chocolate egg comes with assorted seaside chocolate shapes. Its eye-catching blue colour is made from cocoa butter blended with natural spirulina.

Available from: Chococo


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